Monday, July 20, 2020

Hollow Words “Make Me Do It”
 Can Be Filled Like A Piñata By Pre-Election Threat Of 
Post-Inauguration General Strike


We'll help you get it done, Joe-- come join our one big union

Exactly six months from today: Inauguration Day, 2021. Consider what the impact would be, over the six months until inauguration day (on January 20, 2021), and the subsequent "100 days," "10 days" and "1 day," if hundreds of organizations, supported by millions of people, starting next month (in August), publicly threatening and preparing for a general strike to start 72 hours after the inauguration, with these organizations agreeing, far in advance of the inauguration, to call off their general strike if the newly inaugurated President, within those 72 hours, signs executive orders tailored to jump-start a short list of major overdue federal actions.

There is a need to prevent a strong Presidential election victory margin for the anti-Trump presidential ticket, from being opportunistically interpreted as a "blank check" for the unrepentant Biden/Democratic Establishment (not to mention their new comrades, in the emerging Democratic-branded uni-party, among the Romneys, Bushes, Bloombergs, Kasichs, etc.). There is an urgent need to pre-empt the reversion to federal austerity, which is otherwise baked in, as the Friedmanite elite reaction to the recent bailout binge. There is an equally urgent need to pre-empt normalization of the Pandemic-catalyzed Panopticon ("just for Pandemics-- of course") jointly run by the intelligence community and their new BFF high-tech oligopolists-cum-monopolists.

Obvious is the need to encourage the Pentagon leadership (and their future employers in the "war for profit" industries), to decide that their recent position ("don’t send our troops to intervene in and deepen a domestic American civil war-- especially one destructive of risk race relations within the military") is prudent to stick with, even if the intervention policy is floated not impulsively and and divisively by Trump but instead under color of unifying rhetoric through customer elite consensus-building channels.

Perhaps all of this will reassure-- and secure more votes against Trump from-- supporters of Bernie and local Green (and even Libertarian) candidates, policies and principles, and from the many non-voters who long ago became convinced that "my vote doesn’t matter because Presidents will do whatever their biggest donors tell them to do." The above proposal can enhance rhetorical framing, coalition building and activist mobilization, largely by:
Acknowledging the fact, known to many and suspected by more, that legislative sabotage by lobbyists (and plausible "I tried" excuses for presidents and other elected officials abandoning their campaign promises) is the single output that our present system is best-designed to ensure-- especially in the short time period before substantive debate is drowned out by the rallying cry "compromise all to win suburban seats in midterms!"
Softening the otherwise sharp wedge being driven by Biden’s platform and position "task forces," and other backroom negotiations for endorsements, to deepen divides and acrimony between:

(a) sceptics, and

(b) those Progressives who see no path forward other than engaging in these processes, despite the long track record of money-drenched backrooms being weaponized to neutralize and discredit Progressive leaders.
Offering all Progressives, whether they now feel wedged one way, the other way, or chopped in half, new outlets (for their organizing and proselytizing energies) that are:

(a) more productive than engaging with Biden’s task forces and backroom negotiations,

(b) vastly more productive than debating whether it is strategic and/or virtuous for Progressives to self-censor on Biden’s long career of (and his biggest donors’ embrace and reinforcement of) grossly anti-Progressive bugs and features, and

(c) infinitely more productive than arguing about whether Trump’s electoral college prospects have any chance not only to overcome the Pandemic’s decimation and traumatization of senior communities and other prior Trump supporters in Florida and other swing states, but also to overcome a (vote lawsuit-deciding) Supreme Court that has ever-more reasons to perceive Trump as a threat to the very domestic system and global primacy from which the Court derives its power and prestige.
"I Can't Breath" by Nancy Ohanian

How to go about all this? Start with a website and a peoples' plebiscite to determine the list and text of the executive orders which should be:
collected on a website
ranked in importance by means of votes solicited from all U.S. residents (limited to one vote per Social Security number and probably per ISP address)
specifying (also by the above voting process) the minimum number, of highest-ranked orders, that most participants regard as sufficient to avert (or defer) the general strike.
Ready for action? Start just listening to some music... maybe dancing? Meditating? It's our country; no one else is going to save it for us.

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At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Nothing will fundamentally change."

"IF M4A is passed, I'll veto it."

"I have to work to live. I'll risk getting the virus."

"I have to get my hair cut."

"General Strike."

Hollow words, all.

At 12:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A-11:34 PM

One of those words is unlike the others: "72 hours to avert a General Strike" which is the only thing that has ever been an adequate response to the "Make Me Do It" of FDR (who was made to do it) or BHO (who issued the phrase as a performative taunt of a Left that he felt had been totally emasculated -- largely at his own hand).

At 6:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FDR and those Democrats did it without much "making", realizing that if they didn't fix it the nation would die.

BHO knew nobody would make him do it and knew he wasn't going to do it anyway.

today's party (both sides) don't give one flying zeptofuck what the 320 million need or want because they don't need to and don't want to and don't care.

a general strike would be met with the same troops that are now conducting field exercises in Portland (and soon elsewhere). They will serve whatever Nazi president they have.

biden won't have to move very much to be like trump in this way. he would have to completely rearrange his DNA to become like FDR or, more aptly, Eleanore.

And americans are pussies. They won't strike for collective good. Some might start killing those they hate, but americans won't EVER AGAIN sacrifice for the collective good.

At 7:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He'll do what obamanation did: look forward (meaning doing nothing) instead of backward.

Things that need to be done:

1) arrest and prosecute everyone in the chain of command of those federal troops in Portland and wherever else they end up.
2) fire everyone trump hired
3) raise taxes on the rich to 80%
4) enforce Sherman and re-pass the equivalent of glass-steagall.
5)arrest and prosecute everyone in the chain of command involved in torture and murder AND also those who refused to previously arrest and prosecute them (just as much a crime per US law as is torture).
6) arrest and prosecute everyone in the chain of command involved in kidnapping, caging and killing kids at the border.
7) issue a national mask and distancing mandate and start arresting assholes who refuse and fining them 6 figures or put them in federal prison.
8) since the statute of limitations has expired, publicly identify those involved in the $21 trillion in finance fraud (people and corporations) with a description of what/how much they were responsible for.
9) pass MFA
10) pass GND
11) cut defense spending by 30% at least
12) close foreign bases

there are others, but this is a minimum.

Now... who among even the sheepdogs thinks joe fucking biden and the party of obamanation, pelo$i and scummer will do even one of these?
Anyone with their hand up is a rootbound potted geranium.

note: to accomplish several of these, joe fucking biden will have to arrest and prosecute both obamanation and himself.

so... my prediction: the one and only thing biden SHALL do is issue a blanket pardon to trump... "for the good of the nation".

What would have happened if Germany and Germans had never come to grips with the horrors of their Nazis?

that is what is shaping up here.

At 7:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

IF the actions described at the end of this piece ever happen (doubtful given the total disillusionment of thinking (mostly non-) voters at the democrap party AND the stupidity and laziness of those active voters), they will be scoffed at and ignored by biden and the democrap party.

Will that latest display of indifference to the nation, people and actions needed for the republic to survive finally cause the democraps to be euthanized?

a rhetorical question.

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