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Jack Straw is taking on Tony Blair for blindly and irresponsibly following suit with Tweedle dim and Israel as well, in not calling for a cease fire, or worse yet, obstructing one. The casualties in Lebanon are outnumbering those on the Israeli side by about 10-1 according to some sources. In our news this headline appears: 34 youths among 56 dead in Israeli strike.

The reality on the ground does not match the sanitized reports we are hearing. Sanitized or not, it is deplorable.

The majority of Americans did not vote for George Bush in 2000. He did not win the popular vote, and in my opinion that fact has been obscured by the tussle over uncounted Florida votes. No matter what you think of the Electoral College, I happen to think that means something. We will not even talk about 2004 and the help he got from Bin Laden and Ohio’s Ken Blackwell. This “Uniter not a Divider” “Mission Accomplished” “They Hate our freedoms” “We could not have foreseen the breach of the levees” “I will fire anyone involved in leaking” decider is making bad decision after bad decision. And, if he is not making bad decisions, then he is sitting on the sidelines waiting for trouble to cease and for Americans and the world to forget the failure du jour. He knows soon they will go back to business as usual. This is wearing thin.

Most of us are not behind his illegal war in Iraq. Most of us do not want prisoners in our care to be tortured. Most of us hate what is going on in Guantanimo. Most of us do not approve of the billions which pour into the Iraqi black hole, the use of illegal weapons, the mistreatment and slaughter of civilians. Most of us understand that he went into this war with a bad plan and he does a disservice to our troops and our country. Most of us consider this man to be anything but a statesman or a man capable of creating any policy that was not either slipshod or self-serving. The list of his betrayals and failures becomes so long as to become meaningless by becoming a commonplace occurrence of absurdity, malfeasance, and incompetence. (And, these are just some the military issues. Don’t even get me started on the domestic woes we face due to corruption and poor decision making.)

But, some of us are not lulled into a trance, but are still paying attention as the tragicomedy of the century continues. We are sick at heart over the death and destruction of so much of the world we live in. I have to wonder, has the Bush family become so rich that it can buy all of our lives? Has their influence and power grown to the point where the world is set to do their bidding? I can think of few other reasons why so many bow to the will of this maniacal, incompetent, and scheming George W. Bush.

The parade of competent people who have fled his administration are speaking out, Richard Clarke, Colin Powell, Christie Todd Whitman, Tommy Thompson. The list goes on. Longtime CIA and FBI members are coming forward and in plain and simple terms telling the American public the truth. Are we listening? And, even though notable folks are talking, we can expect only smatterings of the truth to reach the Main Stream Media. (If neocons do not like the blogosphere, they really have no one to blame but themselves. No one else would do the job.)

But, I do digress, and I wish to make another point. In the article above, late in the 6th paragraph Tony Blair is quoted as saying, “I will never apologize for Britain being a strong ally of the US.”

I have news for Mr. Blair. George Bush is NOT the U.S.; also read us. He does not represent us in the true spirit of representation. Roughly 35% of Americans approve of the job he is doing. Not only that, but Mr. Blair, please be so kind as to notice that not only doesn’t George represent us, neither does his party.

So, Mr. Blair since Barbara Bush has failed in her job of mothering, and since George will not listen to his daddy (we can only hope this is the truth) and since those surrounding our illustrious idiot have failed in their jobs of telling George the truth, I find that I am moved to say to you what most certainly needs to be said. Stop humoring him. It does not help. Look, the rest of the world is wising up and telling our emperor he has no clothes. Your country would be better served if you could stop lapping at the feet of our toddler in chief. Really, this sort of pandering to a spoiled rich kid is embarrassing.



At 6:29 PM, Blogger Timcanhear said...

With the elections just around the corner, we need a message that will resonate with the voters, both dem and the republican conservatives who have been screwed by bush and his neocon disorganization!
We need to appeal to the other side in however we phrase a message. Six for 06 is lame. There is NO WAY the republican corporate controlled media is going to give them the time to explain their six plans to put the nation back on the right track.

How about this for a yard sign?:

Conservatives have lost their party. Help them vote the neocons thieves out of office! Vote democratic!

anybody else have an idea?

At 9:09 AM, Anonymous teach said...

We have loads of money in the Dem party. Are you telling me we have no one we can hire that has GOOD ideas?



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