Friday, October 23, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!



by Noah

Dateline: Washington, DC
Thinking they need a little juice, the Republican Party has decided to change their motto. Gone but not forgotten, are "Greed Over People," and the old KKK chestnut "America First" (most recently used by beloved party leader Donald Trump) but, judging from the above, it appears that the Republican Party has decided to double down on their cherished Death Cult status. I'm sure that people like party chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel considered other slogans like "Die and Die Quickly," "Just Die, Losers," "Coathangers For Teens, "Just Gas 'Em," "Second Amendment Solutions," and "Herd Mentality-COVID For All!," but, in they end, they went for something more general and all-encompassing. So, "Reckless Disregard For Human Life" it is. If you're gonna go down, you might as well go down being who you are and use what you are most known for right now. If they win, they can keep the motto and thank whoever hacked the most voting machines.



At 4:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Such observations about the Geriatric Oligarchic Pachyderm are vital and necessary to understanding the current-day disaster that is the American political scene.

But let's not lose sight of the fact that the "Democratic" Party is no longer hiding in the tall weeds. They openly tried to steal the Iowa Caucus victory from Bernie Sanders, even going so far as to have McKinsey Pete declare victory prior to the completion of the counting mess.

This tells me that the only thing the "Democratic" Party learned from the Bush v Gore Florida mess was to only use it within their own party boundaries. They do nothing to stop Republican electoral theft and voter suppression. Have those "official" GOP ballots depositories across California been confiscated yet to protect the ballots inside?

Then having "Democratic" Party Deus ex Machina obamanation step in to hippie punch and kick Sanders' campaign to the curb in defense of unimpeded corporatist rule should have been the last straw which broke the A$$e$' Back$. But no.

Joe Biden was imposed on us, and nothing about his horrible political record nor his personal disqualifications regarding his physical and moral issues can get past the Potemkin Personality that "Democratic" Party media assets are bombarding the nation.

To be continued . . .

At 5:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

. . .continuing. . .

Goebbels' Big Lie strategy is clearly at work on both sides of the American Political War of 2020. The revelations of "moderate" Republican used-ta-bees already selecting the drapes for their Biden Administration offices tells me that the corporate sector is moving in -"quietly"- to ensure that Trump cannot unleash his Hawaiian-shirt HIWIs street thugs and completely disrupt the 50-year campaign waged to give corporate entities the power they've sought since 1934.

Wouldn't be prudent, as one Big Money corporatist once made his mantra.

No one I know -of any spot across the political spectrum- thinks Biden is the right man for the job. If Biden's physical frailties can't be kept hidden and Harris has to assume the public face role, no one believes that she will actually call the shots either. It's only that people are fed up with no one doing anything about Trump that makes non-Trumpists willing to allow this travesty to be imposed upon us.

No one wants to see Bosnia break out in the USA. We sort of learned that lesson in the 1860s. We just never learned to do anything about the entrenched big money interests who have been running and ruining the nation for the vast majority of the time since our Civil War ended and war profit money took over.

Lincoln was allowed to be taken out before he ruined THAT little profit-making scheme, the one known as "Reconstruction". Anyone who has read Shelby Foote's Civil War history had to be as shocked as I was about the numerous reports of people declaring publicly that Lincoln should be assassinated while Lincoln was still touring Richmond after it fell to Grant.

Kennedy, Kennedy, King, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton etc. - such killing was eventually seen as bad for the image of Corporate America. Character assassinations were less bloody and less likely to require "investigation".

Besides - as can be seen in how valuable Bernie Sanders has been for the Biden campaign after he was taken down by obamanation, why waste potentially useful assets if you can assume control over them and apply them to YOUR goals?

If I am reading the moldy tea leaves correctly, Big Money will deal with Trump and his MAGAt Mulisha. No bloody street rioting any longer. Bad for business, don't you know?

But the net draped over them will also drape over the rest of us - and the Powell Memo will have successfully completed the task it was intended to perform.

Your worry was reasonable, Dr. Franklin. We did NOT manage to keep our Republic.

Gegrüßet seist du vom Sieg des Geldes! Stirb für Gewinne!

At 6:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nodding in total agreement with the above.

and never fool yourselves; the nazis will wear that (maga elephant) badge with honor... like a swastika.

while the corporate overlords may be in total control of the lefty greenhouse, they still must deal with that pesky nazi greenhouse from time to time.

I'm fascinated at how they will end up reining in those rabid haters so that they can keep raping (not sic) profits from that 60 million as well as the other 270 million.


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