Friday, July 31, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

And I for one have stopped stepping on the scale... Problem solved! I am no longer overweight! Nothing beats Trump logic!

But, seriously folks, Trump logic aside, the temperature has been hitting 90 degrees or higher in most of this great infected land for a bigly tremendous amount of days now and those coronavirus cases haven't disappeared by any miracle that I can see! In fact, in the real world that the minds of non-Trumpies live in, COVID-19 cases have been multiplying exponentially by the hour, and it seems that the hotter the state, the wider the spread. Trump logic kills.

So hey, I better check in with Trump's doctors! Calling Dr. Bornstein! Paging Dr. Immanuel, Dr. Demon Sperm herself! What happened to that "One day like a miracle it will go away. It will disappear when the hot weather comes" claim that the Orange Menace To Society made? Looks like I better quickly find a White House doctor quack and order up some alien DNA and wash it down with a Hydroxy-Bleach cocktail, inject more Lysol, and chant the magic Trump best words! God, I hope they remember to send the Demon Sperm chant! And, hopefully, a magic republican spell or two, too!

Now what do I do to ward off those demons and witches that the Trumps and their new family doctor believe in? Might cause a case of the virus by visiting me in my dreams? I know! I'll ask Mikey Pence! He and "Mother" will know exactly what to do!

Need the skinny on the new Trump doctor, the one he says is "impressive" and "spectacular?" Here ya go. Just keep in mind, sane folks want nothing to do with her:

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