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Meet Kayne Robinson. In 2000, when he made this speech he was a vice president of the N.R.A. and the Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party.

Cho's Glock and ammo cost $571. He had a valid immigration card and driver's license and walked out of the store with the gun; no waiting period; no checking; nothin'. You can blame that on Bush and the right wing loons who have taken over our country. This morning a friend told me how her alcoholic son staggered into a gun store and bought an AK-47 and within minutes was threatening to commit suicide. The police arrived in time. My friend called the gun shop and the owner said, "Hey lady, I'm running a business here."

The far right's answer to normal Americans who would like to see some kinds of controls-- not confiscation, not an end to hunting animals, just reasonable controls-- is to embrace victimhood. The neo-fascist "Christian Newswire" sent out this about Alan Gottlieb of the Second Amendment Foundation:

"Almost from the moment the first news broke about this monstrous crime," Gottlieb said, "we at SAF have been forced to respond to staccato attacks from gun control organizations whose goal is to destroy the Second Amendment. Perhaps we should be astonished, but in fact, we
are once again simply disappointed in the morbid exploitation of this event. We are grateful, however, that the media has given us an opportunity to respond to these attacks. There was a time in the past
when that did not happen.

"These groups, that so quickly have tried to politicize Virginia Tech's sorrow and loss, have a well-documented history of shamelessly dancing in the blood of crime victims to advance their agenda," he continued. "Such deplorable behavior should not be forgotten by the American public. Eighty million law-abiding gun owners in this country did not go to Virginia Tech or some other college campus yesterday to unleash carnage. They have harmed no one, and their civil rights should not be
erased in response."

Virtually all the far right bloggers were yelling that students should have been carrying guns so someone could have killed the shooter. Maybe someone would have. Alternatively, the more guns around, the more people tend to get shot. The fewer guns around, the fewer people get shot. Let me recommend Thomas Schaller's column in the Baltimore Sun, More Guns On Campus? as an antidote to groundless far right fantasies and ravings. And keep in mind, there are a lot of guns in Iraq too.


I know most DWT regulars just think of our Art Director, Adam Fox, as a drunken loon who sits around monitoring watching Fox "News" all day and ocassionally pasting Bush's head on some horrible figure and putting a huge signature on it. However, he also stalks his ex-congressman Mark Foley and insists he's changed his name to Cynthia and is now a full-time drag queen. Adam also once read a Harvard Medical School study and he's insisting I share it with everyone who reads DWT. This sentence caught my eye: "Americans feel less safe rather than more safe as more people in their community begin to carry guns. By margins of at least nine to one, Americans do not believe that 'regular' citizens should be allowed to bring their guns into restaurants, college campuses, sports stadiums, bars, hospitals, or government buildings." But 90% doesn't matter; it wouldn't matter if 99% wanted gun control. Mindlessly pandering to gun nuts is part of what makes the GOP the GOP.

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At 7:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, guy, or gal, if you want to criticize gun owners, be specific and constructive. Tell us EXACTLY what you would propose to do, that would have prevented this tragedy? And get your facts straight, while you are at it.

A waiting period -- wouldn't have made a difference in this case, since he bought the glock more than 30 days prior to the shooting. Other details of the shooting, like chaining the doors, suggest that it was planned in advance.

Background check -- the law DOES require a background check (the infamous Brady Bill). The check is computerized and only takes a few minutes. As far as we know, the shooter had no prior convictions for violent crime, so the Brady law did not prevent the shooter from buying a weapon.

Assault weapon ban ?? -- the shooter used an ordinary 9 mm pistol, not an assault weapon.

Hi capacity magazines ?? -- the shooter probably (we don't know yet) had a 14 to 16 round magazine, but it probably made no difference. He was carrying spare magazines, and it only takes a second to change magazines. In order to shoot 30 odd people -- and reports are that he shot each victim several times, so we are talking maybe 100 shots total -- he must have reloaded several times.

Semi-auto ?? Would fewer people have been killed if he had been packing an old fashioned sixgun, like Wyatt Earp? Or a double barreled shotgun? Or a lever action deer rifle. Probably not. In fact, a double barreled or pump action shot gun would have been more lethal, not less.

So I say again, tell me EXACTLY what you would propose that would have prevented this particular crime?

I hate to say it, but the right wingers are right this time. If even one of those students had been armed, it probably would have saved some lives.

At 3:55 AM, Blogger cybermome said...

I am so sick od this argument...

My 17 year old daughters friend killed himself last year with his fathers legally purchased AK 47.
Yes he probably would have found another way to end his life but did he have to do it in school? In front of the library?

And why does anyone in my small suburban community need a fucking AK 47 for?

My daughters having nightmares again..her life is forever changed
because of her shool shooting.

And since we live in PA with all the right wing night jobs blocking any kind of sensible gun legislation and where the NRA gives $$$ to Republicans I do hold Bush

At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Andrew said...

It's ironic that someone who has a blog entitled "DownWithTyranny" is so supportive of gun control. Tyrants love gun control, because it's impossible for a disarmed populace to resist them.

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