Sunday, October 11, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!



by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Look at the seriousness on Herr Trump's face as he signs a bible. That is the look of a true madman with a messianic complex. Who thinks that their signing of a bible makes a difference? A power mad man who feels he has the right to bulldoze a crowd with gas and clubs, just so he can stand in front of a church holding a bible as though he was some sort of religious figure or a god himself. He might as well be David Koresh, another madman who thought he was a god.

Trump is a god to the Republican Party of course. If he and his congressional disciples encourage QAnon to kill, they're down with that. If he encourages heavily armed vigilantes in the street, they're down with that. If he goes on national TV and sends a call to action message to his Proud Boy followers, they're extra down with that. This is no different than Charles Manson sending out Tex Watson and the Manson Girls to kill in Hollywood.

So who wants their bible to be signed by a madman who obviously never read it or wants anything to do with it other than use it as a prop? Who does it make a difference to? The answer is cultists and that's what his voters are. Ask yourself how anyone can work for such a man. Ask yourself how all those people can adore him and work for him in the now barricaded White House. They never question themselves even when they venture out and people they meet shun them. They are fanatics. So were Koresh's people in Waco.

The bad moon is rising.

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At 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fascism was ELECTED in america in 1980.

because all voters (who vote) are dumber than shit, it was inevitable that we would elect some retarded sociopath and psychopath who would do something like hump flags and sign bibles.

because all voters (who vote) are dumber than shit we now have the rock/hard place choice between the flag humping nazi and a lifelong racist misogynist corrupt neoliberal fascist.

And because all voters (who vote) are dumber than shit we have only parties that perfectly reflect their candidates... and all voters who vote.

the definition of a shithole. all that is left is a comprehensive post-mortem very soon.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger Bil said...

Amen Noah. Goddess Help Us.

At 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreeing with the other anons above, no one has yet picked up on Noah's lamentations on the GAWDly who support Trump, claiming him to be the tool of their LAWD despite all of his sins and flaws - itself a statement on how religion taints the mind into an inability to deal with facts in favor of fantasy.

I've not seen anything to reflect this thought, but I'm watching to see just how many of these Rambo-wannabees parading around in comical forms of military dress with toys their mothers should have never given them for birthdays and Christmas (see: Lanza) end up revealing a strong attachment to one of the "religious" cults.

Of course, I'm also awaiting any verifiable knowledge of which arms manufacturer won the endorsement of the alleged and completely ineffectual "Prince of Peace". It wasn't Colt, for think of the mileage they could get with the Xtians out of a slogan along the lines of "The Prince of the Peacemaker". No sign of that happening.

I do find it ironic that nothing of the words of the person they claim to worship is taken to heart as a script for life nearly as much as the warnings of Revelations are taken as scripts to follow so that humanity ENDS life on Earth.

But then, these ARE the same people who only see the Second Amendment out of the entire Constitution. They would gladly throw out everything else.


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