Wednesday, March 01, 2006



Everyone is re-visiting New Orleans this week (even my travel blog). Mardi Gras just ended and it's the 6-month anniversary of Katrina and the levees breaking and flooding the city and "You're-Doin'-A-Heck-of-a-Job-Brownie, and, of course, Bush's old stand-by: "No one could have foreseen." And in that six months? Well, if you can believe the television, it looks like a lot of misery and despair, a lot of insurance companies who have decided policy holders deserve the finger instead of checks to rebuild, the FEMA dumping ground for incompetent children of Bush contributors still not quite gettin' it right... and, as usual, lots of swell-sounding Bush sound-bytes utterly unfulfilled.

Now the tape of Bush being briefed and told exactly what "no one could have foreseen" was precisely foreseen and... well, unless he was asleep or distracted by an eczema outbreak during the briefing, he knew! But, heck, he had a GOP fundraiser to go to in San Diego and a golf game and some guitar strummin'.

I was driving home from Erehwon just now listening to NPR News and thinking how Bush and his bandit Regime and the right-wing ideologues who enable it can just keep farting out of their mouths but people who are in Louisiana and Mississippi now understand, as viscerally as is possible, exactly what Republican governance means. If Louisiana and Mississippi elect any Republicans to anything they're doin' it with their eyes wide open. In fact, at this point, that pretty much goes for the whole country. Bush's 34% approval rating in beyond comprehension to me. I mean are about a third of my countrymen dead-enders just waiting for God to come and put them out of their misery or however they refer to that cockamamie Left Behind claptrap?


At 7:24 PM, Blogger keninny said...

Now that's what I call art. I actually had to pause to ponder whether it's a real photograph.

Obviously I had no difficulty imagining Diminished Expectations Boy play'n' his GIT-tar fer the HER-cane folks, who I hear is doin' real well, and mebbe in addition tell'n' a dirty joke er two.


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