Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!



by Noah

T Minus two weeks.

Whenever election time comes around, it's hard to beat enthusiasm. If your opponents have enthusiasm that, in the case of the Republican Party, amounts to a Taliban-esque fanaticism, you have to work hellaciously hard to turn out your voters in numbers that will bury the other side, up and down the ballot, not in a wave but in a death-dealing tsunami, especially when that other side is not just willing but eager to incite violence upon the legal system and those who are trying to exercise their Constitutional right to vote. Nothing is guaranteed when one side calls for amatuer armed miltia to go to polling places. Nothing is guaranteed when your opponent is asserting that their judges will uncover or even invent some fine print that says your votes were never meant to count. Stalin mastered that roughly a hundred years ago and he is now an iconic role model for Donald Trump and his devoted followers, as are Hitler and Kim, just to name two.

Don't go being naive and think that the house in the above picture is at all unique. This particular house is in Pennsylvania but I have seen many similar shrines to Donnie Super Spreader in my travels throughout the northeast which is the region of the country I come from and live in. Yes, it's shocking and our first tendency might be to laugh at the poor souls that did this to their home, but they did it out of love and adoration. The biblical line "Thou shalt have no other gods but me" went out the window long ago or things would not have gotten to this point. I know of one house up in New York state that is surrounded by Trump flags and a ring of cannons. Trump's neo-nazi maga flags, Confederate flags and giant Trump stand-ups are commonplace. These people are in a walking dead state of hypnosis that they will never wake up from. Trump, his Russian Intelligence allies, and FOX "News" have done their job and done it all too well. I can only imagine what scenes I would see in the Confederate states or Afghanistan-like places like Michigan. Those goons who took over the Michigan State House and allegedly planned to kidnap the governor are no aberration. They walk among us reciting their QAnon conspiracies like mantras and chants. They are shepherded by the RNC, and people with names like Trump, Pence, Carlson, McConnell, Giuliani, Graham, Barrett, and Hannity. They are a fanatic-piloted plane with full gas tanks, taking dead aim at America.

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At 5:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone once told the world "May The Farce Be With You" and the world took it seriously.


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