Sunday, June 09, 2019

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Usually on a Sunday, I post one of my Republican Jesus "Sunday Thoughts" posts, but, this week will be an exception. This past week has runneth over with so much Trump madness that posting about the insanity and hypocrisy of Republican Jesus and his sicko followers will just have to be pushed aside. There are other more pressing topics. For instance, the korporate media hacks groveling and congratulating President Head Case because he was able get through his D-Day ceremony speech. It's not surprising that the hearts of the korporate media hacks were all a flutter. After all, he was the president their bosses, if not themselves in many cases, wanted and he is the one we are stuck with, due, in part to their eagerness to give him all of that free air time nearly every night of the 2016 campaign.

Really, Trump has set the bar so low, that he can elicit korporate media praise for just being able to read off a teleprompter. "Well done, sir!" Trump read his speech in a totally detached, lackadaisical, and unenthusiastic manner. You can be forgiven if you have strong suspicions that Trump had no idea of the meaning of the words he was saying. Things like heart and passion are unknown to Trump unless it comes down to hate, bigotry, or some perceived personal slight. If the speech is not all about him, he's just not going to be into it and this time it showed, bigly.

His speech, obviously written by a member of his White House staff that actually finished grade school did have all the "best words" but they weren't Trump's and he just wanted to get rid of them and get the whole miserable (for him) exercise over with. In contrast, there was another appearance Trump made on the same day. That one was an interview with the infamous straight-arm saluting Laura Ingraham of FOX News. It was an evilly, choreographed sit down with Trump speaking against a background of a cross-filled field of the graves of the valiantly fallen. It gave Trump what he really wanted, a chance to make D-Day all about himself. Of course the Republican National Committee Chair also felt that the solemness of the D-Day commemoration should really be all about their man, their oh great iconic leader, Mr. Knuckle-dragging Trumpanzee himself.

Taking Ingraham's propagandistic softball questions, Trump was able to turn the whole event into a "me, me, me" episode. For that, there was passion and emphatic belief, even if it was the belief of an utter madman. He went into his grievances about Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump couldn't get emotional about his D-Day speech but he sure had no trouble at all going on his usual rants of a ten-year-old to answer to Ingraham's cues. It was typical FOX "News" Theater. The sight of Trump, sitting with that backdrop of military graves, going off on Mueller, an ex-Marine who got both a Bronze Star and a Purple heart in Viet Nam was sickening but to be expected. A proper horror movie version of the FOX "News" escapade would have had the soldiers in those graves rising up to strangle Trump and Ingraham. Alas, it was not to be.

Maybe I should be kinder. Maybe Trump's imaginary bone spurs were acting up and causing him pain. You decide.

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At 6:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

American media will gush every time trump shows up without a stream of toilet paper in tow on his shoe and with his fly zipped up. Any complete sentences are a bigly bonus.


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