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Dobson Fails To Get Satan To Rain On Obama's Parade But McCain Ready To Turn Gustav Into A Photo-Op


I've said for months that in mid-October when McCain's numbers are still struggling to get into the low 40's, he'll go with the ultimate strategy: the Manchurian candidate will try tarring Obama as the anti-Chist. I've been told they've thoroughly tested this strategy in small backward towns in Tennessee and Kentucky and that it works fairly well on people with 2-digit IQs, much of the GOP's southern base. I still don't see how that's going to get McCain's numbers from, say 38-39 up above 45. But you probably already saw McCain's One video. To a sane person it looks like a joke. To the Buy Bull thumpers, it's deadly serious. They even have their crazed websites up and e-mail chains going.

One of the worst of the charlatan preachers fleecing the 2-digit IQ flock is Jimmy Dobson, head of a GOP Front operation called Focus on The Family. Although they have now scrubbed it from their website, one of Dobson's more heinous lieutenants, Stuart Shepard, a former weatherman turned crooked religionist, tries persuading church-goers to pray for rain on the night Obama gave his acceptance speech in an outdoor arena. God must have heard and overruled Satan, because it was the most beautiful night of the year. And Dobson was foiled. What kind of a man asks God to send torrents of rain so hard that it will block out network TV coverage so no one will be able to see or hear Obama's speech during the convention? Shepard defended his nutty video in an interview with KOAA. Anyway, the actual video they scrubbed is below.

Maybe God was pissed off enough that He decided to send Gustav towards America, just in time to disrupt the Republican Convention in St Paul. First McCain was thinking he could turn the coming disaster in his favor by using it as an excuse for Bush to not show up at the Convention, because, after all, Bush has always been so concerned about victims of hurricanes. Last time there was a big one, in fact, he and a certain Arizona senator were so busy eating birthday cake that they didn't bother doing anything at all while the residents of New Orleans were drowning.

Since then, though, McCain has been talking about scrapping the convention altogether (or at least postponing it until Rove can run another week of negative ads smearing Obama) and staging some kind of show of concern by the Forces of Evil for the folks who get hit by the Hurricane God is sending to show how much he disapproves of Republicans. Yes, they're hoping to "turn Republicans into Red Cross-type volunteers who would help collect donations, food and goods for storm victims."

McCain, who just made the most cynical choice of running mates in American history, showing absolutely zero regard for the good of the country, yapped on Fox about his campaign motto being "America First" and how "helping people during an emergency will take precedence over accepting the nomination... It wouldn't be appropriate to have a festive occasion while a near-tragedy or a terrible challenge is presented in the form of a natural disaster." SO instead McCain will go down to the Gulf Coast and try to capitalize on the problems while getting in the way-- seriously in the way-- on rescue operations. He's really a disgusting excuse for a human being. He did the same thing when there was flooding in Iowa. Does McCain think natural disasters are sent solely to provide him with opportunities for campaign backdrops?
It is genuinely revolting to think of a Cat 4 or 5 hurricane as a marketing op, but this is, after all, a country run by a man who let himself be photographed carrying a fake turkey to feed soldiers in Iraq. So I wonder if the Obama team has given any thought to what a spectacular PR coup this will be. And the bar for Republicans to "succeed" is particularly low. All Bush needs to do is to ensure that less than 1836 Americans end up drowning in their own waste, as they did the last time a hurricane struck during a Republican presidency to declare Operation Hype The Hurricane a triumph.

Meanwhile, brutally authoritarian-type police sweeps of the Twin Cities are seeing round-ups of potential protesters already-- kind of like Communist China's response to peaceful protesters at the Olympics. There is a problem with postponing the convention, though. If they change the date, does that mean that all the Republican senators and House members who had "previous appointments they couldn't get out of" that week, can now come? I mean would it really be a Republican Convention without Gordon Smith, Susan Collins, Ted Stevens, Pat Roberts, Mike Johanns, Roger Wicker, John Sununu, Liddy Dole... not to mention half the Michigan Repug congressional delegation? And of course there's the Larry Craig problem. They finally persuaded him to stay away from the city where he so grievously disgraced himself and exposed their collective hypocrisy, but the following week, he'll be in court in St. Paul for another appeals hearing. So... would he actually miss the convention and the parties (and the party boys) if he was actually in town? McCain better decide what's gonna be worse, Larry Craig or Gustav.

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At 9:30 AM, Blogger Raul Pedraza said...

The lord our God is speaking loudly and though not a Democrat or Republican he is sending us a not so gentle reminder that NOL drowned while George W. and John Mc Same ate cake. Now Mc War wants to go get himself a nice photo op in the smae location by getting in the way of the plans to make the place safe. Despicable sir just like your pick for V.P. and the fact that you did not support education benefits i.e. the GI Bill for our troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes We Can..

At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gustav is coming to the RNC convention, but who invited him? Definitely not McCain. Did Obama do that? God?

At 9:41 AM, Anonymous Lee said...

I just got a Larry Craig doll on ebay.It has a proud place on top of my toilet..

My best friend of over 25 years took a turn into darkness when she briefly moved South in the 80s. And she has voted Republican every since. Last night as we shared dinner and a bottle of wine she told me she's voting for Obama. I asked her why..One she thinks McCain insane for picking the beauty queen. Two and this really floored me was her comments about Biden and Obamas character when no one was "looking". Obama for working on the south side of Chicago organizing and Biden for taking the train home every night to be with his sons.As far as she's concerned it wasn't for political reasons..Unlike McSame

By the way...Snarlin Arlins office is contacting every voter that changed from Repubican to Democrat for the PA primary. They called her
She hung up...

At 9:52 AM, Blogger tech98 said...

"turn Republicans into Red Cross-type volunteers"

Yeah, right -- Repigs doing charity work for something that doesn't involve judgemental hate, that might benefit, ew, minorities?

Cue up the arrogant sneering at New Orleans hurricane victims during Katrina by Limbaugh, Goldberg and a thousand other pieces of garbage that consitute Repig 'intellectuals' in the party that hates intelligence.

Time to gin up an ad showing Chimp and McThuselah eating cake while New Orleans drowned.

At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gustav is the sign that God tell you to go home taking care of your 4 month baby with special need. You chose to receive this gift and can't run away from your duty caring for him. He's crying now for mother!
If you don't accept your God's call anymore then you and people voted for you already know what will happen in the very near future. In the end, you're going home anyway in defeat and suffering.
PS: Please relay this message to Sarah. She seems very busy now doing something else and not hearing her baby cries.

At 10:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If he makes a telethon or something out of this, again he is using people to advance himself. John McTrophy puts Americans LAST and himself first, as we have seen this week.

At 11:18 AM, Blogger Dan said...

I wonder if all the evangelicals are going to see this storm as a sign from GOD, and interpret Obama as the next messiah as a result? Food for thought.
On another note:
Why doesn’t Mccain just skip the RNC too? I think they all caught wind (no pun intended) of Rage Against the Machine playing across the river from them on Wednesday evening. They will be competing against the raucus noise and truth instilling revolution inspiring militantism being spat out on the microphone in a blaze of hatred and anti-government protest style lyricism around prime time. Not to mention the level or protesting going on, which will far overshadow the number of people who showed up to the DNC. You want a dichotomous numbers war, well we are in for a real doozy come this November.

At 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God has a sense of humor!!! I guess when someone tells people to pray for rain, they should think twice. God will answer you but not in the way you want it!!! God is good all the time. And if there are people out there that do not believe in God. You have your answer.


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