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Worst Senate Democrat of 2017-- It Was Not Joe Manchin


Kirsten Gillibrand is a real piece of crap-- the worst Democratic senator of the year-- worse than Joe Manchin, worse than Claire McCaskill, worse than Heidi Heitkamp, worse than Mark Warner, Joe Donnelly, Tom Carper, DiFi or Michael Bennet. All those senators score “F” from ProgressivePunch. Gillibrand was given an “A.” So why is she the worst Democrat in the Senate?

When Gillibrand first ran for Congress in 2006, Blue America endorsed her and I got to know her pretty well. She flat out lied to me for the whole campaign, pretending to be a progressive. As soon as she won, she revealed her true colors, joining the Blue Dogs, running up a reactionary voting record, being the poster child for the NRA (which graded her votes in Congress “A”) and, worst of all, leading an ugly, xenophobic, anti-Latino jihad in New York that sought to deny Hispanic immigrants drivers licenses. I realized immediately that she didn’t have any values at all and was strictly an opportunist with no core, just a craving for advancement. What a monster! I should have paid more attention when people warned me away from her because of her work as the lead attorney defending Phillip Morris when they were lying about tobacco’s relationship to cancer and other diseases. (She claimed she only helped Phillip Morris sell death so she could have enough money to defend abused women and their children for free. Using abused women and children to advance her career has always been one of her most overarching traits.)

Gillibrand was lucky enough to be swept into office in an anti-Republican wave, although it didn’t hurt her when a 9-11 call was released that had her opponent’s wife calling the police to report he was beating her up. The opponent, John Sweeney, claimed the 9-11 tape was fake and his wife backed him up. But he never recovered from the terrible press. Once Gillibrand started voting, people wondered what difference it made to have her or a Republican. She became infamous for her vote to-- wait for it-- withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities. She actively campaign against undocumented immigrants getting drivers licenses and voted to make English the official language.

When Obama appointed Hillary Clinton Secretary of State, Gillibrand was the choice of the corrupt conservative Democratic establishment-- especially the Clintons-- as the replacement. She immediately went back to pretending to be a progressive since she would soon have to win election statewide. Like I said, no moral core whatsoever. She has accepted more Wall Street bribes ($9,151,324) than anyone currently serving in the Senate other than former presidential candidates John McCain and Marco Rubio, and the notoriously corrupt bankster allies Chuck Schumer ($26,727,695), Rob Portman ($10,753,434) and Pat Toomey ($9,178,850). Everyone in Washington knows she’s for sale.

But that’s all old news— and not the reason we’re naming her the worst Senate Dem of 2017. She won that distinction by revving up a war against men in the hope that it will serve as a stepping stone towards a presidential bid. She maneuvered behind the scenes to force Al Franken to resign, something which has, fortunately, backfired against her. A new poll from PPP, released Thursday, in fact, shows that most Minnesotans are pissed off how it all went down and do not want to see Franken forced out of office. And you know who’s the most pissed off? Democratic women. Key findings:
50% of voters think he should not resign, to only 42% who think he should go through with his planned resignation. There is little appetite from Democratic voters at the state level for Franken to go, with 71% opposing his departure. A majority of independents- 52%- as well think he should not resign, with just 41% favoring his exit.
Franken remains well above average in popularity for a Senator, with 53% of voters approving of the job he’s doing to 42% who disapprove. PPP rarely finds Senators with majority approval in their home states. Franken’s continued popularity is being driven especially by women. 57% of them like the job he’s doing to 37% who don’t. By contrast Donald Trump stands at 40/58 with women in the state.
Minnesotans don’t like how the process with Franken’s resignation has played out. 60% think the Senate Ethics Committee should have completed its investigation (including 79% of Democrats and 61% of independents) before any decision was made about Franken’s future, while only 35% think he should resign immediately. Beyond that 76% of Minnesota voters think their voices should have been more important in determining whether Franken stayed in the Senate or not, to only 12% who think that should have been determined more by his fellow Senators in Washington.
Side from Gillibrand and the senators she bamboozled into supporting her decision to force Franken out, the only group that supports him resigning at self-described Republicans and admitted Trump voters.

Since Gillibrand thought it so important for her little lynch mob to go back and dig up dirt on Franken from before he was in the Senate, wouldn’t it be fair to litigate Gillibrand’s own anti-Hispanic activities from when she was already in Congress. Why should anyone tolerate a racist and bigot like her among Democrats, especially coupled with all the blatant hypocrisy and corruption? I'm afraid Kirsten Gillibrand should resign.

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At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gillibrand is a typical DINO-Whig, and her kind is the majority in the Party. Still want to be affiliated with them and aid their lying to the American People like Republicans do?

At 5:03 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

So when she runs again for the Senate in NY, likely against a Republican horror, whom should I vote her? Hmmm. lesser of two evils, again. I will HATE being put in this position AGAIN.

At 6:01 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

More from me -

Perhaps Franken should run for the Senate again and perhaps Minnesota would re-elect him. That would really be something. Apparently his constituents' views of him were irrelevant to Gillibrand and her lynch mob. They had no say in the matter. She undermined their right to representation by their chosen elected Senator. They were WAY too quick to jump on the "Democrat resignation bandwagon," including Patrick Leahy and others I have (had) some respect for. Impulsiveness is a poor way to govern. Too bad Franken did not stand up to this and insist that an ethics investigation take its course. With all of the other ethically challenged persons in Congress, I cannot imagine Franken being worse than many of them, and they get away with it all. Corker, for one, is an abomination and probably should be in prison for financial crimes (see Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stone). Hypocrites, all.

The Dems shot themselves in the foot on this one, and many others. They keep holding up "standards" as though this will help them with voters, when few elected officials give a shit about standards. The Dems are stupid politically and have no shred of shrewd, have self destructive political strategies and are their own worst enemies. They play by supposed rules that no one else follows or cares about, especially the Republicans and their deplorables. And rather than impressed, many Minnesotans, and a lot of them women, are angry about what was done to their Senator without their input.

We all know well that if Roy Moore had won, the Republicans would have done NOTHING to actually remove him from office, and the Dems would not have be able to move on it either.

And as for Garrison Keillor of Prairie Home Companion, hey - his whole long career was screwed because a long time ago, he accidently touched a woman's skin on her back and apologized.

At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Having DINO Dianne Feinstein as my Senator has put me into similar straits more than once. When the choice was between her and some worse Republican I just left that line blank (this is due to the jungle primary law we now have in this state. Only the top two are eligible for votes with no write-ins).

In our last election, I was given the poor choice of Kamala Harris (who allowed Wall Street banks to pay a pittance as punishment for defrauding thousands of Californians out of their homes via foreclosure) and the even worse Loretta Sanchez, who never saw a uniform she wouldn't service in any manner required. I had to violate my principle to never again for lesser evil to keep Sanchez out of the Senate.

At least this year, thanks to Jimmy Dore, I have been introduced to a candidate I can support instead of DINO DiFi (at least initially): Alison Hartson. I hope Howie talks with her and finds her worthy of promotion.

At 12:33 PM, Blogger Unknown said...


Find a local chapter of one of the progressive groups or DSA and help them find a progressive to primary Gillibrand. I'm finding part of the problem is people no longer believe the primaries are of any use, but given the rising support for anti-establishment candidates I think that's changing. It's also why I'm frustrated by those who think refusing to register as a Democrat so one can participate in same is some kind of noble statement of principle.

Nine months ago, Derrick Crowe announced he was running to replace Lamar Smith. About four months ago, the local Democrats came out in support of a lawyer with some civil rights cred who to date hasn't stated one single position to explain why he should get my vote. This morning, they sent out an email on his behalf taking credit for "forcing Lamar Smith to retire" and citing that as a reason people need to send him money. To date, he still hasn't stated what he plans to do other than vague wording about "changing things in DC."

So, I'm very cognizant of how brain-dead the Democrat establishment is. Not to mention the state board of elections made some minor change in the vote-by-mail rules that apparently required I re-register but never felt the need to advise me of same. Neither did the Democrats, although they were nagging me for money a few weeks ago to help them "educate people". No mention was made whether they planned to help people do so. If they do, it would be a first.

At 1:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What DWT does not say is that it was a very large and crowded race for worst senate democrap. IMO, I could never vote anyone other than scummer as worst because he is the one who will keep the Ds corrupt and in the minority, again, still, with his vetting of democrap candidates who almost always lose (always? not sure if any of his ever won or not). Manchin would be my second choice on the accumulated list of misdeeds.

Gillibrand is corrupt but her winning trait is that she hates men? Given the world she lives in, who can blame her? But, again, she's in the mix with 40 others.

DWT still needs more proof that the democraps are irredeemable it would seem. How many times does one need to be clubbed with a cricket bat before one realizes one is being clubbed?

At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 7:37 and 1:37 (obviously the same person who uses the term "democrap" in every comment). Please find another blog to do all of your complaining as most of us DWT readers are very tired of your "democrap" rants. DWT writes a wonderful blog, based on facts and using positive and hopeful ideas to promote progressive politicians, while all you do is bitch all of the time. Very negative an annoying. Go away!


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