Friday, December 29, 2017

Frank Schaefer Travels To Agua Dulce To Meet CA-25 Progressive Candidate Katie Hill


Neither Frank Schaeffer nor Katie Hill is a Trump fan— though Katie’s opponent, Steve Knight, is as Trumped-up as possible. He's one of Trump's most devoted partisans in Washington. Katie takes care to explain why her campaign is more than just an anti-Trump endeavor. I urge you to watch the clip above. But I want to offer you a little background as context. CA-25, which spans the Antelope Valley, the Santa Clarita Valley and Simi Valley, has a Democratic voter registration advantage— and a very weak Republican incumbent. Why? Hillary won CA-25 pretty substantially— 50.3% to 43.6%. But on the same day, the clown who the DCCC had parachuted into the district as "their" candidate, Bryan Caforio, lost 138,755 (53.1%) to 122,406 (46.9%). Caforio is running again but he’s still viewed as an outside by many people in the district, probably because he is. He’s another garden variety Democrat whose campaign is about him and his career trajectory. Is he better than a Republican? Sure. But in primary season why not go for the better Democrat— and the Democrat who is part of the winning grassroots energy, not the pitiful, sad, more-of-the-same DC energy people are sick and tired of?

Goal ThermometerIf candidates like Bryan Caforio win— and there are dozens of them everywhere in the country thanks to the DCCC— it’s just another version of the Establishment that takes over when the GOP is swept out of power, a version of the establishment that will eventually infuriate Democratic voters, giving another Trumpist another chance to reclaim the seat, the same way all the pathetic, clueless DCCC candidates from the 2006 wave were swept away in the next midterm (2010). See that thermometer on the right. You probably already know, but it’s the ActBlue thermometer where you can help turn California bluer. Please take a look— and consider supporting Katie Hill in one of the most flippable districts not just in California, but in the whole country.

Just this morning, Katie told us in no uncertain terms that “So many of our district's families will be hurt by the loss of the property tax deduction and after facing the largest fire in California history it is absolutely disgusting to see Steve Knight vote for a bill that removes the deduction for fire damage. I feel this is the nail in Steve Knight's coffin as our community realizes the he doesn't represent us but instead votes only on the party line and for special interests."

The video below is a direct, heartfelt, message from Frank Schaeffer. If Katie is working to offer an alternative to Trump and Trumpism, with specific approaches and specific policies, Frank is just acting as a Paul Revere warning voters— and potential voters— that America has a problem that we must address… urgently and with due diligence. “In 2018, the aim must be,” he wrote, “to destroy Trump and the Republican’s intolerance… the only path to the victory of good over evil. The Trump-shill Wall Street Journal gloats: ‘Democrats want to win back control of Congress and state capitals during next year’s elections but they begin this mission with precious little cash to finance it.’ So my fellow Trump haters, where’s your contribution to your local Democratic candidates?” (Again, that’s what that California thermometer is for.) Watch:

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