Monday, June 10, 2019

Can You Tie Fascism To Plutocracy? You're Joking, Right?


No Bumps In The Road-- What More Do We Have To Say?

Billionaire Steve Cloobeck-- a gross oinker in somewhat human form-- and his lovely wife Chantal have given immense sums of money to the Democratic Party and to conservativish Democratic candidates, a $1,000,000 check, for example, to a Hillary Clinton super PAC-- as well as assorted largesse to everyone's favorite Dems, like Joe Lieberman, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, Kirsten Gillibrand (back in her anti-immigrant/pro-NRA days), Joe Crowley, Dick Gephardt... all the people who have forced the Democratic Party into the kind of decay and moral bankruptcy that laid the groundwork for a fascist shit like Trump to be elected. Please watch the short clueless MSNBC clip-- and commentary-- above before I tell you little about Willie Brown.

It's unimaginable that these 2 wouldn't be connected

Willie Brown was once the most powerful politician in California, though he never ran for anything more than the state Assembly and the San Francisco mayoralty. He served as Speaker of the Assembly for 15 years-- including for a time when the Republicans had the majority! Today Willie is a somewhat prominent Bay Area media figure-- radio shows, a podcast, newspaper columns and OpEds... This past Saturday, The Chronicle ran one: Elizabeth Warren can win the nomination. California is key. "For Sen. Elizabeth Warren," he wrote, "the road to the White House runs right through California and right over fellow Sens. Kamala Harris [Brown's ex-girlfriend] and Bernie Sanders. A win or even a strong showing by the Massachusetts senator in California’s 2020 primary, coupled with good results in Iowa and New Hampshire’s early-state contests, would vault the former college professor into the Democratic nomination contest’s top tier. If Warren’s appearances around the Bay Area during last weekend’s California Democratic Party convention are any indication, she’s off to a good start on achieving her goal." [To be honest, a win or even a strong showing by anyone in California's 2020 primary, couple with good results in Iowa and New Hampshire's early state contests would vault any of them into the Democratic nomination's top tier, evening of the one-percenters.] 

Our old friend, emorej, offered an alternative headline for Brown's Chronicle piece: "Willie Brown shows Joe Biden that, after aging out of money-drenched politics, in an era of establishment decline, one can stroke one’s own ego for attention more reliably and enjoyably by truth-telling than by declaring a doomed Presidential candidacy." That's some headline! But you get the point, I'm sure. He added "A California establishment that cannot bribe or bully silence from Willie Brown, who knows where more California corruption bodies are buried than any other person (living or dead), is further proof of ongoing establishment collapse, especially in California, where this collapse suggests that Kamala Harris's candidacy is almost as doomed as Joe Biden's."

Emorej seems impressed with Willie's line that "Warren’s stump speech is pretty much a greatest hits package of proposals that Sanders was touting in 2016," pointing out that Brown's "very positive views on Warren are tempered by this additional bit of truth-telling." What a great ticket she and Bernie would make! Gotta protect the country from... well, you know. Here, watch Professor Stanley on with Amy Goodman:

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At 4:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is that toady serious? No one needs more than $10/hr to live on? I had to stop that video with the smug pig and his ass-licker boasting about their expensive tastes.

It's been clear for quite a while that fascism is running things, and has been since Reagan. All warnings about this fact are decades too late.


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