Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Viral Trump Infects the Planet—-Who Has the Cure???



-by Harvey Wasserman
“When Trump entered the White House, I began to believe in Satan; when the virus got him, I began to believe in God”
- Ancient Folk Saying
Is Trump Done?

As a morbidly obese 74-year-old, he lip-smacks the core of the COVID’s favorite demographic.

His Evangelical Death Cult still loves his rapist, mobster self as a Lordly trickster, sent down to shutter the feminist uterus and shoot infidels of color.

The virus hit Britain’s Boris Johnson and Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro. Both were weakened. Neither faced an election a month away.

Trump might live a long and thoroughly impaired life. Progressives must pray he sticks around at least until November 4.

Deep in his karmic gut he bears the burden of 207,000 humans he helped kill, the millions he got infected and the countless more he personally sickened (as at his recent rally in Cleveland and fundraiser in New Jersey and jaunt around town in his limo and Supreme Court reception, etc. etc.). He refused to wear a mask and trashed those who do.

Now even Melania suffers?

But there’s nothing more dangerous (or unpredictable) than a cornered beast, even one reeling from the virus.

No more “debates.” No mass rallies. No fawning sky pilots touting his Divinity. How will Trump’s Death Cult strike back, now that he’s ordered it to “stand by?”

He may be drinking bleach, mainlining hydroxychloroquine, running infrared lights up his veins. But he’s a god no more.

In 1919 the “Spanish Flu” that killed 675,000 Americans stroked out Trump’s fellow KKK racist, Woodrow Wilson, whose wife hid his dementia until he left the White House in a daze.

In 1974 Dick Nixon traded his escape for a pardon from VP Ford; it cost Gerry the 1976 election.

If he lives through November 3, Trump will lose a fair 2020 vote count. His debacle debate and coup talk and now his illness have freaked the uber-rich who value stability above all (see The Lincoln Project).

But that can’t stop him from flipping the table… or pushing the button. Do his doctors have the nuclear football? Will Kushner auction it off to Putin or the Saudis to pay off the Trump debt?

The planet has probably never been in greater peril.

Time is short. These monsters would rather blow up the Earth than lose an election.

If he gets his wits about him, he’ll blackmail Pence for his pardon, claim illness and leave a winne... or at least a non-loser...for which there’s no quid pro quo to the quintessential narcissist.

If it happens quick, could Pence then beat Biden?

That would depend on election protection.

The Trump cult has always pushed a dictatorial trifecta: stripping the voter rolls, trashing vote-by-mail and early voting, then flipping the vote count.

His bully fascists are already up in arms.

But a national election protection movement has risen to resist. ( Remembering Florida 2000, Ohio 2004 and Wisconsin-Michigan-Pennsylvania 2016—-be it Trump or Pence, by election theft or coup d’etat—-our lives depend on protecting what little is left of our tattered democracy.

Those mythical middle-aged midwestern mid-roaders won’t do it.

This election—- and the future of this country—- will turn on how many millennials come out to vote, work the polls, protect the outcome. A Democrat promise to abolish student debt and re-green the planet would help.

But the millions who marched for George Floyd MUST show up to beat an attempted coup, COVID or otherwise. 2020 must mark a major generational shift.

The Democrats must also deny Trump’s corrupt appointment to RBG’s pivotal Supreme Court seat (there are ample procedural ways to do it; we MUST guarantee they do).

They could start by impeaching Trump, or finding some other way to ascertain his true health, then forcing the Senate through the procedural Hell it so richly deserves.

While that sickening Supreme Court nomination gets run out of time.

Remember: there’s ALWAYS that screaming movie moment when the beast seems dead….then leaps for the jugular.

Until he’s gone from the White House, on a stretcher, with his respirator, pardon in hand, with RBG’s Supreme seat on hold til ’21, Trump and his satanic beasts pose the ultimate death threat to both American democracy and the human species.

This and all future elections must be protected. The race to Solartopia must be won. The Millennials must take their rightful place.

Momala Nature may offering us one final smile, a karmic opening we dare not refuse.

Can we grab and hold it?


Harvey Wasserman co-convenes the Monday Grassroots Emergency Election Protection zoom( dissecting vote theft. His People’s Spiral of US History awaits Trump’s departure at California Solartopia airs at KPFK/Pacifica-Los Angeles; Green Power & Wellness podcasts at A version of this piece was originally published at

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At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Short Bursts:

"In 1919 the “Spanish Flu” that killed 675,000 Americans stroked out Trump’s fellow KKK racist, Woodrow Wilson, whose wife hid his dementia until he left the White House in a daze."

That Confederate bastard had it coming.

Trivia note: the 1920 Census showed the only population decline in the history of the nation compared to the previous Census.

"In 1974 Dick Nixon traded his escape for a pardon from VP Ford; it cost Gerry the 1976 election."

That's why I voted for Carter, whose platform didn't thrill me.

"If he lives through November 3, Trump will lose a fair 2020 vote count."

I challenge that assessment.

First, the Post Office has been beaten up like the storm-surged Western Gulf Coast. Can it still handle the necessary balloting volume?

Second, credible reports exist in which the Republican lawyers will challenge every single ballot not directly cast at a polling place on Election Day. Just one reason why Trump is so anxious to get Conehead Barratt onto the SCOTUS bench.

Third, other credible reports exist that have Republican-controlled states throwing out the balloting and declaring their own slate of Electors. I have yet to see a list of these states and their Electoral College votes, but it would prove to be significant.

Fourth, every possible voter suppression trick is going to be used to "ensure" that Trump "wins", a victory which will be declared the moment the vote counts show Trump ahead with enough EC votes.

Fifth,and I didn't know this before, only 11 states ban weapons at polling places. Trumps MAGAt Mulisha will be armed to the teeth where it's legal to intimidate "suspicious" voters.

Sixth, the widespread use of unverifiable and easily hacked vote tabulators and other counting equipment.

I have no faith in the Democrats to do anything about any of these issues, or others that I didn't mention here. It's already almost a book.

"Momala Nature may offering us one final smile, a karmic opening we dare not refuse. Can we grab and hold it?

I doubt it. We didn't heed Franklin's warning about keeping our Republic. The foliage will be too busy stuffing that empty space between their ears with sports to assuage that long deficit endured by being forced to isolate for months. That now looks like a vainglorious and wasted attempt to save their vacuous lives.

Pull 'em out by the roots. We need space in the greenhouse for the next crop of weeds.

At 1:31 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pence can't recreate Trump's base, so I don't really see him being more formidable. Pence would capture the strong partisans, but I don't think he would expand the base to include the segment of Trump's base of irregular voters who love him as the TV guy and media personality. Pence is also too closely identified with Trump to win the large anti-Trump vote.

The GOP Governors and other officials will do everything possible to depress the vote and block the participation of people in Dem areas, but one of Biden's few virtues as a candidate is his appeal with voters 65+. Trump and his people would have to find a way to partition off and limit the electorate to just people 50-65 in every state. Good luck with that. His ground org and these shenanigans might close a 2 to 3 point gap. But I'm skeptical that he's closing a 10-16 point national deficit. The absence of a second major stimulus is probably going to sink him for good. Economic conditions are likely to get much worse between now and election day and with or without a vaccine, COVID-19 is still going to be a major issue.

As far as the nuclear football goes, it sounds like the guy carrying it, got COVID-19 from Trump. I'm sure there's a lesson there somewhere.

At 7:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Progressives must pray he sticks around at least until November 4."

not progressives. the democrap party. they can't win elections against anyone NOT as bad as trump... ever.

you just discovered pelo$i's strategy of refusing to impeach... in 2008 and today.

At 11:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the democrap party. they can't win elections against anyone NOT as bad as trump... ever."

Except for the fact that the Dems won the 2018 mid-terms, they won the 2006 mid-terms, and they won presidential cycles in 2008 and 2012. It's a two party system, so it's not a question of "ever", but of when.

It would be a stronger argument to say that the GOP should have been locked out of power for a generation at the federal level given the GOP mismanagement during the Bush years. That's the real issue. After Hoover, the GOP didn't regain the presidency for another 20 years. FDR and the New Dealers effectively remade the Courts for the next 30+ years. It took the GOP 15 years to regain unified control of Congress and 20 to briefly gain unified control of Congress and the White House. George W. Bush and the GOP were every bit as awful in the early 2000s as Hoover and the GOP were in the 1920s.

The problem is that the Dems are able to coast on low standards, because of other issues. e.g. the leadership and the elites are insulated from the costs of their own political failures -- in a perverse way they even profit from political failure. The system is structurally built to lock-in corporate power regardless of who is in power. When the GOP is in power, the balance shifts further and further towards the super-wealthy. When the Dems are in power, the rate of the imbalance tends to decelerate, but not fundamentally shift. That's the real issue. It isn't a question of winning elections. As long as we have a restrictive 2 party system, one or the other party will eventually win. It's more a question of what the party does when it is in power. Post Trump too, the Dems may be in a position to fundamentally shift the balance of power. It's an open question whether this actually happens this time.

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll just ask 11:28 who the democraps were running against when, as you point out, they did well in midterms and presidential years.

they were all AS BAD AS TRUMP.

The rest of your offering is spot on.

I can answer your final 'open question'. The democraps will refuse, just as they refused in 2009 and in 1992 and in 1976.
1) the money who owns both parties won't allow it
2) voters who are dumber than shit won't force it
3) the democrap leadershit are pussies completely anathema to any kind of political risk.
4) voters who are dumber than shit won't change them.

in case I forgot to mention: 5) voters are dumber than shit.


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