Thursday, April 16, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

And he's more likely to be the one with kids in cages in the basement.

When it became apparent that a viral threat was on the horizon, Trump had one big job to do, protect the American people. He had even cynically put his small hand on the bible that means something to so many Americans and he swore he'd protect them. He swore he'd protect them in front of a live audience and an audience watching at home but all that he cared about was whether the size of the audience was bigger than the size of the audience his predecessor had. It wasn't; not even close.

When the threat of the coronavirus presented itself, Trump went golfing, partying, and rallying. He used our tax payer dollars on trips to Mar-a-lago. He ignored the news from China. He ignored the statements of the last two presidents. He ignored the plans for a pandemic that were handed to him in book form. He stripped the CDC and fired the pandemic response teams. He ignored the intelligence from those whose job it is to find the dangers in the world and report them to him, which they did. His sicko cultist apologists make excuses and say no one could have known and no one could have done anything. Well, if there's one person who could have and he is that one person but he went AWOL. He didn't even claim "bone spurs" this time. He could have alerted us in his State Of The Union speech. Instead, he gave a Medal Of Freedom to a cretinous blob who told his radio listeners that the coronavirus was nothing but a cold. I wonder how many of the lemming listeners have died since.

It shouldn't have surprised anyone that Trump would not protect this country. Sure, there would be coronavirus cases here, but he could have acted to slow the virus down and lessen the number of cases. He chose to do nothing, just like he chose to do nothing when Russia cyber-attacked the essence of our democracy. Who knows what agreements he's made with his pal Kim Jong-un. Trump chose the virus just like he chose Putin and Kim. He could relate.

On the more personal level of course, Trump, being a psychopath, wouldn't act because he is incapable of empathy for other humans. To Trump, each American is no more than either an expendable worker drone on the most historically extreme level, or, an individual "profit center." Even now, he's on TV every day selling the idea of abandoning social distancing while he pushes a medicine (Hydroxychloroquine) that's the product of a company that gave his (and Sean Hannity's) lawyer over $1,000,000 for access to Trump. In other words, the more people who come down with the virus, the more opportunities there will be to sell the drug. Trump himself owns only a small stake in the company that makes the drug. At least it was a small stake. That's bad enough. Is it bigger now? Does it matter when Trumps reward for shilling for the untested drug like a patent medicine salesman will be millions in "campaign contributions" from those with more direct ties to the company?

The last question for the day is how does a poorly conditioned old man who has exposed himself multiple times to the virus at Mar-a-lago and, obviously, other places, escape getting the evil disease himself? Does the evil disease recognize a kindred spirit and just wink at him? Or is it just that snorting crushed Adderall several times a day is the vaccine we've been looking for? Hidden in plain sight.

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At 9:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cockroaches live forever. Everything else dies, and they survive.

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

he wouldn't buy a pizzeria. he might foreclose on one and take it over. he might burn one down to take the property over and use insurance to build the pizzeria.

but he'd never BUY one.

At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

11:35, He owned one on 3rd Ave in New York for several years. Other eateries too. All over priced.


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