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Giuliani is well-known for making terrible choices in people. No one knows exactly how many times he's been married. His business partners are all wanted by the law. His campaign managers are diaper-wearing sex perverts and cocaine dealers. And who does he want to saddle us with as First Lady? Where once we had a Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and Nancy Reagan, we would have... Judi Nathan, what the new issue of Vanity Fair describes as "an opportunistic, puppy-killing homewrecker who has a full-time hairstylist and needs an extra seat on planes for 'Baby Louis,' her Louis Vuitton handbag."

The Vanity Fair story isn't online yet but reactionary Republican Hillary ally, Rupert Murdoch, previews it in his sleazy tabloid, the NY Post:
Judith thinks she's royalty, Bachrach maintains, and that's why she wore a tiara to her wedding at Gracie Mansion in 2003. "She really does see herself as a princess," a former Rudy aide is quoted. "Not as a queen. Queen is her goal. Queen is who she wants to be."

And don't call her Judi. Bachrach writes, "After her second divorce, she upgraded herself to 'Judith' with such vehemence that one Rudy aide confides, 'at City Hall we were prohibited from calling her Judi. She would bawl us out if we did.'"

Vanity Fair delves into the circumstances of how Rudy and Judith met. Bachrach claims it was at Club Macanudo in 1999: "It was she who approached Giuliani, who was then married and a father, with words of admiration and a proffered business card."


They don't like her. They start with a snarky question: "Who does Judith Stish Ross Nathan Giuliani think she is? These days, even with her husband, a freshly minted multi-millionaire, far ahead of the competition in the Republican presidential polls, no one, least of all Judith, 52, seems to have a clue. In a way, this is understandable. There have been so many different Judiths. As her second husband, Bruce Nathan, has told friends, 'She is in an ever changing mode upward.'"

It goes downhill from there. Example:
For years she appeared, in the public record, to have had only one failed marriage, but as it turned out she'd had two. It seemed that she had gone to Pennsylvania State nursing school, as The New York Times once reported, but she had not. She completed two years of nursing school, but left hospital work before a year was up. Nonetheless, Giuliani has publicly referred to her "expertise" in "biological and chemical" disasters, and believes she would be a help in the event of an anthrax attack.

She sure makes Jeri Thompson seem like a bargain.



At 11:02 AM, Blogger Jimmy the Saint said...

The hell with Thompson's and Rudy's wives. Give us Elizabeth Edwards. I can't wait for the day that First Lady Edwards tells Tweety to go f--k himself.


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