Thursday, July 19, 2007



I'm going to control myself all day today (24 hours... starting... NOW) and not do one ask for a candidate-- not even for Donna Edwards or Angie or Victoria Wulsin, Tom Allen, Charlie Brown or any of our other Blue America candidates (although make sure you come back Saturday and meet Jon Powers). But you thought Blogosphere Day is all about asking for grassroots donations right? It is. And in past years we helped some great candidates, like Ned Lamont and Paul Hackett, get their candidacies off the ground.

But this year we've decided to try something different. The infrastructure behind our Blue America Page is ActBlue. About a year ago one of the founders of ActBlue, Ben Rahn, was our guest for a chat and he explained how ActBlue works. Since 2004 our online community has raised over $25,000,000 for Democratic candidates through ActBlue. Ben tells me we can fly past the $100 million mark in this election cycle-- but they need to build up their infrastructure a bit to handle that. That's what Blogosphere Day 2007 is all about.

So far ActBlue has had 200,000 individuals contributing to around 1,700 candidates. Many of these contributions are for $5 and $10 and $20 and the power of 200,000 people loving our country and what it's about enough to donate what they can afford is a power the Republicans will never duplicate. Their donations come primarily from businessmen looking for special consideration and for government handouts. Our contributions elected a Democratic House of Representative and a Democratic Senate and in 2008 we will elect a Democratic President. Together we are powerful. I want to plead with you today to help insure a blue America by helping ActBlue stay strong and vibrant. Remember, even $5 helps build an America that will be safe for our families. Here's the place to do it.


John Kerry? Yeah, in honor of Blogosphere Day, Senator Kerry will be the special guest at Firedoglake at 2pm, EST today.



At 1:21 PM, Anonymous me said...

Not long ago, I made another donation to Act Blue. Not a big one this time, I'll admit. Spread among your candidates, it amounted to less than $2 each. But every little bit helps, right?

One of your candidates just sent me a snail mail letter thanking me for my donation. With 41c postage, plus paper and envelope and clerical time, it probably cost more than a dollar to send that letter. So in essence, this candidate threw away the money I gave!

Can you have a talk with these jokers about this sort of thing? I certainly hope and expect that will manage the finances of the US better than they manage their own campaign funds.


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