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Can Rosario Dawson perform a 2nd Miracle on Cory Booker?


Cory Booker by Nancy Ohanian

-by Emorej

The 1st miracle of the 2016 Bernie-supporting (& Stein-voting) Rosario Dawson has been to enable Cory Booker to sound sincere, in saying:
"I’m very lucky to be in a relationship with someone who is just so incredibly special, but more importantly has taught me so much in a very short period of time… an incredible human being… She really has this nurturing spirit.”
A 2nd miracle would be for Rosario (39) to teach Booker (49) the following:

1. Booker’s entry into the 2020 Presidential campaign was exceptionally stupid.

2. Much worse than the widely recognized 2020 stupidity of Joe Biden, which is mitigated slightly by factors such as this being Biden’s last chance before being prevented by the aging of his body, mind, and image as Obama’s Vice President. In contrast, Booker can run any time in the next 25+ years, during which the Rosario-improved mature Booker might make us forget the [expletive deleted] immature Booker.

3. Why did Booker say it was “disgusting” for Obama’s 2012 campaign against Mitt Romney to “demonize private equity”? Because Booker’s entire life (until he launched his political career by invading a slum of Newark NJ) has been in the bubble of the Ivy League track, sharing experiences and acculturation with rich White peers-- many of whom, presumably, Booker enabled to feel ‘not racist because some of my best friends are… educated ‘hardworking’ Blacks like Cory.’ In contrast, Obama only got a foot in the Ivy League after a childhood among economically and culturally diverse communities, and didn’t get two feet in until law school.

4. 2020 nominee Booker would be the perfect foil for Trump to double down on his basic political strategy of seeking to combine:
(a) deep support from White racists, with
(b) shallower support from people enraged that Ivy League-flavored Wall Street-centered elites’ longstanding economic and political dominance is increasingly incompetent and deaf to voters’ demands for change.
5. Trump is also well-equipped to mock Booker (truthfully-- for a change) for:
(a) the suspiciousness of Booker getting along too well with the local political machines in New Jersey, where they are nearly the archetype of corruption (which Trump knows from his NJ casino experience), and
(b) the cowardice of Booker having ducked the opportunity to challenge then-popular Republican Governor Chris Christie in favor of preparing to primary an aging Democrat (imagine the dramatically overweight Christie’s speaking tour message “Stanford football player Cory is a wimp who was scared of me…”).
6. The only real questions about Booker 2020 are:
(a) when will he drop out, and
(b) which candidate will he endorse?

Rosario probably cannot persuade Booker to endorse Bernie, but it would be big news if she could persuade him to refrain from making the obvious favor-earning endorsement of Kamala Harris. This would be a huge slap in the face for Kamala’s message that ‘now is time for a second Black and first woman President.’
7. Booker’s youth gives him more to lose than most of the many people whose reputations will forever bear the stain of having participated in the 2020 anybody-but-Bernie conspiracy, which is going to be a very dirty marathon. Rosario probably knows this better than most of us, and she is the one person equipped to give Booker an easy escape and reboot opportunity. At the extreme, Booker could give up his Senate seat in order to stay at Rosario’s side during a few pregnancies and joint-parenting projects, which could make him into:
(a) a man who doesn’t just talk the talk of “love” (Booker’s favorite word), and
(b) an eventual Presidential candidate who had learned how to (like Bernie) wait for his moment, and hopefully to transcend his early opportunism, narcissism and stupidity.

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At 11:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A man isn't going to let his woman detour his ambition easily. I thus wouldn't count on her being successful.

You raise many good points as to why Booker should pass on this election. He will not heed a single one of them.

Wall Street connections are going to be his disqualifying issue. I for one won't vote for him if he's the nominee. We have had enough of Wall Street ruining our live for greedy gain. I will vote ONLY for someone who plans to fight against any further encroachment of corporatism.

Where the democraps are concerned, that is a short list.

At 12:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can intelligence scrambled by ambition be unscrambled by love?

Unlikely, but the extreme stupidity of Booker's current course, and Dawson's proven understanding of precisely those things which make it stupid (and the opportunities for correction to the benefit of their relationship, the public, and even Booker's ambition in the longer term), suggest that these two public figures are a perfect test of whether this is ever possible.

At 7:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know why booker likes Dawson -- she's smokin' hot.

I have no clue what Dawson sees in booker. I'm sure he's a nice enough guy, if you can get past his corruption and corporateophilia and concordant misanthropy. He's also a liar... but maybe not about whateverthefuck he and Dawson talk about.

I'm also confused why such a vile hit-piece. Booker is no worse than most and better than some in the current 'boner to be president' club. Which is to say he is shit, of course.

All you need to know about all of those is this: they are running as a democrap.
And no democrap admin can ever be useful in any meaningful way for anyone except corporate boards and billionaires.

I know... I know... "BUT THE REPUBLICANS...!!!". Fucking imbeciles!

the enemy of my enemy is NOT always my friend. Can't fathom? Stalin was Hitler's enemy. Was he our friend? Still nothing? I quit.

At 7:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your 1st "miracle" is not a miracle at all. She's a stunning beauty inside and out. Someone like Booker could not do any better. She'd be a Jackie Kennedy type of trophy partner. And Booker, failings and all, is smart and an eloquent speaker. His quote is not a miracle.

However, corrupt to the core booker won't be "fixed" even by Dawson. He might hone his act a bit, but you can't change DNA.

Once Dawson realizes that, she'll move on to someone good... I hope.

At 9:01 PM, Anonymous Emorej said...

To: Anonymous 7:10

Re: Booker is no worse than most … shit
E: It's not easy to find a quote worse than Booker's prime time TV rant that Obama anti-Romney "demonizing Private Equity" is "disgusting"

Re: to the core … DNA
E: there is a much better case for Booker being a product of his environment than Obama. Implicit in Progressivism is that much of the worst in people can be better in the future if we improve their environment.

Re: She's a stunning beauty inside and out.
E: If Booker genuinely learns from Dawson' "inside" beauty, the first thing he will learn is how disgusting his previous political career has been.

At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emorej so your hot button is his pro private equity thing? Ok. understandable.

I personally find nothing more despicable than both Bernie and Elizabeth endorsing and campaigning for their total opposite. Proves their "principles" are negotiable.

to me, THAT is far more despicable.

we each have our buttons.

At 9:20 AM, Anonymous Emorej said...

Anonymous 7:52am

Most establishment Democrats are pro private equity, but very few of them go on national TV to undermine Obama's campaign against Romney. Although this was certainly despicable, what I find most important is that it demonstrates Booker being stupid then, and even stupider now, for not recognizing that this (along with his transparent weather-vaning on Big Pharma) is a major vulnerability in pursuing the Presidential nomination, and perhaps even an opportunity for Donald Trump to outflank him with anti-Wall Streetism.


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