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Same corporatist crap, fake Dems Kennedy & Landrieu

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu has an absolutely horrendous voting record-- unless you're a Republican; then it's pretty reasonable. But when it comes to Democrats... except for Nebraska's pre-op Republican Ben Nelson, Landrieu is more likely than any other member of the caucus-- and that includes Lieberman-- to vote against Democrats on key substantive issues. So now she finds herself as the only Democratic incumbent in danger of losing her seat in November. According to today's Baton Rouge Advocate the Landrieu-type Democrat who Rove persuaded to go all the way, state Treasurer John Kennedy, is getting a little help from George Bush in April. Bush's fundraising trip to Baton Rouge on behalf of Kennedy's senate race begs the question if the much hated and failed president will do more harm than the cash from wealthy Republicans is worth.
Landrieu (D) said the event likely will raise $1M for Kennedy's effort to unseat her.

Bush’s visit is a strong indication that Republicans are committed to trying to knock off Landrieu, a Senate veteran elected in 1996 seeking her third, six-year term.

Senate Republicans must defend 23 seats in November, a circumstance that some political analysts said would detract financial support from Kennedy’s campaign. But the Bush fundraiser is an indication Republicans are going on the offensive when it comes to Landrieu, according to her campaign manager Jay Howser.

“The national Republican party has made it clear for over a year that the Louisiana U.S. Senate seat held by Mary Landrieu is their No. 1 target in 2008,” Howser said in an e-mail Thursday to supporters.

Howser is hoping to use the Bush visit to rally support for Landrieu as the three-month fundraising quarter comes to an end next week. Kennedy, who until seven months ago was a Democrat, was recruited to run against Landrieu by Bush’s chief political strategist, Karl Rove.

Will it work? Progressives aren't about to vote for Kennedy but how many will just sit on their hands and watch while Landrieu's own record flushes her down the toilet? She has been a stop-gap for Bush's agenda on virtually everything-- from escalting the Iraq war, pushing for retroactive immunity, packing the courts with extreme right wing partisans to his catastrophic domestic policy of redistribution of wealth upwards. She is also one of the Democrats most firmly in bed with corrupt Inside the Beltway corporate lobbyists. You wanna buy a Senate vote? There are few Democrats as easy to deal with as Mary Landrieu-- another way she's practically a Republican in all but name. She's been on the wrong side of almost every important issue since she's come to the Senate. Progressives would be better off without her, even if it means having to fight an actual Republican six years from November.

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At 2:13 PM, Anonymous me said...

Patrick Leahy has been shilling for Landrieu lately.

I was already pissed at Leahy's failure to move against the neocons, but this is simply intolerable.

Leahy is one of THEM. He can go fuck himself.

At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good riddance.
Let the Repigs pour major resources into knocking off a Repig-lite corrupt hack who votes with them most of the time anayway.

At 7:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

throw her under the train

At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd rather keep the Senate seat. With black people disappearing from Lousiana, this is a seat we are not likely to get back. Let's not assume that we won't lose the Senate in 2010.

At 11:26 PM, Anonymous me said...

"I'd rather keep the Senate seat."

The Senate seat is already gone. Can't you understand that? If a nominal republican takes it from a DINO, it makes not the slightest difference. With the exception that it will be easier to take back in six years, that is.

Face facts: Landrieu is a repub. The seat is already gone. This is our only chance for the next six years to get it back.

At 12:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No matter how much we can't stand Landrieu's voting record, the one thing that matters is that she voted for the right majority leader. That means we keep all the committee chairs. If Hillary is elected, or if Obama is elected and his first two years cause him to tank like Clinton in 1994 and we lose seats, Landrieu could be the difference between 50-50-1 and 49-50-1. If voting for Harry Reid (or someone better who can replace him) is the only difference between Landrieu-DINO and a Republican, I'll take it, unless you can find me a progressive Louisianan who can actually win the seat.


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