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Apparently Goodling doesn't hate gay men, just lesbians

By every single account, Leslie Hagen couldn't have been a better employee. She "received the highest possible ratings for her work as liaison between the Justice Department and the U.S. attorneys' committee on Native American issues. Her final job evaluation lists five categories for supervisors to rank her performance. For each category, a neat X fills the box marked, "Outstanding." And at the bottom of the page, under "overall rating level," she also got the top mark: Outstanding." That isn't enough of a reason to fire someone, even in Bush's topsy-turvy Orwellian world, but Alberto Gonzalez's Republican Party enforcer-- the equivalent of what the Nazis and Soviets had in place to guarantee ideological purity-- Monica Goodling thought she smelled a lesbian and Hagen was let go.
The Justice Department's inspector general is investigating whether a career attorney in the department was dismissed from her job because of rumors that she is a lesbian.

...At the height of the scandal over the fired U.S. attorneys, Goodling admitted to making personnel decisions about career Justice Department lawyers based on improper partisan considerations.

"I crossed the line of the civil service rules," Goodling told Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) at a congressional hearing in May 2007.

Goodling's conversation with Scott focused on whether Republican Party loyalty factored into her hiring decisions. But by all accounts, Hagen was a GOP loyalist.
So, what was Goodling's problem with Hagen?

The Justice Department's inspector general is looking into whether Hagen was dismissed after a rumor reached Goodling that Hagen is a lesbian.

As one Republican source put it, "To some people, that's even worse than being a Democrat."

Hagen was suspected of possibly being a lesbian. "People who know Hagen say she's a private person who does not discuss her personal life." There are still self-loathing gays and lesbians, though not many, who vote for Republicans. I met one the other day. He told me the Democrats will raise his taxes-- he's a corporate executive who makes far more than is reasonable-- and that he's voting for McCain who, he thinks, will lower his taxes further. And when I told him that McCain has a virulently anti-gay voting record and will be indebted to anti-gay bigots like John Hagee if he's elected, this guy says "that kind of stuff only applies to poor gays, not us" and that he doesn't care. At that point I excused myself and found someone else to talk to, our hostess' dog.

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At 3:18 PM, Anonymous Bil said...

Sweet! Monica Goodling, recently engaged to the Founder of RedState. SatanSpawning?!
Can the rapture be far away?
("all she ever wanted to do was serve THAT administration (not the constitution) sob sob).
Follow the link to an Above the Law post with some TRULY wicked commentary. Makes us look like choirpersons.

If if even half of what Monica Goodling admits she did "crossing the line as a civil servant" is true she is going to need REAL lawyers, not the 4th tier Regent University kind. Jiffy Law- your degree in 30 minutes or the oil change is free.

I am hoping that "Karma is followed by its fruit" still holds up for these young lovers, as earned. Goddess bless.

At 3:29 PM, Anonymous me said...

"that kind of stuff only applies to poor gays, not us"

Yeah, that's a republican all right: Hooray for me and to hell with everyone else.

At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Classic thermonuclear-selfishness Rethug.

I swear, most greedhead Rethugs would support a self-hating closet case who blows strangers in airport bathrooms if he promised to lower their taxes...oops, they already do.

At 9:05 PM, Anonymous Montag said...

Have you ever noticed how Witchhunts ALWAYS find witches? So how can you condemn such an effective pursuit? And if an innocent woman sometimes gets burned at the stake, what's the harm? Joan of Arc has a pretty sweet gig as a Saint right now and is feeling no pain!

At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a young spore I can affirm the fact that the young boytoys (Cunanan) are arrested while the SugarDaddys (Versace) are not even in the police blotter, no matter what happened. So the R is quite correct.

Fired for being Communist..oops...Lesbianist. Must be Monica heard that all competent people are homersexuals. Helps when she can't do the crossword and the well-dressed graduate of StateU does it in ink.


At 12:18 PM, Anonymous Jacqrat said...

psssst! Don't tell Monica about Heather Wilson!

I think Monica needs a big leather butch in her life to broaden her horizons.

At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Smelled a lesbian"? What do they smell like? And if so, how would Monica Goodling know, unless she maintained her technical virginity at Messiah College as a closeted LUG (lesbian until graduation).

Really, I'd like to know what particular fragrance these gals give off. So I can be nice to them, as they deserve...


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