Friday, March 29, 2019

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

The above clip may be the best representation of the typical Republican reaction to the Mueller Report, or what they call the Mueller Report. In actuality, it's the reaction to a four page letter written by the best (worst) Attorney General you can purchase with cushy, virtually no-show "consultant" jobs for family members. We don't know the gory details of what might actually be in the real Mueller Report and we may never know. We even hear now that, if events compel Mr. Attorney General Bought And Paid For to release the report (or, more likely, a twisted facsimile) he intends to give Trump the report first so he can redact whatever he wants to redact. Obviously, there's some incriminating material or we would already be seeing what Mueller came up with, although, as I've said since Mueller got the job, his role was probably designed to be the same as that of Archibald Cox and Leon Jaworski back in the Watergate years: Throw the public a few bones but nothing that approaches the really bad stuff.

Meanwhile, Trump has had more than enough time to not just redact but recreate a whole new "version" of the Mueller Report chock full of statements about what a "tremendous" president he is and, my, doesn't he have great hair. But, all we've seen from republicans, so far, is exactly what you'd expect from freakshows like Lindsey Graham and Tucker Carlson. FOX News is in full celebratory mode, lead by Big Head Sean Hannity, who even sent a car over to Bellevue Asylum so he could get Rudy Giuliani back on the air for this special occasion. Still, the celebrations have a major "whistling past the graveyard" air about them. "Nothing to see here?" The William Barr after party is the stuff of insane banana republics but that's what this country has been for quite some time whether we care to admit it or not.

Frank Drebin as William Barr, Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson or any typical Republican is not far off.

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