Sunday, November 18, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Flor-i-duh! It's not like it shouldn't have been done years ago, but the time has now definitely come to boot Florida from the United States. Cut the Florida peninsula off of North America and float it over to Central America; assuming they'd even want it. I mean, Central America might be insulted just by the idea!

Does it even matter? Should we go to the effort and expense of ridding ourselves of the idiocy of Florida? It's already disappearing under the water anyway. It's two or three super hurricanes from the end of existence. Nature is taking its course. There are streets and neighborhoods in coastal areas that have ponding water even when it isn't raining. Nature is the big cleaner. Interior areas of Florida are featuring more and more homes dropping into more and more massive ever-growing sinkholes. Almost 20 years ago, I went to Orlando on business and saw the ugliest theme parts in the known universe. One even had a bunch of complete moron tourists climbing up and down fake mountains! If you want mountains, why would you go to Flor-i-duh? Why not go to a state that has real mountains? I stayed in Ocala and the shower water reeked of sulphur and burned the skin. I walked out the front door early that morning and animal control was trying to haul off a giant snake before anyone saw it or some Jurassic Park sized gator ran across the lawn and chomped it up.

The people? They elected Rick Scott governor, even after his role in the Columbia/HCA Medicare fraud scandal, twice! They did so despite or because of his legal troubles, Now, however it ends up, they've got the mess they've got. The mess they deserve but we don't. Screw 'em. Senator Rick Scott? Wasn't Senator Marco Rubio already bad enough? Did Floridians feel they couldn't import "Ted" Cruz from Texas so they'd go for the next best thing? At least "Ted" never faced a possibility of jail time, as far as we know.

They call Florida God's Waiting Room. People go there to die. How perfect! Problem is, they don't realize God left the building 50 years ago. He gave up. God knows hopeless when he sees it.

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At 1:20 PM, Blogger Mary and Phil said...

Having lived in FL, I couldn’t agree more with this assessment. When we left decades ago it was with the great joy of knowing we’d never have to go back.

At 2:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

An illustration of why the national democraps will never fix anything.

Whenever the Nazis prove a method to steal an election, the democraps don't fix it in case they ever want to USE it for their own purposes.

Just ask Bernie about that.

But I guess if Bernie bent over and begged for more, we must also, eh DWT?


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