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Cunningham has been a lying sack of shit for a very very long time. He has been sucking up millions and millions of dollars from lobbyists and crooks seeking favors from the Government. He and his pal from Big Bear Jerry Lewis (R-CA) have been running a scam on military contractors for years. A day or two ago I was adamant that we must not let this investigation die just because he admitted he's a felon and will go to prison until Bush pardons him on the way back to the Crawford pig farm. I was talking about the issue of Cunningham offering half million dollar presidential pardons to Republican criminals. But there's another crucial side to the Cunningham case. In all likelihood he was very much guilty of treason-- selling classified information.

Today Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi formally asked House Speaker Dennis Hastert-- himself as yet unindicted for taking bribes from Turkey to screw over Armenian-Americans-- to open a bipartisan investigation on a national security level. Since Cunningham has already admitted taking millions of dollars for illegally helping defense contractors, it is logical to ask if he was also selling them and others the kind of classified information his position on Defense and Intelligence committees routinely gave him access to.

In a letter to Hastert, Pelosi reminds him that Cunningham "has admitted engaging in criminal conduct with private companies seeking contracts from the United States government for national security-related matters. We do not know the extent of the information which he provided to these companies, or how it may have compromised national security.”

With the aid of Cunningham and unindicted co-conspirator Jerry Lewis, as well as other corrupt Republican congressmen, one of the companies that was funneling money to GOP campaigns and into the pockets of Republican congressmen, ADCS, scored over $80 million in Pentagon contracts since 1999, while Cunningham's and Lewis' good buddies at MZM won $160 million from the Defense Department in the last 3 years. This scandal is far from over and much remains to be looked into beyond which federal penitentiary would be best suited for Cunningham.

And the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Pete Hoekstra (R-MI), who was certainly aware that Cunningham had been taking massive bribes for years and let him serve on the committees from which he was able to operate even after he was indicted, just asked the committee's attorneys to review Cunningham's work "to ensure he didn't improperly influence committee actions or decisions." And finally, though people had been demanding this for months Hoekstra got around to ordering Cunningham's access to classified information terminated "immediately." Are we visiting the Land of Oz or is Hoekstra trying to head off a non-partisan investigation that could land half a dozen Republican crooks in prison for the same thing Cunningham is guilty of?

According to an article in today's HILL, old Duke gets to keep his pension, which will buy a lot of cigarettes and protection in prison. According to the story, "Cunningham has served in the House 17 years, and his right to his federal pension will not be affected by his crimes, according to a senior House aide familiar with the rules... Currently, only members convicted of 'high crimes' such as treason can lose their pensions."


My friend Jim sent me a totally cool website that allows you to read or listen to the kinds of quotes from Randy "Duke" Cunningham that will make you pray that the judge throws the book at him in February when he's sentenced. If you felt sorry for this pathetic weeping, sniveling tub of lard when he did his best to make believe he was filled with remorse on TV, just read his quotes. Randy Cunningham is a vicious right-wing extremist, filled with hatred, bigotry and ignorance-- as well as the typical Republican traits of greed and arrogance. In Ohio the GOP has Noe and Ney; here in California we have our own miserable lowlife: Randy "Duke" Cunningham.


Yep, the Washington Blade tells the whole story about how this vicious right-wing psychopath who couldn't wait to vote to bring sadness and misery into the lives of gay and lesbian people at every opportunity, was himself a severly disturbed closeted homosexual. Republicans are the sickest species of humans our country has ever been afflicted with!


At 1:27 PM, Blogger Rozius said...

Looks like the Dukerster has pulled a Nixon.

Like the Trickey Bastard he has resigned to avoid being impeached and removed from office, thereby assuring himself of a fat pension.

And just like Trickey, Cunningham is expecting a pardon in the future.


At 2:56 PM, Blogger Helen said...

The pardon thing is of real concern. If guys like Cunningham get away with this, we are doomed. What's to prevent continuation of ruthless corruption in the future? We are such hyprocrites, promoting morality and democracy abroad. BushCo is shameless.


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