Friday, August 21, 2020

John Negroponte Just Endorsed Biden! Is Henry Kissinger Next?


Kamala and Joe by Nancy Ohanian

Not enough Republicans paraded around by the nascent Biden administration for you? Tim Reid at Reuters wrote that over 70 former Republican national security officials including ex-CIA and FBI chiefs will endorse Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Friday while launching a scathing indictment of [Señor Trumpanzee, aka- the Orange Menace] calling him corrupt and unfit to serve." That's today and... here's the statement from a brand new group: Former Republican National Security Officials for Biden. Some of the big names I recognized on the list include some pretty bad hombres (and when I say "bad," I actually mean bad, like in lousy): Richard Armitage, John Negroponte, William Webster, Chuck Hagel, Michael Hayden, Chester Crocker, Carla Hills...

Collin Powell also endorsed Biden this week (video below) but he's not part of this group. And for some reason they threw ex-Sen. John Warner (R-VA) and ex-congressmen Jim Leach (R-IA), Chris Shays (R-CT) and Jim Kolbe (R-AZ) on the list too. Hey, why not? I guess this was the crew that Miles Taylor was teasing out when he said the other day that more Republicans would be coming out against Trump and for Biden. He's one of the signatories of the statement too. They made 10 key points, all pretty basic and nothing that anyone who hasn't been brainwashed by Fox and Hate Talk Radio would dispute:
Trump has gravely damaged America’s role as a world leader
Trump has shown that he is unfit to lead during a national crisis
Trump has solicited foreign influence and undermined confidence in our presidential elections.
Trump has aligned himself with dictators and failed to stand up for American values.
Trump has disparaged our armed forces, intelligence agencies, and diplomats.
Trump has undermined the rule of law.
Trump has dishonored the office of the presidency.
Trump has divided our nation and preached a dark and pessimistic view of America.
Trump has attacked and vilified immigrants to our country.
Trump has imperiled America’s security by mismanaging his national security team.
I predict a very Republican Biden administration.

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At 9:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure he will! Hillary and Kissinger are BFFs, right?

The corporate Republicans (NOT to be confused with the Nazis) don't like what Trump and his street fascists are doing to the future profits of corporations. Corporations like stability and predictability, with a passive and docile population conditioned to hand over their meager pay for trinkets that aren't worth the purchase price.

Corporatist Republicans can see strife erupting across the nation, unrest which would prove to be very costly, and not just economically. An overt dictatorship would threaten their ability to act without interference (ask Fritz Thyssen about that). The corporations want to decide what they produce and what prices they charge for them without the dictatorship stepping and disrupting their plans. (see: Goodyear Tires). It is now the duty of the corporate Republicans to prevent that.

The corporatist Republicans will fail in their assigned task. Supporting corporatist Democrats is a recipe for a real fascist (Tom Cotton?) to emerge in 2024 and completely disrupt all corporate planning - and make corporate executives no better than the wage slaves they abuse, just better paid.

At 6:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No WAY! biden is our jesus. he is our savior. his lifetime of racism misogyny and corrupt neoliberal fascism were just reverse psychology. His dementia is under control.

c'mon fellow Pelargonia, biden will fix everything. you just watch.

he will sign M4A and GND by January 22. Taxes will be raised on the rich, estates, wall street trades and wealth by January 23. The post office will be fixed by January 24. On January 25, he'll sign big increases in SSI and Medicaid. He will personally develop that covid vaccination and everyone (yes, even Nazis) will get their shot by January 26.

c'mon all you chri$tian$, have a little faith. cuz faith is fucking REAL!!


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