Saturday, August 22, 2020

Mike Pence: A Mindless Husk That Stands A Heartbeat Away From Taking Over For A Heartless Colostomy Bag Of A President


-by Noah

When I look at Mike Pence, I say to myself, "Now there's a man who's had too much shock treatment." But, when I listen to Mike Pence, I say, "That man needs a lot more shock treatment." The fact is, though, that Mike Pence is a mindless husk. There's no amount of any kind of therapy that can cure that.

Pence has filled his lifetime with an endless list of hate-filled episodes and tone deaf pronouncements. In that sense, he was a perfect choice to run as Comrade Trump's Vice President and, over the past four years, he has proved it over and over again. Now, the 2020 Republican Con-Vention is nearly upon us like a cast iron safe falling out of a window as we walk down the street.

Like Trump, Pence has a way of disregarding others, at least the others who are not his personal benefactors among the top half of the top one percent. So it was a few days ago, when in the middle of a pandemic that is causing Americans to lose their businesses and their homes if not their lives, Pence went all full-blown "I Don't Give A Fuck" and puked up the theme of the Con-Vention; the theme that we hear endlessly from the Repugs and will be hearing from them all this week and all during the campaign. We will hear it right along with their boot-stomping Law And Order chanting. The irony with the latter, of course, is that the Repug Party and its leaders are the antithesis of law and order. They are to law and order what they are to both disease containment and looking out for the personal economies of the hard working citizens of this country.

Here's what Pence had to say (via tweet) about "our" economy on the 17th as a warm up for the 2020 Republican Con-Vention. He'd have us believe that we are ALL better off than we were four years ago:
Another RECORD broken for NASDAQ today! This economy is coming back under President @realDonaldTrump and it will keep growing with #FOURMOREYEARS!
One might think that he knows that the stock market is no longer the economy but, if he did, would that stop him from lying? Nope. Not for a second. I mean, c'mon! His whole life is a lie, so...

Anyway, the reaction to Pence's inanity was swift and justifiable derisive. He should consider himself lucky that he isn't living in France in the year 1793. Here are some of the choice twitter responses:

1. @FrakerMonica-NASDAQ isn't feeding UNEMPLOYED Americans. You have failed 41 million who are without jobs.

2. @PointCounterpt- The stock market is NOT the U.S. ECONOMY! I can't pay my rent, or buy food or insurance with the NASDAQ. People are starving, being evicted, & dying because of you. It's an election year. Why not actually do something for the American people instead of your obsequious babbling.

3. @CharlesUpton17- 170,000 Dead Americans...Oh I'm sorry. I don't want to interrupt your celebration... go on.

4. @queeniema52- Tell that to the families being evicted and going hungry asshat!

5. @pesachlattin- Oh ffs. Stock market is a betting game. It's not the economy.

6. @Pats Fan876- Every coronavirus death is a record, asshole.

7. @LorenaBlas- Another RECORD broken for American deaths caused by President Coronavirus @realDonaldTrump @VP @MikePence as of today. Their death toll is climbing above 170,000. Voters will remember their victims. #TrumpkillsAmericans

8. @kathleenholmes- The stock market has nothing to do with the economy which has been destroyed by you killing off 172,000+ Ameicans, not doing your job, doesn't include the troops killed with bounties on their heads. #VPofdeath #presidentof death #GOPpartyof death All your fault. #SaveTheUSPS

So there you have it. Mike Pence is a master of insensitivity, or is it just his contempt showing? Pence is a veritable brainiac. Would you trust your life and the well being of your loved ones to this kind of person? A week before his infamous stock market tweet, he tweeted that he and his madman boss had created more jobs in the last 3 months than Obama did in 8 years. I'm sure his boss loved that one. It was a major kiss on Trump's big orange cellulite farm of an ass. The thing is though, Trump and Pence have lost 41 million jobs so gaining 20 million back means they are still in the hole 21 million jobs. Getting some jobs back is in no way "creating" jobs. So many "new jobs" are just part time or temp work anyway. They don't want you to think of it that way, though. That's another measure of their complete lack of respect for Americans. Having the market make money and stashing it in offshore accounts free from taxation is not "the economy." Pence knows this but he's an obvious pathological liar. It is what it is. It is exactly what it is.



At 3:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Would you trust your life and the well being of your loved ones to this kind of person?"

This nation has done nothing else since the Deep State Coup of November 1963.

LBJ, Nixon/Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, obamanation, Trump - defend ONE of these who didn't fail to represent the interests of the average American if you dare. Every one of them abused the trust of the American voters to leave us all worse off than we had been four years earlier. Few people remembered -or cared- to keep track, maybe in order to not get so depressed as to interfere with the work of survival.

Meanwhile, no one remembers a time when rain wasn't yellow.

At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Richard Langly said...

3:52- We know what the writer shares your opinion of the other people you mention. We also know that he would also agree with you about the JFK murder.

The rain is now orange not yellow.

At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Shauna said...

I bet the democraps guy was thrilled that Noah used the words "Colostomy Bag." It probably got him off big time.


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