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DCCC Pushing Anti-Choice Activists


Palin and Dahlkemper-- too much in common

Have you ever thought about donating to the DCCC? Some of the tens of millions of dollars that comes in and goes out of there actually goes to help good candidates like Darcy Burner and Martin Heinrich get elected. But very little. It's got a bit better since 2006 when it was run by pro-war fanatic Rahm Emanuel and being against the war was almost the kiss of death. Now the D-Trip is run, at least ostensibly, by a progressive, Chris Van Hollen. Still, the bulk of the money they take in goes to help elect reactionary nominal Democrats from deep in the bowels of the Republican wing of the Democratic Party.

Today's NY Times celebrates how the "diversity" of having anti-choice activists running is putting more seats into play. Into play for what? Democrats, Inc? Who gives a damn about that except Insiders? Most people who vote for Democrats are doing so because they believe in what the party is supposed to stand for. But the Rahm Emanuel Democratic Party is standing on its head and has more in common-- much more-- with the Republican Party insiders than with its own grassroots.

Did you give a donation to the DCCC this year? If you did you contributed towards the ending of a woman's right to choice. No hyperbole; that's a fact. The DCCC has spent around $1.5 million on electing Bobby Bright an anti-choice fanatic and Alabama reactionary.
In fact, Mr. Bright is one of a dozen anti-abortion Democratic challengers the party has recruited to run for the House this year and has aggressively supported with millions of dollars and other resources in culturally conservative districts long unfriendly to the party.

That is the highest number of anti-abortion candidates the party has fielded in recent memory to run either for open seats or against Republican challengers, according to party strategists and a leading anti-abortion organization... The Democratic effort to seek out candidates like Mr. Bright has not been without tensions, given the party’s reliance on abortion rights groups for fundraising and get-out-the-vote efforts. And there is the fundamental reality that the Democratic Party’s platform explicitly embraces abortion rights.

Kelli Conlin, the president of the National Institute for Reproductive Health, called the recruitment strategy misguided, saying that surveys conducted by her organization showed that even some Republicans express support for abortion rights when her group described the consequences of outlawing the procedure.

“The movement to recruit anti-choice candidates ignores the larger reality that this is a pro-choice nation,” she said.

Van Hollen lamely describes the support for these anti-choice hacks as "taking the wedge issues off the table." For real Democrats, that wedge issue is part of what makes the Democratic Party, as corrupt and pathetic as it is, preferable to the Republicans. If the DCCC won't stand up for women's rights what will they stand up for? Where do they draw the line? They're pushing 12 anti-choice activists this year but they don't advertise them to the general public. The Times also mentions Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-03) and Jim Esch (NE-02).

I'm looking at the 3 hotly contested races in Alabama. The Democrats are represented by two reactionaries who are anti-choice, Bright and Parker Griffith, each of whom they will have spent around $2 million on by election day. There is also a grassroots moderate running, Josh Segall, who is pro-choice. They haven't spent a nickel on his race. Every dime they get they shovel into the anti-choice races.

The DCCC is active in 3 Louisiana races-- on behalf of right-wing incumbent Don Cazayoux and two reactionary challengers, Paul Carmouche and Don Cravins. All three are running on platforms that include denying women the right to choice. The DCCC is spending another couple of million on them.

In southwest Ohio the DCCC has lavished a million and a half dollars on anti-choice, right-of-center Steve Driehaus and nothing at all on pro-choice progressive Vic Wulsin, both in Cincinnati.

Although Chris Carney has collected immense sums of money from the corporations he has been supporting, including the Insurance Industry and Big Oil, the DCCC has spent $500,000 to protect his right-wing, anti-choice, anti-gay ass. He has voted more frequently with the Republicans on substantive matters than he has with Democrats and has one of the worst voting records of any Democratic member of Congress. That seems like a requirement to get funding from the DCCC. Just south of his district is a progressive, pro-choice woman, Sam Bennett, who the DCCC has given... nothing at all.

Anti-choice Democratic incumbents include right-wing and corporate Dems Jason Altmire (PA), Marion Berry (AR), Dan Boren (OK), Chris Carney (PA), Don Cazayoux (LA), Travis Childers (MS), Henry Cuellar (TX), Lincoln Davis (TN), Joe Donnelly (IN), Brad Ellsworth (IN), Tim Holden (PA), Dan Lipinski (IL), Jim Marshall (GA), Mike McIntyre (NC), Charlie Melancon (LA), Jack Murtha (PA), Solomon Ortiz (TX), Collin Peterson (MN), Ike Skelton (MO), Heath Shuler (NC), Bart Stupak (MI). Gene Taylor (MS), and Charlie Wilson (OH).

And the anti-choice fanatics who are serious candidates this year:

Ronnie Musgrove (MS- Senate)
Bobby Bright (AL-02)
Parker Griffith (AL-05)
Mike Montagano (IN-03)
David Boswell (KY-02)
Bill O'Neill (OH-14)
Kathy Dahlkemper (PA-03)

If you want to support real Democrats, the kind who are committed to fighting for progressive ideals and values-- including women's right to choice-- please think about the candidates at the Blue America ActBlue page. It's your choice.

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At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Karl said...

Mostly right. But thankfully the DCCC has started spending money for Vic

They're also up in VA-05 to help progressive Tom Perriello.

At 11:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're also not helping Bill O'Neill one bit in OH-14.

At 2:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

weroinnm - SHAME ON YOU!!! not just for being a troll, but for the link to those INNOCENT children singing a song of hope and change and NOT more fear mongering like the right. the reaction from you wingnuts, the anger, the hatred, the comparing these beautiful kids to the hitler youth - you want to know what that led to, you jackass? it lead to DEATH THREATS being phoned to that little girl in her own home (yeah, that's right, you reichwing "moran", DEATH THREATS TO A 9 YEAR OLD CHILD). it led to countless hang ups, waking her family up all hours of the night. it led to that poor little girl crying for days, apologizing to her mom for "liking mr. obama" and blaming herself for singing. it led to insane complaint calls to her school. which then led to this poor 9 year old child being expelled - yes, EXPELLED at the age of 9. for what? for vocalizing HOPE. and that, "my friends", is where your political side has gone - to this ugly insanity of hate and fear, where you see hitler youth in a small group of kids singing about hope. you are very sick, your ilk is very sick. you need to do some serious introspection...if that's even possible for someone who is so repulsed by a non-white candidate, you'd believe ludicrous stories of terrorist pals, anti-christ crap, etc.
not anonymous, but
betty brown

At 2:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know if down with tyranny! removed the comment from weroinnm that i freaked out about, or if weroinnm removed it - either way, thank you. everything that person posted disgusted me, but the link to those children singing a song of hope, which happened to be in regards to obama, truly angered me. the backlash those kids received from the right was beyond the pale, and i thought it had finally died down. so, when i read a comment including yet another link to a rightwing warped version of that video, i flipped out. just couldn't help myself.
betty brown


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