Friday, November 13, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!



by Noah

There will be a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.
-Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, one week after his boss lost his bid for reelection.
The Republican Party from it's psychotic Dear Leader, to RNC Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (quoted above) to Moscow Mitch on down has closed ranks in support of Trump staying in power and ignoring the election of President-Elect Biden. It's an attempt to stage a coup. The number of Washington Republicans who are not on board with this can be counted on one hand. There is no other way to rationally comprehend their actions which get more dangerous to our national security and what's left of our democracy every day. This weekend, they plan to have what they are calling a Million Maga March on Washington as they hope for an assemblage of ISIS-style gun-toting pick-up trucks and SUVs. All the MAGA RedHat-wearing Repug freaks are promising to be there: Info Wars, Oath Keepers, Groypers, Proud Boys, QAnon, American Nazis, and American white supremacy group known to humankind. In short, it'll be akin to a second RNC convention.

As I began writing this last Saturday afternoon, the election had just been called. It was impressive that millions of people, not just in this country but the world, cheered from their windows and poured out into the streets when it was announced that Donnie Psycho got fired. Yeah, Donnie, add that to your extensive list of life failures, asshole!

Yes, there were extremely large groups of people celebrating in streets and parks all over the United States. They were doing it with such a sense of relief and enthusiasm that it reminded you of other countries where an oppressive fascist junta had somehow met its demise. All that was missing was the junta's leader hanging from a lamp post by his thumbs ala Mussolini. Fortunately, at least, the Orange Menace To Society has not (so far) been able to fully install the dream of a Fourth Reich that he shares with the goons I mentioned above. Despite the Democratic Party's shortcomings, we do live to fight another day but only if we choose that path. Big if. Meanwhile, my favorite coverage was of the crowds outside of Trump Tower here in NYC. There are, however, other groups, and they won't be just disappearing. Had Trump won, they would be looking like joyous Middle Easterners shooting their AK-47s off into the air with bullets to fall they know not where. Stay tuned, maybe we'll see some of that tomorrow or sometime else in the near future.

Donnie Psycho's newest campaign slogan, tweeted several times in all caps, is "I WON THIS ELECTION BY A LOT." It's hard to look at Donnie's tweets and not imagine them as being written in crayon by a 9-year-old but they have a purpose, a very subversive anti-American purpose. Also, coming from the White House, our White House, on Saturday afternoon was a statement from his campaign that told his fans and militia goons that the election fight is not over and they "Stay at the ready in case they are needed." It was "Stand back and stand by" all over again. Don, Jr., who directed pre-election Trump Caravans, including the one that ran a Biden-Harris bus off the road in Texas, has been duplicating his father's incitements to violence and mayhem, indulging himself in a whirlwind fit of projection and a complete lack of self-awareness by calling for "total war" and "cleaning up this mess." Here's the full quote:
The best thing for America is for @realDonaldTrump to go to total war over this election to expose all of the fraud, cheating, dead/no longer in state voters, that has been going on for far too long. It's time to clean up this mess & stop looking like a banana republic!
Trump advisor and former campaign guru Steve Bannon called for Dr. Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray to be beheaded. This is no joke. It's an effort to whip up violence as a political tool like what they have in real countries, not just the one that Don, Jr. fantasizes about.

The email blasts from the Trump camp came fast and furious in the wake of the election being called for Biden. They had come at an absurd pace leading up to the election, filled with a tone of increasing anxiety. Trump knew he was probably going to lose and it was time to grift as much money as he possibly could but now it was panic time. The headers screamed "I've had enough!" and "Madness. Sheer Madness." They begged you to feel the same. The emails demanded JUSTICE. They told the readers it was time to FIGHT. "Fight like your freedoms, your livelihood, our future depend on it." It was "our future" not yours. Very telling. The emails were filled with lines about "widespread fraud" and "the radical left" "stealing this election." "Trump won. Trump won!" they screamed. "Fraud!" "Fraud!" "Fraud! One after another. It was pathetic. Not 10 minutes went by without another one. You could read them all and see exactly what Trump was screaming in the oval office, minus the cursing, sputtering, and peeing his pants, of course. A favorite of mine came from He Who Attracts Flies. It came fully 24 hours after the election was called. It was headed "The left doesn't want our President to win." No shit Sherlock. You're too late by the way. The email told me "Democrats would rather destroy OUR nation than have four more years of our Presiden't incredible leadership." Ladies and gentlemen, the incredible ironic avant-comedy stylings of Mike Pence.

Rudy Giuliani, who ludicrously claimed that over 21,000 dead people voted for Biden in Pennsylvania alone, has, of course, added to the incitement by going on his FOX "News" soapbox and telling their nutjob audience that there is definitely "election fraud" and that "people were seen carrying bundles of ballots into counting centers." Well, Rudy, you see, it's like this, if you don't take the ballots to the places where they are counted, they don't get counted. Is that really so hard for Republican brains to understand? Apparently, it is.

On Monday morning, the first email I received was from RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel and it was scary in that it symbolized the fact that the Republican Party had closed ranks behind Donald Trump and thrown its full support behind him. In the email, she was joining in, begging for donations to keep up "the fight against the Democrats' attacks on a fair election." She added that "Millions of voters across the Country turned out for President Trump..." Well, yes they did Ronna, but you see, millions more turned out and voted against your dear leader and did so in the right places. That's how it works, baby. Do the effing math. You can do the effing math, can't you? Or were you homeschooled by some fellow freakshow contestant?

On Sunday night it had been Vice President Fly Nest whining "Our democracy and freedom is at risk like never before" in his emails as he begged for more moola 34 hours after the election was called for Joe Biden. Words like "URGENT," "STRONGEST," and "DEFENDING," all in caps, were golden shower-sprinked throughout the email. SAD. Ted Cruz is so ubiquitous through all this that I can only conclude that he sees himself as the heir apparent once Donnie Psycho finally does the world a favor and croaks. There are endless "Election Defense Fund" emails, complete with 1000X Match" headers, soiling my inbox, too, of course. These grifters are not just trying to line their pockets and pay off some personal debts including tax evasion debts as fast as they can, playing the suckers yet again, they are also using their suckers as a source of income, PAC money, and funding for future Trump and Trump family campaigns. Meanwhile, the wording of their emails is clearly designed to incite people. They are dog whistles. They are also examples of Donald Trump acting like a junkie on the subway or the street corner panhandling to raise money not for a meal but a drug fix. That's what republicans are now. These emails come at a rate of about 8 an hour with headers that make Beavis and Butthead look like Rhodes Scholars by comparison. People who contribute are "PATRIOTS," of course, since, in their sick Republican minds only Republicans can possibly be patriots. Fuck these people with a Trump flag on a ten foot pole!

On Monday afternoon, Trump spokescretin Kayleigh McAninny broadcast from the White House press room and went so gungho in her charging President-Elect Biden and the Democratic Party of "welcoming fraud" and "welcoming illegal voting" that even a FOX loon named Neil Cavuto cut her broadcast off the air, pointing out that she, like her boss, has still not offered one iota of evidence or proof. That will only cause rank and file Republicans to start sending death threats to Cavuto in their mass insanity. Trump has probably already made multiple calls to the Murdochs and demanded Cavuto be fired for "lack of loyalty" just like he has fired so many of his "best people" for the same thing and replaced them with even worse and more dangerous hacks like we see him doing throughout his administration and now even the Pentagon.

What has now happened at the Pentagon is a matter of grave national security concern, in addition to being what Trump's master, Vlad Putin wants. Trump has put conspiracy theorists in place who have long been associated with the Devin Nunes school of covering up Trump's ties to Russia. They will now be privy to classified information that they can not only choose to destroy, bury or selectively release and twist for their own purposes, they will be able to sell it to the highest bidders among our adversaries. It will be treason for money, not just politics. Conspiracy theorists in charge of our military; what could go wrong?

And, last I saw and heard, we still haven't had any Republican $entors who voted to keep their treasonous clown in office say one peep about "Where's the evidence" to back up Trump's voter fraud conspiracy mongering. It's the same deafening silence from the Repugs in the House of so-called Representatives. They have joined in, full force, with Dear Leader's autocratic behavior. Not surprisingly, $enate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch has joined in the conspiracy mongering right from the floor of the $enate. There is no low he won't sink to but we already knew that. House Repug Leader Kevin McCarthy echoed Trump saying in a classic dog whistle moment that-
President Trump won this election. So everyone who's listening, do not be quiet. We can not allow this to happen before our very eyes.
The quote from Mike Pompeo at the beginning of this post is designed to help convince Trump voters that a Biden presidency would be illegitimate. It is meant to stoke outrage and violent reaction if Joe Biden moves into the White House as President Of The United States. The Trump administration is attacking the democratic constitutional process and the Constitution, the supposed foundation of this country itself, but these traitors to America are willfully ignoring their responsibility to uphold their oath to defend the Constitution. Instead they uphold their loyalty oath to our psychotic President Trump. They are showing all the signs of attempting to establish a Republican Party insurgency to counter a Biden presidency. This is how all dangerous insurgencies began, whether it was Cuba, Syria, or Chile. No doubt, Trump himself, with the support of lieutenants like Ronna Romney Barret, McConnell, McCarthy and the rest of the Republican Party leadership I mentioned, envision themselves as a Trump government in exile. And, yet, this treachery is exactly what nearly 80,000,000 Republicans voted for as they voted for Trump and all of their Republican Party faithful in Congress. They aren't saying anything other than that they support their Dear Leader.

Reconcilliation with Nazis and Nazi-lovers? Tolerance, bipartisanship and reconciliation with traitors? Reaching across the aisle to such people? I think not. Nope. The problem is these people walk among us. Unlike in 1860, they don't all just live below the Mason-Dixon Line. That shouldn't mean that we give these asylum escapees a free pass to destroy the country utterly and completely, though. These people are beyond any kind of intervention. No medication exists that will fix them. The best we can do is shun them. Extreme social distancing is called for. You don't meet a virus halfway and win anything.

I've heard some people call Trump's Militia "Vanilla ISIS" but Trump's Militia is no laughing matter. How long, with all of this incitement going on, before they decide to no longer stand by. We've had these so-called supporters of "Law & Order" blocking traffic including emergency vehicles all over the country. We saw the menacing and chanting at vote counters in Arizona. The leader of the vote counting efforts at a center in Georgia has stated that he fears for the safety of the people doing the counting, particularly one who had to hide out due to death threats after the republican conspiracy machine went after him. In Philadelphia, two goons armed with AR-15s were stopped on their way to a place where votes were being counted. We've had other Trump supporters try to break into a Mid-West polling place while voting counting is going on because they saw that "Someone went in with 'special vote-stealing' equipment. The "someone" turned out to be a member of the press and the imaginary "vote-stealing equipment" was a strange, exotic device called a camera! This is the Republican mind at work, folks. It's even worse that these Trump Brownshirts are being incited and directed straight from the White House.

There should be no appeasement. None. This is a war. None of this Neville Chamberlain bullshit. To reach out your hand to a Republican is to blindly put your hand into a box of rattlesnakes, which is just what too many wimpy, unity-chanting Democrats, including Joe Biden, think they should do. Good luck with that. The Democratic Party needs to adopt "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you." as its words to live by.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, with all of the congratulations to President-Elect Biden coming in, there is one particularly conspicuous absence. Care to guess which leader has not sent congratulations? Hint, his first name is Vlad. What a surprise!

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