Saturday, June 08, 2019

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


By Noah

So the madman continues to fume about the very thought of John McCain. Trump is such a bigly pathetic loser that he can argue with a dead man who can't respond, and still he loses. How could he not? But maybe just in what's left of the tiny mind of our "president," McCain talks back to him. Trump's mind is obviously so far gone that he probably sees McCain giving him a very theatrical thumbs down in all of his nightmares, and a thumbs down 24 hours a day. It matters not whether McCain was a great man or not. Try finding a man in the entire world who isn't greater than Trump. Even a complete dirtbag like El Chapo at least has an organized mind. Who wouldn't, compared to Trump? Trump probably sees ghostly phantom John McCains every night in the halls of the White House. The ghostly phantom McCains scorn him. They laugh at him as they walk through the walls and float through the ceilings, just out of the grasp of Trump's tiny hands. Trump can no doubt see the ghost of McCain and the legendary ghost of Abe Lincoln nudging each other in the Lincoln Bedroom with their ghostly elbows as they point and scowl. Perhaps the ghost of Fred Trump, Trump's dad, joins in, telling Trump what a disappointment he is, what a disappointment he's always been, in everything; a failure.

What we always suspected, we now know. We know that just the sight of McCain's name sets our insane "president" off into screaming fits of rage. The word is out. It has leaked out of the White House. Nearly all of Washington is talking about it now. Perhaps even Melania snickers. In a perfect world, the name John S. McCain will soon be graffitied on building walls all over Washington so that Trump sees it wherever he roams in his motorcade. His motorcade will be named the John S. McCain Memorial Motorcade. The Secret Service code name for Trump will be Not McCain. Someone will stencil McCain's name on New York's Fifth Avenue in front of the Trump Tower. In recent months, several New York buildings that once featured Trump's name on the front, had his name removed. McCain's name would be a suitable replacement if only for the piss off Trump factor. What can you do? Start with sending postcards with McCain's name on them to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Chant his name at Washington demonstrations. Call the White House incessantly and ask to speak to John McCain. Assemble large crowds outside the White House and chant the name John McCain on bullhorns. Same for Trump Tower in New York when he's there!

Trump just couldn't stand the sight of the U.S.S. John S. McCain, a destroyer in our navy, a destroyer with a proud to serve crew who were forbidden to ever even appear in Trump's line of sight. The name of the destroyer itself had to be covered over with a tarp. In Trump's mind, all of our naval ships should have the name Trump on them emblazoned in gold; all of them. Face it. You know he's already said that to more than one lackey. Truth is though, Trump is already the biggest destroyer in the fleet. He is the biggest destroyer America has ever harbored in its midst.

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At 5:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"[Trump] is the biggest destroyer America has ever harbored in its midst."

And no one will do anything about that.

At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

should be USS tiny mushroom dick

At 6:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another great meme! If only!


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