Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Max Rose Is A Garbage Member Of Congress...


...And he represents my old neighborhood in Brooklyn, a neighborhood where both Bernie and Ruth Bader Ginsberg grew up. Rose's district ends at the corner of Avenue P and E 15th Street and I lived 2 blocks away on 17th between Avenues O and P. It was once the most liberal district in America. Now it's paired with Staten Island and Bay Ridge to make a swing district that's only been represented by a Republican or a Blue Dog from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party, right now Max Rose.

He's got a tough Republican challenger and I hope she beats him. His new ad isn't about her. This is it:

The worst mayor in the history of New York City? Really worse than Rudy Giuliani? Worse than Stephanus Van Cortlandt? Worse than Whitehead Hicks? Certainly not worse than David Matthews, the same kind of conservative scumbag then as Rose is today. (He was a royalist and was involved in an assassination plot against George Washington.) Too long ago. OK, how about a series of election-stealing, graft taking puppets of Tammany Hall? Still too long ago? Abe Beame (1974), Ed Koch (1978), Bloomberg (2002)... I'll guess those are all Rose's ideas of good mayors. Bashing DeBlasio is bad for the Democratic brand but is supposed to be good for Rose, who keeps his distance from Democrats. In fact, Rose sides with Trumo a lot. He believes in keeping everything open and doesn't seem to have come to the realization that the pandemic needs to be fought. Rose is also Trump-friendly in other ways. "I am perpetually concerned that the Democrats' foreign policy is just being opposed to whatever the president does... It was the right decision for us to invade Afghanistan. It was the right decision for us to take it to the Taliban, take it to al Qaeda, exact revenge for those who did us so much harm on 9/11 and prevent something like that from happening again."

What has Max Rose accomplished since being swept into Congress in an anti-red wave? I mean aside from running up a voting record that rates a low "F?" And aside from confusing people about what the Democratic Party stands for? And aside from pandering day in and day out?

A right-wing Democrap, Republicans still find a way to call Rose a socialist!!!

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At 6:45 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

Keep that seat warm for a future progressive candidate Max because you’re bound to lose in the next primary with your piss poor conservative congressional record.

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the progressive one will also only keep the seat warm.

all members of congress are garbage. those on the right are Nazis. those on the left let pelo$i and, maybe, scummer make all the decisions.

we should save a lot of trouble and just elect a bunch of blue heating pads or hot water bottles. They will be just as effective for the people who vote for them.


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