Friday, August 21, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Add Comrade Trump's "former" top personal advisor and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon to the list of Trump indictees! He's been arrested and indicted for fraud in connection with the scheme outlined in the above meme. Yeah, he might get pardoned or whatever. Hell, at this point he might "commit suicide" or suffer a strange accident of some sort. Look out for bonesaws, Bannon!

We can now add We Build The Wall, an apparent private multi-million dollar grift centered around building the failed and unnecessary border wall boondoggle, to the list of Republican endorsed Trump-style scams including Trump University, the "diversion" of money from The Trump Foundation for personal uses and more, including things that will likely be uncovered in the coming years. Maybe not every scam to be uncovered will directly implicate Trump but the Trump Crime Family and Associates is a very large enterprise with long tentacles that would make any mafia Don proud. I'll leave out the Trump/Ryan 2017 Tax Scam. That involved a much bigger group of con artists. Meanwhile, below is a short list of miscreants who are associated with We Build The Wall. These goodfellas make the NRA look on the up and up by comparison. If any of any of them were planning on participating in the Republican Con-Vention, it'll be interesting to see if that has suddenly changed.

1. Former Kansas Secretary Of State Kris Kobach who appears to have been We Build The Wall's top advisor. Koback is a prominent Midwestern Republican who has fortunately failed in runs for the U.S. Senate and Kansas Governor appearing on his resume. He often appears in promotional videos for the We Build The Wall project.

2. Bannon

3. Retired baseball player Curt Schilling, now a far right crackpot radio host of spectacularly low intelligence.

4. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos's brother Erik Prince who founded Blackwater and made attempts to establish a backchannel communications operation with Russia on behalf of Comrade Trump. Yup, nothing to see here folks!

5. "Sheriff" David Clarke, the former sheriff of Milwaukee County and one time regular talking head bizarro on FOX "News" until he proved to be too insane even for them or maybe just too black for them. Clarke has been frequently considered for top White House positions. Had he played his cards right, he coulda been Kanye West.

6. Goofball evolution denier and former Republican Congressman Tom Tancredo who got his start under Ronald Reagan, worked on the Romney presidential campaign and said the Obamas should go back to Kenya.

It took the White House less than 30 minutes to take the "Bannon was just a coffee boy" approach by saying that Bannon hadn't worked at the White House in 3 years, it's "not a White House issue," nothing to see here, blah, blah, blah. I can't wait to see what Kayleigh McEnany has to say over the next several days and weeks about this. I almost feel bad that she's being diverted from her probable true love-- selling Florida swampland to suckers.

The We Build The Wall project took in millions of dollars. Among the uses the money was put to was plastic surgery and other lavish lifestyle habits for its founder Brian Kolfage. Apparently the other participants in the scam such as Steve Bannon received hundreds of thousands of dollars as their cut. According to Kris Kobach, the scam had the blessing of Comrade Trump himself, Kobach says:
I talked with the president and the We Build The Wall effort came up. The president said 'The project has my blessing and you can tell the media that.'"
As news of the indictment of Bannon and others broke, Trump immediately began tap dancing faster than we've ever seen him dance before. One has to wonder about the correlation of response speed and depth of connection and denial. The tap dancing was a thing to behold as he said "It was only done to make me look bad" and "I don't know anything about the project at all." He also claimed he had "disagreed with the ideal in the first place." He also says he "feels badly" about the news which, being as he's not capable of feeling for other people, is indication enough that this case ties him in in some greater way that may or may not be revealed in the near or far future. Stay tuned. There will of course be much more news to come on this case for a very long time.

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Trump will pardon Bannon as well as soon as he can.


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