Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

The official reported number of deaths due to the coronavirus passed 205,000 on Sunday. It's now on its way to 210,000 and beyond. At the current daily rate, 300,000 deaths are expected by the end of the year. We all know it didn't have to be this way but Trump and his psycho Death Cult acolytes at the Spahn Ranch, er, White House and Congress, will tell you that's a "good number." They've lied about this every step of the way. They've even lied about miracles and wacko cures. They've lied about masks. They even got Americans to let down their guard by saying it would all be over by Memorial Day. Trump is Death. He is The Master Spreader. The spreading of the virus and its concurrent increase in deaths is Trump's bigliest legacy, unless, of course, he comes up with something even worse, and, psychopath that he obviously is, he will if given the opportunity.

Trump has always been about achieving what he claims are "good numbers" and, in his psychopathic frame of mind, he's proud to have achieved a lot of them. He is, in fact, the biggest single purveyor of human misery perpetrated upon Americans that we've ever been inflicted with. Just as he and his staff and party have done everything they can to spread this plague, they have been masters at increasing the numbers jobs lost and businesses lost and increasing the numbers of impoverished Americans. They have done this while the rich get even richer, due to the great Trump/Ryan tax caper of 2017, than they have ever been before or could have ever hoped to be in a sane world. Republicans like Trump may call that spreading the wealth but it's spreading the wealth to a very small number of already wealthy people who in turn park their scammed gains in offshore accounts rather than invest in things that would benefit their country as a whole. Think what all of that non-taxable income could do for America now.

Let's also not forget the success Trump has had in spreading social unrest in the streets of this country. "Good numbers" there, too, eh? He has even encouraged Americans to shoot other Americans. He says he could do it himself on Fifth Avenue but, like the maximum coward that he is, he just sits in his walled-in fortress and bunker and watches it all unfold on his wall of televisions. Even when he ventures out for one of his super-spreading Baby Nuremberg rallies, he packs his poor demented unmmasked fans in tightly. He has them rubbing shoulders together while he is the only one who is social-distancing, separated from his supporters at the proper distance and even plexiglass. You can see him gazing out at his audience and almost hear him wondering to himself about how many of them will test positive for the virus in just two weeks. None of this is an accident. It is malfeasance and malevolence aforethought. To Trump, we are all just "suckers and losers," even those who foolishly worship his every word.

More "good numbers" from Trump have resulted from his refusal to take even minor steps to mitigate climate change. Massive profits over increasingly large numbers of lives that don't matter, to some. That deliberate dereliction has caused still more spreading of death and disaster, as we witness increasing numbers of brutal storms, floods (to which he cynically offers paper towels) and wildfires (rake the leaves). In the future, more cancers will develop in Americans due to the pro-pollution and contamination environmental policies that he and his party have inflicted upon us. As with his spreading of the coronavirus, the long term numbers of American deaths resulting from Trump's presidency will also exceed the numbers that attended his inauguration. They will one day even exceed the number of American deaths caused by the Civil War. They will do it hugely. They will still call it a "good number."

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At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A "good number" is in a sense, for the newly-awakened media to report on why it appears Trump is dead set on ensuring that he kills many more thousands of us rather than to do what it takes to prevent the contagion from achieving a higher kill score.

The only problem is that the newly-awakened media has forgotten how to count, for it has made certain since Watergate that it doesn't count - except as propaganda.


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