Thursday, March 26, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

It's alleged that President Donnie Rectal Lips (Pictured) did have a test for coronavirus and we have been told that it came back negative. But, really? Are we actually suppose to believe that; given his history of completely bogus health reports that he wrote himself? It's a shame they only tested for coronavirus. They should have tested for syphilis too, and, while they were at it, dementia and IQ tests. But, it doesn't rally matter. His handlers/trainers will never cough up the truth. Besides, we can see the bottom line that really matters anyway. We can see it and hear it every time he speaks. We can see it in every action and non-action. Hey Donnie, let's have a look at those bone spurs, too!

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At 6:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump's insane desire to "open" the country smacks of A Certain Austrian WWI vet's Nero Decree to destroy his own nation to prevent the Russians and Americans (mostly) from enjoying the benefits of a modern industrial state infrastructure. The proof is in the date Trump chose, and the descriptive term of "full churches" - quite an ironic choice for someone who won't enter a church lest it fall on him. Trump seeks to turn America into the next People's Temple and he's stirring the kool aid.

Yet the American Flock will clamor to be among the first to sample that "delicacy" as a sign that they believe in and approve of what Trump is doing. The "Democrats" at the National level are clearly outplayed in the arena of public opinion. Only a few governors are showing any kind of leadership, and as Howie points out in the post currently at the top of the column, they are all competitors in the black market for necessary medical equipment and supplies.

The smart thing for them to do is to band together and coordinate efforts. The actual thing they are likely to do is campaign behind the scenes to be Biden's VP pick.

When asked what kind of government the Constitutional Convention came up with, Benjamin Franklin replied, "A Republic - IF you can keep it." The people of this nation didn't lose their Republic. They actively gave it away, helping those who are now plundering its valuables and leaving only wreckage in their wake.

We traded our national birthright for a mess of pottage. All that remains are the dirty dishes.


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