Sunday, September 20, 2020

Many Will Lose From Quick Replacement Of RBG – But Will Trump Win?



Me The People by Nancy Ohanian

-by Emorej

What happens if Mitch McConnell now quickly schedules a Senate vote on confirming one more Supreme Court Justice who is extremely pro private property and freedom of contract, at the expense of workers, consumers and presumably of reproductive rights and under-represented group protections?

What is more likely than the following?
Big donors will bribe enough swing-vote senators to ensure confirmation of the new Justice.
Under the new court’s super-majority of six Rightwing Justices, big donors will be protected from any inconvenient demands of voters. Dilution of this majority through court “packing” would not happen quickly-- if ever.
Having secured this protection, big donors will mostly regard Donald Trump as having delivered all his upsides, leaving only downsides in a second term.
Big donors will find more attractive a Biden-Harris administration’s predictable effort to calm, while less-flamboyantly continuing to disempower, both Right and Left populists.
The Supreme Court should share these preferences and, despite having only three Democrat-appointed Justices, should find a majority of five (probably including the W-appointed Roberts and Alito) to formalize the election of Biden-Harris.
The above scenario suggests that:
RBG’s death is a very mixed blessing for Trump.
If Trump is anything like the deal-maker he claims to be then, before triggering the above sequence, he would prioritize obtaining a promise that Pence, upon Trump’s resignation, would pardon Trump for all federal crimes like Ford did for Nixon. Perhaps a big donor or two could quietly create some type of financial surety to reduce the risk of promises being broken. (All of this could presumably be implemented after the Nov. 3 election, although that would leave only a tight time window in which the sequence would need to be very rapid in order to be completed).


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At 9:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can Trump NOT win from a quick replacement of RBG? He's about to pull many shady tricks to ensure that the election -assuming he allows it- goes the way he wants it. Having a solid fascist majority on SCrOTUS will deliver the necessary rulings that anything Trump does is both legal and Constitutional - now matter their actual status under the law even if not observed anymore.

But this group of legalistic thugs will also assist if Trump does NOT allow the election. They will come up with the necessary excuses to block any attempts to actually call upon the law to counter Trump's oft-expressed desire to remain President for life.

With nothing but feckless loser Democrats to oppose him, the only way Trump can lose is if his McDonald's finally does the job on his coronary arteries before he completes his slow-motion coup.

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

trump will only lose a few of his voters if he refuses to name a feminazi to replace RBG.

But he could very well animate millions of new potted plants if he does. And, in fact, pelo$i is focus-testing several ideas on how to do just that by running against both trump and the 6-3 Nazi court. $he would never get in the way of another election issue... but $he will probably promise some sort of nonspecific "action" that is only intended to get a few million more moron potted plants to show up.

trump's best move is to promise a good Nazi woman will be nominated as soon as he is re-elected. that will cause all of his Nazi 30% to vote. and, since plants don't think, it'll not animate all that many new democrap votes. probably about a push.

it's his best option. not that he'd ever think of such a thing. he'll get satisfaction from frightening the greenhouse and trying to make pelo$i, $cummer and biden to make a mistake.

and the Nazis will have a 6-3 supermajority until Breyer retires or dies... and then it'll be 7-2.

because voters keep electing corrupt pussy democraps who never do their jobs...

At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

as is our usual practice, we look only to tomorrow instead of to the next decade or further.

in the end, which is much closer today than on Thursday, nobody shall "win". Even if trump is fuhrer for life tomorrow, it won't be for long. For soon there shall be no America to be fuhrer of.

America's economic destruction cannot NOT happen. it's only a matter of when.

And there's that covid-19 thingie... and whatever future pandemic viruses come up. If we can't deal with covid-19, how badly will we react to whatever comes next?

and there's climate and possible wars (we've been defeated in all of them since Korea... how many more losses can there be?

But a civil war is also quite possible. Nobody wins a civil war that will only hasten the economic catastrophe.

But what SHOULD come first is the rest of the world "quarantining" the usa as a global threat (and shithole).


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