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Still No Minimum Wage Bill-- Not Because Of Trump Or McTurtle-- Because Of Pelosi And Hoyer And Their Blue Dogs


The Deseret News in Utah is far more conservative than the Salt Lake Tribune. But last week, the paper's ran an OpEd that one wouldn't expect to see in a right-wing Republican newspaper, America Has Gone Too Long Without Raising The Minimum Wage. "June 16 marks the longest period in history without an increase since the federal minimum wage was established in 1938. The federal minimum wage went to $7.25 an hour on July 24, 2009-- nearly 10 years ago. It remains $7.25 today, amounting to just $15,080 a year for full-time work. When the minimum wage does not go up, it goes down in value relative to the cost of living. The gap between minimum wage and the cost of rent, groceries, medicine, transportation and everything else keeps growing. That matters whether you’re trying to work your way through school, support your child or need a job to make ends meet on Social Security. The buying power of today’s $7.25 minimum is lower than the minimum wage of 1968, which would be $11.96 in 2019 dollars, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Inflation Calculator. Our economy has grown considerably since 1968, but not the federal minimum wage, which sets the floor under worker pay."

As we saw Sunday evening, Steny Hoyer is willing to put everything on the line to get a raise-- for members of Congress. Enough Democrats agreed that-- at the very least-- this looked out of touch with the economic realties of the country that Hoyer was reigned in by his own caucus.

There's no chance a minimum wage increase is going to be enacted with McConnell running the Senate and Trump in the White House, but Pelosi had campaigned on passing a $15 minimum wage, not in her first 100 days as speaker but in her first 100 hours. She hasn't delivered. On January 16, Bobby Scott (D-VA) introduced a great piece of legislation, the Raise the Wage Act (H.R.582). The bill would gradually raise the minimum wage to $15/hour. There are 235 Democrats in the House. 205 have signed on as co-sponsors. The last to sign on is a very conservative Blue Dog freshman from Virginia, Abigail Spanberger. The 16 other non-original co-sponsors were virtually all conservative Democrats from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party-- members like Ed Case (Blue Dog-HI), Seth Moulton (New Dem-MA), Ami Bera (New Dem-CA), Stephen Lynch (New Dem-MA), Mikie Sherrill (Blue Dog-NJ), Josh Gottheimer (Blue Dog-NJ), Max Rose (Blue Dog-NY), Ann Kirkpatrick (New Dem-AZ), Jim Cooper (Blue Dog-TN) Elissa Slotkin (New Dem-MI)-- but at least they signed on! There are still 30 Democrats-- THIRTY-- who haven't signed on. That includes 19 freshmen who are being advised to not co-sponsor a bill that raises the minimum wage. How are they even Democrats if they're taking that kind of advice from Hoyer and the DCCC? These are the freshmen who are not cosponsors. How do any of them deserve to be reelected?
Jeff Van Drew (Blue Dog-NJ)
Joe Cunningham (Blue Dog-SC)
Kendra Horn (Blue Dog-OK)
Cindy Axne (New Dem-IA)
Ben McAdams (Blue Dog-UT)
Xochitl Torres Small (Blue Dog-NM)
Sharice Davids (New Dem-KS)
Anthony Brindisi (Blue Dog-NY)
Antonio Delgado (NY)
Abby Finkenauer (IA)
Lucy McBath (New Dem-GA)
Angie Craig (New Dem-MN)
Colin Allred (New Dem-TX)
Dean Phillips (New Dem-MN)
Chris Pappas (New Dem-NH)
TJ Cox (New Dem-CA)
Sean Casten (New Dem-IL)
Lauren Underwood (New Dem-IL)
Greg Stanton (New Dem-AZ)
Goal ThermometerOn paper, Pelosi, Hoyer and Jim Clyburn-- as well as Blue Dog chair Stephanie Murphy-- are original co-sponsors. But if you want to know why there is no bill, look no further than those 4 + Alabama New Dem and corporate shill Terri Sewell (a co-sponsor on paper who is working the hardest to stop the bill from moving). Hoyer, who's never done anything without a sign-off from K Street, told CNN in mid-May that "We'll get the votes for the minimum wage bill, but there are discussions about how we can, what actions, if any, should we take to make sure that it is fair." Fair? Fair to who, the workers who are slaving away on wages they can't live on? Or fair to Hoyer's lobbyist buddies' clients?

It's most comfortable for Pelosi and Hoyer and their team to blame the lack of progress on the Republicans but the sad reality is that they can't even get a $15 minimum wage bill through the House they control. This is a touchy item for them. Conservative Democrats want to please business interests that have always and will always oppose the minimum wage-- let alone increases to it-- but they're petrified that if their base voters find out that it's them who are keeping it from passing the voters won't turn out for them. Nor should they. Pelosi and her leadership team helped set a record yesterday-- a shameful record of not raising the minimum wage for the longest period in history. Congratulations, Speaker Pelosi-- the longer you cling to power, the worse and worse your legacy turns.



At 5:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Increasingly, the coverage of DWT is on the shortcomings of the democraps. It is nice to see, but what are we to do about them? Especially since they are now openly doing everything they can to discourage any challengers from taking the reins away?

I have yet to find a good history of the period when the Whigs lost it all to the Republicans (recommendations are welcome), but what little I do know indicates that the support base of the Whigs got tired of waiting for the Party to act on the desired platform of the support base. The Republicans would, and we know the rest.

For 40 years since Reagan stole the support base, the democraps have been struggling along behind the elephants, hoping that they could hang on to power just by being a little less odious. Unfortunately, each time they were given a chance to prove themselves, they blew it.

2020 is beginning to look like another such chapter. With the Party pushing Biden so hard, what other outcome is even possible?

This is why a plan of action is necessary. This is the time to be acting upon it. There are some interesting candidates to test with it. So where is it?

At 6:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did not need to read the body. The democraps' entire agenda for their 2018 house is to stand aside, let trump continue to fuck up, shine a light on his fuckups, hope to win the senate and white house in 2020... and nothing at all beyond.

BTW, that is an exact repeat of their 2006 agenda, except it was cheney/bush then. Same Nazi party.

I'm heartened by 5:32's epiphany. Asks a good question: "what now".

Interesting that the historical perspective of what to do now was also included in the response, but the dots were not connected.
The voting base of the Whigs realized that their party wasn't going to represent their interests... AND THEY EUTHANIZED THEM!

Which is what I've been saying for 35 years. We need to euthanize the democraps. they're goners. the money is FAAAAAAR too enthralling for them to ever change, be it from within or from the bottom up. it cannot ever happen. Anecdotally, AOC looks fabulous and sounds great... but even she endorsed Pelosi for speaker. Jayapal? ditto. is it sinking in yet?


I've been voting Green and Socialist since the '90s. I suggest you look into that.

I know you're thinking... but that means the Nazis win. yep. but we can't ever get the democraps to fix anything. how else can we elect change but by actually VOTING for change?

always remember: voting for democraps is voting for nothing to ever change. 40 years of proof should be plenty.

At 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The blue dogs, new dems and CPC all served their one and only purpose when they endorsed Pelosi for speaker. The cacophonies that followed are only meant to impress imaginary supporters and/or perspective donors.

it's Pelosi. it's always been Pelosi.

in fact, THAT fact begs a question: why all the hit pieces on biden and none on Pelosi?

Biden's record of perfidy is both a matter of history, not the immediate present, and far less obvious to the casual observer.
Pelosi's record(s) of perfidy are in your face, constant, immediate and far more damaging than Biden's. Her history of evil goes back nearly as far as biden, but her most damaging performances are all since 2006.

As a president, biden could be a big pile of hurt. But as speaker, Pelosi's ongoing pile of hurt will do far more damage in the long run.
Pelosi will be responsible for an American dictator far worse than trump some day.
biden's worst will be a catatonic, clueless exec who probably dies a year into his spastic, chaotic term -- that ends when he goes.

So again I ask... why no destruction of Pelosi on dwt?

watch John Oliver's far too circumspect treatment on impeachment from last Sunday. He summed it up. Not impeaching means all presidents are above the law.

that shall be Pelosi's legacy. If we let it. And we definitely shall let it.

At 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

refusing to impeach cheney then means that all VICE presidents are also above the law.

Pelosi -- worst human in the world. she created two positions of absolute power in the same dictatorship. who else could do that?


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