Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Have you noticed that Trump has run off his mouth constantly about the fires that resulted in Portland, Oregon during the BLM protests but took over three weeks to say anything about the California and Oregon wildfires that are displacing at least 500,000 people and killing as yet unknown numbers in the the region, and, he had to be forced into even speaking up about it? It's all about appealing to his party. It seems that, while he has no problem blaming the arson fires of Portland on "The Blacks" (even if they might not have been set by African-Americans), he just could not bring himself to blame the years of failure to address climate change for the fires and when he finally did bring up the subject on Monday, he made a point of throwing kerosene on the ol' anti-science, climate change denier fires. He's an arsonist in everything he does. Western suburbs are burning to the ground but all Republicans worry about is that more brown folks might move in. How long before he locks the doors and burns down the White House?

During the aforementioned protests, he even sent troops to Portland, but troops to help put out the wildfires? Mexico has but not House. I guess he likes the orange skies because they match his ugly face. Next Psycho Donnie will be trying to sell "Make America Great Again" rakes and launching a "Rake America Great" campaign.

Meanwhile, a Trump smoke detector would be an excellent gift for any republican. After all, like its namesake, it deliberately fails at its job, and, I'm sure most Republicans would regard a functioning government-provided smoke detector as "Big Government Socialism" anyway.

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