Tuesday, September 01, 2020

Massachusetts Primary Results-- Progressive Movement Won The Big Prize, But...


Markey won his race handily tonight. Kennedy conceded. I bet Pelosi didn't call AOC and concede to her though. Every progressive group that endorsed Markey (other than Blue America) is trying to claim the credit but it really was a team effort that centered totally around Markey. Proof of that pudding. The other progressives picks (albeit not Blue America's)-- Alex Morse in the first congressional district and Ihssane Leckey in the 4th (the seat Kennedy gave up)-- lost.

A quick word about them. Both were perfect on policy and would have voted right all the time. That isn't all that Congress Members do though and although I thought Morse would make an infinitely better member than Richie Neal and that Leckey would have been better than Jesse Mermell, Jack Auchincloss, Becky Grossman or Natalia Linos-- each of whom appears to have out-polled her-- I didn't think I should ask Blue America contributors to give their money to either. Why? I got a feeling that neither had some intangible traits needed-- like "people skills"-- to succeed in Congress. I would have voted, without hesitation, for each of them, but that is different from contributing to them or urging other people to, especially when there are so many prospects in dire need of those contributions in a progressive universe that doesn't have infinite resources.

As for Kennedy, I expect he'll wind up in Biden's cabinet or be given some other stepping-stone job for his inevitable run for the presidency. Although... isn't he the first Kennedy to ever lose an election in Massachusetts?

Pelosi's endorsement of Kennedy turned out to be a kiss of death for him, starting with a big jump in contributions for Markey as soon as Pelosi interfered. Kennedy was never able to articulate a reason for voters to abandon Markey-- and neither could Pelosi (nor could Mark Pocan, another Kennedy endorser who fell flat on his face while splitting the Congressional Progressive Caucus from its grassroots supporters). 

The partial results available now show Markey beating Kennedy 55.52% to 44.86%. Establishment Pelosi ally Richard Neal is up over Alex Morse 59.02% to 40.98%. With all 14 precincts reporting Morse lost his own town, Holyoke, where he is mayor, to Neal, 4,366 (52.56%) to 3,940 (47.44).

With 80% of precincts counted, MA-04 is too close to call between Jesse Mermell (22.37%) and Jake Auchincloss (22.29%). Leckey came in 5th with around 11%.

All the results should be in tomorrow when I'll be a guest on Brad Friedman's radio show too discuss tonight's results.

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At 11:26 PM, Blogger Cugel said...

Am I missing something? Because I expected this result. Did you not expect it? I'm surprised that it was this close actually.

Once Pelosi endorsed I knew it was over. Do MA Democrats really take their marching orders from Nancy Pelosi? Apparently not.

Every time this election they have tried this tactic of putting up a big money candidate to crush the Progressive incumbent, it has backfired.

At 6:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In MA, perhaps, Cugel. But almost everywhere else, heavily funding a fascist usually wins.

I would note that even DWT admitted that the other progressives bit the big one. I don't know if pelo$i endorsed their opponent or not.

However, and this is always the disclaimer... once they all wrap up all their influence, tie a nice pretty bow around it, and hand it to pelo$i, they will revert to their only functions:
1) keeping one seat warm in the blue section
2) spending their 2 years raising money for the party... a lot of which will probably be used to defeat the "better" ones next time.

DWT should call AOC up and ask why she's gone mute on MFA .. IN A FUCKING PANDEMIC!

the answer is one word: pelo$i

At 8:46 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

Score one for progressives in the U.S. Senate Congratulations Ed as for Neal he got so lucky with that stupid smear story on Alex Morse for the College Democrats wait till 2022 he won’t get lucky Alex will be back & we’ll fight back stronger & harder for him.


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