Thursday, November 12, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!



by Noah

Damn! That face! Those eyes! Those teeth! The Aura Of The Crazy! How can anyone even look at Rudy Giuliani and want anything to do with him? Obviously, the answer is that you have to be as crazy as Donald Trump and all those lunatics at FOX "News." I mean, of course, just look at goons like Lou Dobbs, Tiki Torch Carlson, and Sean Insanity. I guess all of us just like to hang out with our own kind. I know that if I was sitting in a park somewhere and some guy with that face, those eyes, those teeth and that disturbing aura sat down next to me and started sweating and spitting saliva all over the place, I'd immediately go find another park!

How and when did Rudy go off the rails? When did the cheese fall off the cracker, Rudy? Does it have something to do with that dent in your head? What if he brought along a friend; some 400 pound guy with yellow plastic hair, an oversized red tie and gooey orange makeup? Then comes Stephen Miller, with or without his fake hair painted on that strange dome of his, or Kellyanne Conway shows up on her broom with Mitch McConnell waving a Russian flag and Russian currency pinned to his lapels, or Pence with his comfort fly? I'd know the circus of freaks was in town for sure. All that would be missing would be "Mother" and Elaine Chao dressed up as bearded ladies.

Tonight's meme of course references Donnie Psycho tweeting to the world last weekend that he was about to hold a press conference not at The Four Seasons but at Four Seasons Landscaping in Virginia. Is that who does his hair? But, perhaps the most interesting thing about the apparent choice of Four Seasons Landscaping is that it's right next door to a porno shop. Yep, Trump must have left the location choice up to his lawyer, Rudy. Well done, whack-o!

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At 12:28 AM, Blogger Ten Bears said...

He's got Charlie Manson eyes ...


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