Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

I used to live in Washington, DC. It was many years ago. I lived in a large house in the Dupont Circle area, an area which was known then for its large populations of stray cats and junkies. The winters never got very bad so both were able to survive. I like cats and, as for the junkies, they never stole as much as the politicians and police so it was a live and let live kind of neighborhood. There were others there though that were a true marvel of nature. I'm speaking of Washington's monstrous-sized rats, the four legged ones, not the Capitol Building and White House variety. These rats were really, with no exaggeration, bigger and healthier looking that the stray cats. Apparently the mild winters were good for them as well. It was also said that some of the junkies and homeless of Washington were known to catch them and eat them. Washington's rats had beautiful, sleek grey fur and, if rodents could be bodybuilders, well... These rats were ripped!

The reason Washington's rats were so extra large and healthy looking became apparent once Washington started to build its subway system in the early 1970s. It turned out that the city's rats had broken into some very, very large stores of grain and food supplies under places like Dupont Circle and several downtown parks and traffic intersections. The food had been placed there back in the post WW2 period as a food supply in case the Russians launched their nukes at us. The dumb assumption was that there would be human survivors in need of food if the nation's capital was nuked. No matter, the rats flourished and profusely multiplied; how much so became apparent when their subterranean homes were disturbed by all the blasting and digging for the subway tunnel construction. Millions of rats took to the streets, and they were pissed.

One of my favorite stories about all of this had to do with Farragut Square, a pleasant park at the foot of Connecticut Avenue, just a short stones throw from the White House. It was a lovely place where, in those days, government workers and even White House staff could take a break and have their lunch sitting on a bench in the shade of an old tree. The pissed off rats changed all of that though. Once they had only come out at night, but with their underground homes being demolished to make way for the subway, they were out and about 24 hours a day and lunchtime was their favorite hour of all! They were psychotic. They had no fear of humans whatsoever. They quickly became known for literally stealing your lunch faster than any human punk could. They terrorized the humans and the city parks became no-go zones.

Of course, Washington has always had and still has 2-legged rats as well; rats with a variety of political party affiliations that act like the nasty punks that they are by nature, but now, the Republican Party has upped the game in the 2-legged rodent world. The rat infested GOP elephant in tonight's meme isn't even stealthy. It operates in the open. American voters welcomed it into the city.

The Republican Party now features a real Pied Piper. Pied Piper Trump hasn't led any 2-legged rats out of the city though. No, instead he has attracted more and more of them into the "service" of his growing dictatorship, into Congress, and the into the courts. He talks of infestations in other cities as a means to distract and deflect. He has placed his team of rats in charge of various departments, including the Justice Department, and he's going to place one in charge of our national security and what was once our intelligence community. It will soon be Trump's own private intelligence community. It will do his sick bidding. It will be an arm of the authoritarian dictatorship of his anti-American dreams and fantasies. A Trojan donkey full of corrupt in their own way, timid little Democratic mice choses not to act and hardly stands in his way.

Rep. John Ratcliffe may have gone down in flames but how long before Moscow Mitch and his fellow bought and paid for fellow travelers in the $enate confirms some other Russian lackey like Devin Nunes, Dana Rohrabacher, or some other Putin suggestion whispered into Trump's ear? It's the Grand Old Putin Party now. Moscow on the Potomac. The best infestation rubles can buy.

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At 8:24 AM, Anonymous Arf Arf said...

I quite like and respect those resourceful ripped little rodents (the 4-legged kind and NOT the 2-legged deplorable vermin scum). poetically captured by Ed "Moose Savage" and his Litany of Complaints on this charming musical ditty:


At 8:48 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

Trump's new drone toy.


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