Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Status Quo Did So Much More Than Just VOTE For The War Against Iraq-- But Now He Lies About His Role


If you're considering voting for Status Quo Joe in a primary in your state, it's very important for you to watch this video above about why the Senate authorized the war against Iraq-- which included Biden attacking fellow Democrats who realized what a terrible idea starting that war was. Without the help from Biden (and the other worthless Joe, Lieberman) George W. Bush and Dick Cheney could never have started that war-- and would certainly not have had the catastrophic Authorization for Use of Military Force, which still is in place and still haunts U.S. foreign policy. Why does Status Quo Joe lie about his role today when he's running for the Democratic nomination for president?

His latest presidential run looks like it's unwinding and the chances of him being in the running after March 3rd are almost nonexistent. Every poll shows him losing steam... everywhere-- and at a time when Democratic prospects against Trump are rising. This morning, in an analytical piece by Chris Kahn for Reuters, we saw that the Blue Wave-- or, more accurately, the anti-Red Wave-- that swept the country in 2018, is still strong and growing. "Americans’ interest in voting is growing faster in large cities dominated by Democrats than in conservative rural areas... If the trend lasts until Election Day on Nov. 3, it would be a reversal from the 2016 election when rural turnout outpaced voting in urban areas, helping Trump narrowly win the White House."
Even as Trump commands rock-solid support among Republicans, voters’ interest in going to the polls appears to be growing faster among those who disapprove of Trump than among those who approve of him, according to experts who reviewed the data.

The advantage in urban political engagement extends deep into the most competitive battleground states that Trump won by razor-thin margins four years ago, the data shows.

In large urban areas of the upper Midwest, a region that includes swing states Michigan and Wisconsin, for example, the number of people who said they were “certain” to vote in the upcoming presidential election rose by 10 percentage points to 67% compared with survey responses from 2015.

In smaller upper Midwest communities, the number of people similarly dedicated to voting rose by only about 1 point to 60% in that same four-year period.

Overall, the number of “certain” voters rose by 7 percentage points nationally from 2015 to 2019. It increased by more than that in the largest metropolitan areas, rising by 9 points in communities with between 1 million and 5 million people and 8 points in metros with at least 5 million people.

Smaller and rural communities lagged behind. The number of “certain” voters rose by 5 points in sparsely populated, Republican-dominated “non-metro” areas.

The rise in urban political engagement helped Democrats win political victories last year, including governor’s races in conservative-leaning Kentucky and Louisiana.

It may have also contributed to elevated voting levels in some of the more heavily populated communities and college towns in Iowa and New Hampshire, which held their presidential nominating contests earlier this month.

“Democrats are very angry,” said Nicholas Valentino, a political scientist at the University of Michigan, who reviewed some of the poll findings for Reuters.

“Many see this administration as an existential threat to the constitutional order. They’re standing ready to participate to try to change the course of this country.”

...In a “battleground” region that included Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Arizona and Colorado, the number of “certain” voters rose by 9 percentage points in large metropolitan areas that have a population of at least 5 million, and 8 points in areas with 1 to 5 million, while it rose by 4 points in smaller, non-metros.

Among those living in the Upper Midwest, a region that includes Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin, the poll found a jump in political engagement in some of the same urban areas where Democrats fell short in 2016.

Altogether, 67% of people living in metro areas of at least 1 million people rated themselves as a “10” or “certain to vote” in the 2019 poll. That is up by about 10 percentage points from 2015.

In comparison, 63% of those who lived in smaller communities of less than 1 million rated themselves as similarly certain to vote, which is up 2 points from 2015.

Trump won Michigan and Wisconsin by less than 40,000 votes combined, in part because of depressed turnout in Wayne County, Michigan, and Milwaukee, the largest city in Wisconsin.

In the Southeast, voter engagement is surging in large metros like Miami-Dade in South Florida and Atlanta where Democrats outnumber Republicans by double-digit margins.

In 2019, about 60% said they were certain to vote in the presidential election, up 8 points from 2015. In metros with less than 1 million people, 64% said they were certain to vote, up by 7 points. In smaller non-metropolitan areas, the number of people who were locked in on voting rose by 6 points from 2015 to 60%.

The poll found that 65% of residents in the Phoenix, Denver, Salt Lake City and other big Southwestern metro areas planned to vote in the upcoming election. That is up by 9 percentage points from 2015. Political engagement rose by nearly the same amount-- 8 points-- in smaller metros, but it was unchanged in rural areas of the Southwest.

These numbers-- and the political demise of dull centrists with no vision beyond their own careers, like Biden and Mayor Pete-- is also predicative of big wins for Democratic candidates running for Republican-held Senate seats in Iowa, Colorado, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina and maybe even Texas.

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At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

he's done much more than just advocating for war too. he's been actively racist (black voters too fucking stupid to realize); a serial misogynist and abuser; but more importantly, he's been corrupt his entire life.

But on 11-3, we will have seen how far and how obviously the democrap party will go to ratfuck Bernie again, how low Bernie will stoop to show his fealty to the party that ratfucks him, how terrible the democrap nominee will be AND, therefore, just how big the contravening anti-blue wave will be to self-suppress lefty voters.

will it be as big or bigger than the anti-red wave? we don't yet know.

But if it isn't, the anti-blue wave in 2024 will be plenty big enough to lose, and it will likely be big enough to lose for several cycles. Why? Because nothing that leftys elect their whore to do in 2020 will be done by the whore or their party. Pelosi will see to it even if Bernie is accidentally the nom.

lather up obamanation, rinse, repeat.

and so it goes again and still. because lefties just never learn.

At 2:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the graphic is the sheepdog barking at the dumbest of the dumb lefty voters.

no matter which white guy or party is elected, corruption will always be a constant.

gawd how I wish I didn't have to point out the obvious on this site.

At 8:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Why does Status Quo Joe lie about his role today when he's running for the Democratic nomination for president?"

That's the only way he CAN be elected! His job is to sell a bigger lie to the slumbering masses and ensure that corporatism remains in power.

Some Famous Americans have something to say about this.


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