Thursday, November 30, 2017

Midnight Meme Of TheDay!


-by Noah
Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. -George Santayana
Now that the U.S. $enate is back from yet another of their vacations, the Republican majority, led by Mitch the Treason Turtle, is striving to rid the nation of Obamacare and Medicare via the Trump/Republican Tax Scam so they can take that money from us while raising both our taxes and our insurance premiums. They will then hand out the money picked form our pockets to their benefactors in the top 1%. They slyly and cynically call their scam Tax "Reform" and try to sell it to us as such. So, anytime you hear, see, or read words from any corrupt maggots in the political world, the media world, or from crackpot Trump supporters that support this scam, keep the words of today's meme in mind. The goal is the same, as are the methods used to dupe the gullible and easily manipulated among us. Only the corporate masters and their handmaidens in the well paid off $enate win. The rest of us are to be slaves or serfs indentured to the banks and corporations more than ever before.

The Trump/Repug Tax Scam amounts to trickle down economics of massive steroids. How'd that work out previously? It's piracy and we are the ones to be raided.

Now, really. Do you really want to see the $enate's richest man (that would be Mitch McConnell) gloat and smile ever again? I wouldn't. In fact, I wish I could make his smile utterly toothless. But, alas, I'm not allowed to do such a wondrous thing. The world is an unjust place. I will just have to hope that Mitchy doesn't get the votes to pass the big scam. I have my Mitch the Treason Turtle voodoo doll at the ready. I'm using a nail gun this time.

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At 4:43 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Interesting statistic, Noah.

I expect this tax thing of a bill will pass. The Republicans are blatant traitors to this country - our government, our people and our environment. All they care about is money for themselves and their benefactors. That is why they do not care that Trump is the ultimate traitor, colluder, massive money launderer and criminal as well as a dangerous, incompetent moron and a sex predator. I wonder if Mueller's findings will even make a difference to Congress. Obama would have been impeached eons ago if he had done one thimble full of what Trump and his entourage have done. The scream of Benghazi was so freaking hollow.

We need an amendment about Citizens United and reform of our election system, not this travesty of a reform of our tax system.
I expect this will happen when hell freezes over.

At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hone, if we repudiate CU, it'll just be some power helping a hapless electorate.

As voters, we still vote. And in some states they still try to count them. So if the .1% still dictate policy to the 99.9%, we really have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Clinton, obamanation, Pelosi, scummer, reid, hoyer, Clyburn, conyers and literally thousands more over the years have been overtly and proudly corrupt (read Molly Ivins for some interesting takes on just those from TX), yet they all enjoy long and thriving careers making policy for those who paid them and ratfucking all the rest of us/US.

An amendment would put 80% of the electorate to sleep trusting that the corrupt ratfuckers that we always elect will faithfully enforce it and follow its spirit.

Nothing will ever change until voters do. And American voters are never going to change.

Analogous to climate change. It won't get fixed until people fix it... and people will never fix it.

So... the over/under on how many more years mankind will enjoy before extinction? Maybe 40?

I hope nobody has kids younger than 30... their lives will get real uncomfortable just before they die.

At 4:58 PM, Blogger Unknown said...


This is the problem. We do not need "an amendment to end Citizens United." CU was simply the next-to-last of a series of SCOTUS decisions that turned a clerk of court's notation into federal law. We need an amendment that does what the original writers didn't—define "person" as a living, breathing human being. For more on that, see

And I've been preaching the same sermon as Anonymous for the last week, and y'know what? Nobody wants to hear it. They're so utterly determined to IMPEACH TRUMP!!! regardless of the fact it won't change a thing. Why? Because "at least Pence will be sane." And none of them will accept that they're responsible for the mess because it's easier to embrace their inner Clinton and believe Russia stole her throne.

Ponder that for a moment, assuming you know anything about Mike Pence. They'll settle for him because he's the sane one.

Where A and I part company is on whether people will work to fix things. Being a paid member of DSA, I'm watching them do just that. And if Virginia is any indication, it appears to be working. And I have a deep-down feeling they're laying the foundation to become that viable third party so many people say they want. May I live long enough to see it.

At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

EB, I share your hope about the DSA. But it'll never coalesce anywhere but the bluest states/districts because it has 'THAT WORD' in it. And because it needs some charismatic champion (Bernie would have been perfect) with a stomach for revolution to become its point person, necessarily at a time of a seminal election. 2018 probably won't qualify since it's a mid-term. 2020 might, if we survive to see it. 2016 was absolutely the best opportunity and Bernie was our best hope. But he shrunk from it like a frightened turtle, literally.

But mostly because, as you know, the vast majority of voters in this country are just too stupid, gullible, lazy and harried.


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