Wednesday, September 23, 2020

For Democrats To Get To The 50 Seats They Need In The Wisconsin Assembly They Have To Take Back The 49th District-- Meet Shaun Murphy-Lopez



Goal ThermometerToday, Blue America endorsed a 6th progressive Democrat running for the Wisconsin Assembly-- Shaun Murphy-Lopez. Right now, the super-gerrymandered state Assembly has 63 Republicans, 35 Democrats and one vacant seat. Democrats need to start the road back to control of the legislature by making a big dent in the GOP majority this November. The rural 49th Assembly, which includes all of Grant and portions of Richland, Lafayette, and Iowa counties, is the southwest corner of the state. In declaring his candidacy, Shaun told voters that he's "running for the state legislature because current legislators aren’t helping us solve our depopulation problem. Rural areas across our district need a level playing field to thrive. In Madison, I’m going to fight for the hardworking rural person, whether they are a small farmer, senior citizen, or young parent... My plan is to listen to residents of the 49th District over the next six months, and then represent their concerns in Madison. I will ensure we have a respectful relationship, even after the election. Also, unlike my opponent, I will not accept contributions from corporate PAC’s. We need to have a laser focus on rural people, not executives at Wal-Mart and Microsoft." Please take a look at his guest post below and check out his campaign website here.

I’m running as a progressive State Assembly candidate in an independent rural district in far Southwest Wisconsin. Our district swings between the parties frequently, with recent victories for Trump, Obama, former Governor Scott Walker (R), and current governor Tony Evers (D). I was motivated to run because our rural area is being left behind by changes in the agricultural economy. Our school enrollments are declining, population is falling, and business vacancies in small towns are increasing. I also see too many handouts being given to the wealthy (through manufacturing tax credits), and not enough support being given to working- and middle-class people who are ready to rebuild our rural economy.

People in our district are tired of the divisions in politics and want to see an elected official who will vote for the people, not the party. There are times when this will put me at odds with Democratic party leaders. However, in this independent area we need to build a coalition of progressives and independents to unseat the 10-year Republican incumbent, Travis Tranel. He often talks like an Independent, but in the last term voted with Republican leadership 98% of the time. He has co-sponsored a bill to end gerrymandering but votes consistently against debating the topic. Progressives in our district see the hypocrisy, and many Independents are starting to understand it as well.

One of my top priorities is higher incomes for rural people. The weakening of unions has lowered middle class wages and benefits. Working class people can barely pay their bills. Many farmers are in crisis, with a multi-year farm recession underway. We need a rural economy that is more equitable. Keeping and attracting young families to rural Wisconsin will help address our school enrollment crisis and revive our Main Streets.

My background is I was born and raised in the rural Midwest. My parents lost their farm to bankruptcy in the 1980’s farm crisis. I was raised by a single mother who was a factory worker and educated in rural public schools. I live on a small homestead with my husband Aaron. We have been foster parents and small scale organic pig farmers. I serve as a Richland County Board supervisor and am Chair of the Finance Committee.

I have been inspired by the progressive spirit of U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone from Minnesota. He was an honest man who attracted Independents with his directness and wisdom, “We all do better when we all do better.” Our campaign has done two campaign homage videos, based on his insurgent campaign in the early 1990’s-- this one and the one up top:

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At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that a state that refused to recall scott walker (and could not elect Feyngold) is NEVER going to be worth worrying about.

Even if trump's anti-red tsunami gives WI a brief democrap advantage, it won't last and the whiplash backwards might be insurmountable later.


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