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A Family Of Grifters-- The Immediate Family And The Extended Family... All Revolving Around Señor Trumpanzee


Yesterday had the most traffic it's ever had. The site crashed on and off all day after they published this amazing story about how Trump personally ordered Eric, one of his elephant-killing sons, to transfer money contributed for charities assisting children with cancer. $100,000 meant for St. Jude's Research Hospital, for example, wound up in Señor's Trumpanzee's serape. Eric Trumpanzee funneled cash from the charity into the Trump Organization for a decade. Much of the money-- over $800,000-- was laundered through Trump-owned golf courses and other shady Trump-owned businesses. All this crap is illegal and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is investigating the Trump Foundation. In his NY Times OpEd yesterday, The Lawless Presidency, David Leonhardt noted that "Democracy isn’t possible without the rule of law-- the idea that consistent principles, rather than a ruler’s whims, govern society," citing Aristotle, Montesquieu, John Locke and the Declaration of Independence as backup. "You can," he wrote, "also look at decades of American history. Even amid bitter fights over what the law should say, both Democrats and Republicans have generally accepted the rule of law. President Trump does not. His rejection of it distinguishes him from any other modern American leader. He has instead flirted with Louis XIV’s notion of 'L’état, c’est moi': The state is me-- and I’ll decide which laws to follow.

Legitimate traffic this time, not Putin's Macedonian hackers

The hideous menagerie of grifters-- collectively, "the First Family"-- is beyond anything any American alive today has ever experienced in a White House. Reporting this week from Jesse Drucker and Charles Bagli, again, in The Times, confirm what many of us who saw the news about the Kushners trading on the Trumpanzee name it sell visas in China suspected all along.

Kushner-in-law's company, they reported, is looking for a quarter billion dollars "to pay off partners and lenders in a Jersey City apartment tower [conveniently named Trump Bay Street] financed by Chinese investors through a program criticized as offering United States visas for sale."
The project was financed with about $190 million in loans, including $50 million through the EB-5 visa program. That program gives foreign investors preferential treatment in obtaining permanent residency, in exchange for investments of at least $500,000 in American development projects.

Kushner Companies must repay a $140 million construction loan from CIT Group, which is due in September. It also wants to pay off its EB-5 loans, which are all from Chinese investors, although the loans are not due for several years.
Everyone's complicit

Presumably this is related to Kushner-in-law secretly meeting with top Russian spy (fake bankster) Sergey Gorkov and then hiding the meeting from American security agencies-- a serious felony-- and with Kushner-in-law attempting to establish a means of hiding direct communications with Putin from the NSA and CIA. It is interesting to note that when Kushner-in-law made his phony divestments from the family firm, he held onto his stake in the Trump Bay Street property.
In addition to CIT and the EB-5 lenders, the Kushners’ partners in the building include Gaia, an Israeli company linked to the wealthy Steinmetz family, whose best-known member, Beny Steinmetz, is the subject of a Justice Department bribery investigation.

Mr. Kushner did divest his stake in Kushner Companies’ troubled headquarters building at 666 Fifth Avenue, which carries $1.4 billion in debt, according to financial data published by Vornado Realty Trust, a partner in the deal.

Talks over a possible $4 billion investment in that property with Anbang Insurance Group-- a Chinese conglomerate with political connections to Beijing-- ended in March after Democratic lawmakers wrote to the White House Counsel’s Office and the Treasury secretary, expressing concern that such a deal could breach federal ethics rules. Mr. Kushner’s broad White House portfolio has included relations with China.

The Kushner family’s use of the EB-5 visa program created an uproar last month when Jared Kushner’s sister, Nicole Meyer, spoke about him during a marketing trip in Beijing as part of an effort to raise another $150 million in visa funding for a separate Jersey City project. Kushner Companies said later that Kushner family members would no longer participate in such roadshows in China.
The above-mentioned Israeli criminal Kushner is in business with, billionaire Beny Steinmetz, is a notorious blood diamond character who has made his immense fortune by stealing from poor countries with corrupt governments. Perfect for the Trump family!

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At 8:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, yeah, DUH!!!!

But this is horseshit: "both Democrats and Republicans have generally accepted the rule of law. President Trump does not. His rejection of it distinguishes him from any other modern American leader."

His rejection of rule of law is perfectly consistent with all execs of both parties since at least Carter. Nixon cherry-picked which laws he didn't care about before that. Johnson decided Nixon's treason in '68 wasn't worthy of a mention thereby making Reagan's almost identical treason de-facto legal by precedent. Iran Contra went unpunished during Clinton. Either Reagan had Alzheimer's when he was elected in '80 or he lied his ass off. No shades of gray there.
cheney/bushbaby violated international law, us law and cheney even fabricated his own 4th branch of government... yet in a case dripping with irony, they were the last admin of either party to prosecute corporate criminals.
Obamanation REFUSED to enforce any and all laws violated by cheney/bushbaby, bankers and everyone who committed voter fraud since 2000. He also expanded drone murdering.
Pelosi has refused to honor her oath and impeach high criminality since 2004. she still maintains that she will refuse to honor her oath now. The democrap party is in lockstep with her on this.

And NOBODY has enforced Sherman since 1980. Nobody. 2008 was made possible for the most part by Clinton, democrats and nobody remembering that Sherman is still us law.

So don't tell me that openly flaunting law is peculiar to this retarded orange-utang, his party and his team of Nazis. His admin follows in perfect form that which preceded his. Party is irrelevant. Voters have been irrelevant.

At 5:09 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Very good, Anonymous above. Right on. I have ranted about Obama letting Bush et al., the banks and the financiers completely off of the hook. Obama carries a huge burden of responsibility for the mess we are in, as does Bill Clinton, let alone the Bushes and Reagan.

Still, Trump has taken it even further from his high chair and given all of law and government a raspberry. You gotta admit, he has no pretensions in this regard, whereas the Dems and Republicans act so righteous while they screw holding up the law and any accountability.

I sure hope Corbyn wins today,although against the odds. The Brits know what reality is like, given WW II, and are more capable of taking real action than we are here. Our younger generations are ignorant of history, given our lousy educational system. But where the hell are the baby boomers? All of us hippies who were for Peace, Love and Rock 'n Roll and against the establishment? Oh - many went over to the dark side and chose money.

At 5:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Hone, I don't know that the drumpfsterfire is any worse on rule of law than obamanation was. We'll find out when/if the Russia thing gets fleshed out (if it ever does). A lot of the pretense is gone, sure. But beneath the dramatics, the degree of lawlessness is about the same.

What has become more plain is the real R "plan" for everyone except their donors:

A good synopsis of all the Rs have been doing since the '20s (with a pause between '32 and '80 when FDR and democrats restored a modicum of order, however briefly).


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