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Another Out-Of-Office Republican Sounds The Alarm Against Trump


I was no fan of Bill First (R-TN) when he was in the Senate (1995-2006), especially not while he served as Senate Majority Leader from 2003 until he retired, living up to a self-imposed term limits pledge. After he left the Senate, he said he would have voted for the Affordable Care Act and has urged Republicans to stop trying to repeal it. Yesterday, the Washington Post carried an OpEd by Frist, The Senate I led put country over party. This one must do the same for Robert Mueller, urging Republicans to actively support the Mueller investigation. No tweet from Trumpanzee... yet. He doers recognize that the GOP is a different party than it was when he was in office a little over a decade ago and takes a subtle swipe at them: "the good people still serving in the Senate." As opposed to the enablers and hacks?

When I retired from the U.S. Senate in 2007 as its majority leader, my parting words were a prayer for my colleagues to rise above the passions of the moment and protect the institution as a bulwark for our country’s enduring values. The Senate I served in was not devoid of partisanship, nor should it be, but my hope was that patriotism would always take priority over party.

It is with some trepidation that I offer thoughts on how the good people still serving in the Senate should address a current crisis, but staying silent is no longer an option. Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is under assault, and that is wrong. No matter who is in the White House, we Republicans must stand up for the sanctity of our democracy and the rule of law.

Certainly, my former colleagues face difficult pressures. They go to work in a Washington that is divided. They want to ensure a Supreme Court that, like most of our citizens, understands that government power must be limited. They want a fair tax code that supports a growing economy. They want less regulation. By those measures, President Trump is a great partner at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. But we can’t look the other way as, tweet by tweet, with each new assault on the Justice Department’s independence, the bedrock principles of our party crumble.

I’m a Republican because I stand for small government and also, as a physician, for the dignity of every life. But I am also a Republican because I believe in the rule of law. Republicans must fight for that principle today-- even if it means pushing back against a Republican administration. As a party, we can’t let the president or his allies erode the independence of the Justice Department or public trust in the vital work of law enforcement. That would be true even if the stakes were much lower, but it is overwhelmingly so when it comes to investigating foreign interference in our elections. Congress must ensure that Mueller is able to do his job without interference or intimidation.

Nobody knows what the special counsel’s investigation will conclude. I, for one, do not think the president colluded with Russian President Vladimir Putin to win the 2016 election. But I do believe Putin purposely tried to undermine our democratic process.

It isn’t easy to tell a president of your own party that he is wrong. But the assault on Mueller’s investigation does not help the president or his party. When Trump talks about firing the special counsel or his power to pardon himself, he makes it seem as though he has something to hide. The president must remember that only Mueller’s exoneration can lift the cloud hanging over the White House.

The special counsel’s investigation is not about Trump. It is about our national security. Every American should be rooting for Mueller’s success in determining precisely how Russia interfered in our fundamental democratic process. I had no illusions about the Soviet Union during the Cold War, and I have none about Putin now. Mueller’s most recent court filings indicate that Putin is seeking to meddle in this year’s elections. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coats and FBI Director Christopher A. Wray-- all Trump appointees confirmed by the Republican-led Senate-- have also warned of foreign interference. We should heed these warnings and empower Mueller to see his important work through to its conclusion.

I have worried over the years about runaway legal authority, and I’ve battled against activist judges. I don’t worry about Robert Mueller. He is a lifelong Republican with a career of distinguished service running the Criminal Division of the Justice Department for President Ronald Reagan and serving as President George W. Bush’s FBI director, twice unanimously confirmed by the Senate. And his investigation is getting results: By any objective standard, he has moved swiftly, obtaining 23 indictments and five guilty pleas in just more than a year.

Congress must never abandon its role as an equal branch of government. In this moment, that means protecting Mueller’s investigation. We’re at our best as senators and Republicans when we defend our institutions. But more than that, it’s our best face as Americans.

People around the world admire not just the material well-being of the United States but our values, too. The rule of law is something many die trying to secure for their countries. We can’t afford to squander it at home.
When Frist retired in 2006, he spent a great deal of time and energy helping Bob Corker win his open seat. And it was a very close call. Without Frist's Corker might not have won, against wretched Blue Dog Harold Ford.
Bob Corker- 929,911 (50.7%)
Harold Ford, Jr.- 879,976 (48.0%)
Now Corker, having served 2 terms, is retiring, just as Frist had. He's made it obvious that he's no fan of Trump's, although, when it comes to voting, he rarely stands up to him, primarily because they see eye-to-eye on policy. There are 5 Republican senators who vote less frequently with Trump than Corker: Susan Collins (ME), John McCain (AZ), Jeff Flake (AZ), Mike Lee (UT) and Lisa Murkowski (AK). But Corker has little to fear from Trump now. Unless Trump can peel off a Democrat-- Corker has the leverage to extract something out of Trump by threatening toot against his SCOTUS nomination. Frist should talk with him about Mueller independence.

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At 4:55 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Sorry, but Frist is full of bull. He talks out of one side of his mouth. He does not think there was any collusion? Please! That is what this is all about, undermining our democracy. He says he cares about the law and makes the point that this is his only concern - yet he glosses over collusion and treason! And it is becoming clearer that the same occurred in Great Britain with Russian interference with Brexit.

Frist has his head is under a rock, a boulder. He says we need small government, less regulation? Do his grandchildren want to drink clean water and breathe healthy air? Gimme a break.

Frist is a shit. His words are empty. Republicans are fine with looking the other way.

At 5:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frist is deluding himself. He was as a Senator nearly as partisan in his politics as is McConnell, and almost as mean. He did everything he could to stymie anything the Democrats (there were still a few back then) tried to do.

Supporting AMA doesn't surprise me. As a doctor himself, it would benefit his personal bottom line (and those of his colleagues) to have a steady income stream. Just like the vast majority of Republicans, his personal profit motivates his action.

At 6:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To echo the above, frist is a lying sack of shit. Further, he knows it.

There was no republican patriotism when he was the senate leader. They weren't as obviously trying to kill people then, but they were dead set against helping anyone who wasn't already rich. And he forced religion into the chamber every chance he got.

He's lying about Russia too and he knows it.

I wonder if he has a book or something coming out... maybe pondering a run for president? He's got some agenda or he wouldn't even poke his head out of his ass.

At 7:13 AM, Blogger edmondo said...

Is this the same Bill Frist who "put country over party" by sending a half million troops to Iraq?

If Baby Bush came out against Trump I know you would welcome him with open arms and tell him "all is forgiven."

Sometimes this site makes me want to vomit.

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

edmondo, this is the lesser evilism disease laid bare.

frist was among the worst fascists in congress in his time. But since he left, we've gotten to the point where fucking DEMOCRAPS are worse than he was. So DWT wastes space quoting that goddamn pos because it seems 'less evil' than TODAY'S ruling Nazis.

See how you can be talked into supporting "frist-ism"? You forget that frist is how we got here.

Bill Maher has been doing the same thing, lamenting his disdain for Romney, McCain and even bush; eagerly saying he'd trade trump for any of them.

This is a human flaw. A fundamental problem. If we cannot recognize evil as an absolute... we're doomed to our eternal lesser-evilism escalator down to self-destruction.


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