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Is Señor Trumpanzee The Dipsy-Doodle The Republican Party So Richly Deserves?


So there's the anti-Dean Heller ad that the shady dark money SuperPAC, America First Policies, run by Pence operatives and financed through Pence's efforts, finally started running. Because Republicans in the Senate flipped out when they heard how aggressively Trump planned to go after the vulnerable Nevada senator, it seems to be have been toned down a bit.

But "a bit" isn't enough for many Capitol Hill Republicans who are increasingly viewing Trump-- for a variety of reasons-- as an existential threat to their agenda and, more importantly, to their careers. Trump has been hemorrhaging political capital. The Republican establishment tried to suck up to him after he surprised everyone and "won" the election. But they're beginning to rethink the wisdom of that approach. Trump is easily the most unpopular-- and hated-- president in American history. The idea of him having coattails is a joke. Most Republican incumbents outpolled him in their own constituencies last November and that was before he was as loathed by independent voters as he is now. More and more Republicans in contested 2018 races realize that separating themselves from Trump and his agenda is the only path to reelection-- if it isn't too late already.

Alexandra Petri's OpEd for the Washington Post Friday looks at the dilemma Republicans are facing by examining how the increasingly unpopular Paul Ryan's tap dancing has been working out for him and his caucus.
I stand with my colleagues in Congress to say: The president’s tweet is beneath the dignity of the office.

This is not making America great.

The president has at last done the unthinkable: He has insulted a morning television personality in crude and ghastly terms and I must-- in consequence of this hideous and vile breach of the dignity of the office-- withdraw none of my support from his legislative agenda. (If you can call it a legislative agenda and not a ragtag collection of bad ideas quickly stapled together with a dead pigeon in the middle.)

His remark about Mika Brzezinski is absolutely shameful and I do not stand with him, except insofar as it is necessary to stand with him so that we can make sure infants get access to pesticides, as the Founders would have wished.

I am shocked and appalled by his behavior. And I am not afraid to say so. At a fundraiser. For him. Before asking for more donations.

Everything else the president has done is fine-- the continued attacks on the media’s legitimacy, the carelessness toward history and diplomacy, the harmful rhetoric about Muslims, the-- well, it is all fine. This is too much, though, and I am putting my foot down, here, on my way to vote against icebergs.

I will add my voice to Sen. Orrin Hatch‘s full-throated condemnation and, also, to his remark that “Every once in a while you get a dipsy-doodle.”

I am glad that at long last we legislators are standing up to President Trump by going to Twitter and typing stern words into a little box, words such as “I don’t believe the President’s tweets this morning Make America Great Again” (Rep. Kevin Yoder) and “It is incumbent upon ALL of us to tone down this divisive political rhetoric. #RestoreCivility” (Rep. Adam Kinzinger). Yes, all of us! It is important to spread this around. As well as, “Your tweet was beneath the office and represents what is wrong with American politics, not the greatness of America” (Sen. Lindsey O. Graham).

Some have even gone so far as to stand up in front of reporters and offer the ringing denunciation that, “Obviously, I don’t see that as an appropriate comment,” as House Speaker Paul D. Ryan did. Fiery rhetoric, and appropriately so!

By God, this is not what George Washington would have wanted, and I am thus withdrawing my support for everything but the legislation Trump would like us to pass. His words are a shame, but it is too important that we end health insurance for indigent seniors in Ohio.

“Did the president go too far with this tweet?” Fox News’s John Roberts asked at the White House press briefing. “I don’t think so,” deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders replied. “He’s not going to sit back and be attacked by the liberal media, Hollywood elites. And when they hit him, he’s going to hit back.”

This may be enough for her, but it was not enough for me. By God, I will not just sit here and allow this sort of thing to continue. By god. By God. Hang on, I have to go vote to make certain that no one can vote without answering a fun quiz from 1868.

I join my voice with the voices of my colleagues to say this “isn’t normal,” is “beneath the dignity of the office,” is “inappropriate,” is “unhinged” and “unpresidential.” Also, it is a distraction from the legislation we are now working on to force the elderly to fight each other with tridents in order to obtain prescription medication.

I look forward to many more acts of such courage.

“I entirely denounce the president’s decision to bite off an infant’s foot,” I will say, on my way to vote for his bill banning all trees once and for all.

I will continue to show him that I believe in the dignity of the office by making snide, cutting remarks to my funders as I urge them to support Trump’s renomination.

“It is deplorable that the president called all women in America [unprintable] [unspeakables],” I will boldly observe, on my way to vote for his bill to replace the entire social safety net with a dead raccoon in a brown paper bag. “I do not stand with him.”
Goal Thermometer Some might say, Ryan is as bad-- if not worse-- than Trump. He's certainly Trump's chief enabler-- and enforcer-- in Congress... at the very least. Trump, alas, isn't up for reelection in 2018. Ryan is. His opponent is an iron worker and union and veterans activist from southeast Wisconsin, Randy Bryce, a Bernie activist during the 2016 primary season. In terms of both policy and character, Randy is everything that Ryan isn't. Blue America has endorsed him, as have Democracy For America, VoteVets, Ro Khanna, state Senator Chris Larson, Alan Grayson, former Ryan opponent Rob Zerban and, a few hours ago, savvy New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. If you'd like to help Randy repeal and replace Paul Ryan... well, that's what that Blue America thermometer on the right is for. We can do this-- with or without the cooperation of Pelosi's DCCC.

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At 6:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The R party deserves burial in an unmarked grave underneath all of the nuke waste in the world.

Or better, put them on a rocket and send them to the sun where they can burn... fly into the sun as slowly as possible to make it last.

But the retarded orange-utang isn't just what the Rs deserve. It's what WE deserve. Most of all, the democraps deserve him because THEY helped create him. If obamanation and his all-3 branches and senate 60 had undone a single cheney/bush outrage or had put any bankers in jail or had made torture ACTUALLY illegal by prosecuting cheney et al... maybe the drumpfsterfire would not have happened.

However, if voters had not elected the first in the R evil misanthropic leapfrog to hell, the sainted Reagan, maybe we'd have a better chance of never sinking this low.
But voters took the dive; the parties took the dive; and here we are.

It's not chicken/egg. The voters deserve all the blame for this. Reagan should never have risen above the level of game show host. W should be in the brig for being awol while high. Clinton should be divorced, broke and humiliated for his affairs. Obamanation should still be in Chicago doing pro bono work for the Daly machine. Pelosi should be in assisted living. scummer should be leeching off niece Amy's fame. Bernie and Elizabeth should have been presidents.

Voters. It's all the voters doing. all of it. and it isn't going to get better.

At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 6:27:

Where's your third party, a-hole? Where are your candidates? Where is your organization? Where is your platform? What elections are you contesting? What "Democraps" are you exposing, and how?

So far as I know, all you do, or have ever done, is infest the comments section of Howie's blog with the same old tune. Why don't you just go away? You have nothing constructive to offer, and haven't yet.

At 4:48 PM, Anonymous Mary McCurnin said...

Sorry, it is not all the voters' fault that we are in this mess. Cheating by the Republicans who created voter disenfranchisement and gross gerrymandering helped them win. And passive aggressive behavior by the Democrats who won't let progressives run or win also fucked things up pretty badly. The people who didn't vote but could have hold more responsibility that the 50% who did vote.

At 8:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mary, just who would those 50% who don't vote have voted for, anyway? The democrap? Who never fix anything, enforce laws and who serve corporations and the rich as well as the Rs?

That's WHY they don't vote.

And to 8:35, nothing can be done as long as idiots like you still support whatever pos Pelosi/scummer puke up. Stop electing all democraps and the good people will find a party. Green maybe or socialist or the Berniecrats that HE should have formed after the D convention. Blue America can then support a true left party and a slate of truly good people that are NOT subject to the suppressive tyranny of corruption in congress of the democrap leadershit.

Should have started this in the '80s. But here we are.

At 8:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I see. No party. No plan. No candidates. No action. Just "If everybody just closes their eyes and says to themselves "I believe in fairies" Tinker Bell won't die." That's all you have. If there was a "true left party" -- which (wake up and smell the coffee) there isn't -- you'd be pimping it. But there isn't, and I'd guess you haven't done a single fucking thing to help create one. All you appear capable of is commenting on DWT, with the same tired tune, on every single thread. You're a fucking fraud, a true blue keyboard warrior.

At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so...what you got? Ride lesser evilism all the way to Nazi Germany?

Quit voting for democraps is a strategy. When they can't get votes no matter how much they earn on their backs, they'll stop getting paid and stop having a party.

At that point, AND ONLY AT THAT POINT, a vacuum on the left will be fillable. By something existing (Green) or something as yet unformed (Berniecrat)? Won't know until there is a hole to fill.

Keep voting for lesser evil and all you ever get is evil. Create a vacuum and it will be filled. You think Warren is going to retire with the democrap demise? Jayapal, Lieu et al will happily switch letters.


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