Thursday, October 05, 2006



You can go see the new Al Franken movie, Al Franken: God Spoke; in fact you should. And you can watch the trailer. You should and here it is. But what you can't do is go buy the dvd for this wonderful movie. I guess in a few weeks or so you'll be able to. But right now, there's only one way to get your very own dvd of Al Franken: God Spoke: enter the Blue America raffle. Not only do I have 5 beautiful mint advance copies, each one has been autographed by Al specifically for Blue America.

OK, so here's the deal. We want to run targeted radio spots customized for some of our candidates, based on the song "Have You Had Enough?" We've raised nearly $10,000 for this, using the Blue America PAC, so far. Take a look. Now, for every $25 you donate between now and midnight (your time) you get one raffle ticket. Tomorrow morning when I wake up I'll put them all in a box and grab 5 and the 5 winners each get an autographed dvd. If you donate $50 you get two tickets. If you donate $100, you get 4 tickets. See how it works-- $25 per chance.

You donate here, next to the American flag sweeping up the corruption and malfeasance at the Capitol.

Now, what about the film itself? Nick Doob and Chris Hegedus, the makers of The War Room turned their cameras on Franken and followed him around for two years-- a kind of a cinema verite romp, starting with his famous feud with right wing knuckle-dragger Bill O'Reilly, and including Al's actual, rather than hypothetical, support for American troops and the founding of Air America Radio, and, of course, lots on his unrelenting quest to hold George Bush and his foul regime accountable for the unchecked crimes they are committing in Washington and around the world.

No one should miss this film-- and no one should miss an opportunity to take back Congress from the vile mob of Bush rubber stamps who have failed to protect our country from terrorists, failed to protect our soldiers in Iraq, failed to uphold the dignity and honor of our country, failed to protect the basic interests of American middle class families and has now even failed to protect children entrusted to their care-- from each other-- right in the halls of Congress. And you can do both... right here.


At 8:49 PM, Blogger Kc said...

I have an autographd Al Franken: The Truth book and I was wondering what the value of it might be?


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