Thursday, July 05, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Trey Gowdy is an intellectual lightweight. Unfortunately, so is his audience. So, whatever the jive-ass hypocritical idiocy that spews from his piehole, that audience eats it right up. They do so with glee, if only because Gowdy's verbal droppings are easy to add to the rest of the shit that packs the space between their ears. The big bonus is that they can just take in whatever he says and easily repeat it. They don't have to wrap their diseased little minds around it. No need for them to think for themselves. They can just reach into what they use for brains and regurgitate it out verbatim. No confusing pre-thought. No messy afterthought. It gets even easier for them when they sit before their FOX TV Oracle to watch an uber-buffoon like Sean Hannity or shrieking asylum escapee Jeanine Pirro so they can get that same shit re-fried and filtered through a source they would still trust even if Hannity or Pirro could have aimed a gun at the studio camera and shot them as the sat on their couches with their dinner of beer and bags of Cheetos.

When I see Gowdy on TV, I am instantly reminded of 1950s variety TV shows that would frequently feature a circus act that consisted of a few monkeys or chimpanzees all dressed up in human suits, ties, and diapers. They would run around tossing balls in the air, beating drums and hitting cymbals out of time, smiling all the way while their masters showed their approval by giving them treats. That's congress in general, but, clearly Gowdy is a lead knuckle-dragger.

So I had to laugh last week when, Gowdy, a pompous teabagger from South Carolina (that certainly ads some perspective) milked his camera time by grilling Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, a fellow Republican, and, regarding the much-feared Mueller Investigation, told him to "finish if the hell up." He took the tack that the investigation was producing nothing when, in fact, in just 13 months, it has produced what tonight's meme lists and, with updates, more (It's now 22 indictments). That list compares more than favorably to say the least, to what his party's and his own Benghazi investigations produced in terms of indictments, sentencing, etc. Of course, what his Benghazi conspiracy mongering did produce was an increase in suspicions about Hillary Clinton, so, to Republicans it was money well spent.

Still, it's interesting to watch Republicans running around beating drums and tossing things up in the air but, something else is in the air, something that has them in a frenzied state of near panic.

And here's a punchline: Some of Gowdy's fellow Repugs see him as Supreme Court material. Given how low the quality of the court has sunk in the last several years, they may be right. Gowdy would give Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito some serious competition in the race to the bottom. Our pro-fascist Supreme Court already inflicted George W. Bush on this country. You know that regardless of Gowdy or whomever Trump picks, they are more than dishonorable enough to keep Trump in the White House at all costs to the rule of law, what's left of our democracy, and the future of every form of life on Earth.

(Noah's Note: There was no intention to insult or degrade any monkeys or chimpanzees in tonight's post by comparing them to members of Congress. It can be argued that monkeys and chimpanzees are living up to the full potential of their species and that is commendable. Humans, as a whole, often fail to live up to their potential but many non-members of Congress have often lived up to the potential of our species. Unfortunately, the latter are outnumbered at the voting booths. Thus, we are lead by monkeys and chimps.)

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At 1:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charles Dickens' character The Beadle decrees that "The law is a ass". Daily, the Trump co-conspirators prove that assessment to be correct. The "rule of law" as it exists today is but another tool to use against your competition before they use it on you.

At 6:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are led by intellectual pygmies and emotional zygotes **BECAUSE** the electorate are intellectual pygmies and emotional zygotes.

You must assume, at least in this shithole, that humans utterly fail to realize our potential... unless being total shithead dumbfucktards *IS* our potential.


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