Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Republican Who Used To Be In The House: "You Republicans In The House Have Been Lying Non-Stop About What You're Not Going To Cut"


I don't watch Morning Joe but Bernie tweeted some of this rant Friday and it really is awesome. Before he became a Morning Zoo host on MSNBC Joe Scarborough was a Republican congressman from Florida's Panhandle (basically Alabama)-- 1995 'til 2001 when he was forced to resign after being implicated in the death of a 28 year old staffer, Lori Klausutis, a case that was dropped after the resignation.

Yesterday Scarborough lit into his old party repeatedly calling them liars and saying they are "going straight to hell politically." He seemed overwrought, complaining that the "lie through their teeth every day... My party is going straight to hell politically. They really are. They're going straight to hell. They have embraced the coarsening of culture where the truth means absolutely nothing, conservative values mean absolutely nothing... Did [Mick Mulvaney] say we don't cut Medicaid? That is just a lie. That is a certifiable lie... If you want to do it, embrace it. Don't lie about it. Stop lying about it. We know you're lying about it. We're not stupid, and you Republicans in the House have been lying non-stop about what you're not going to cut."

It sounds better than it reads. Watch that clip up top. And backing up Scarborough's assertion that the House Republicans are all mimicking compulsive, congenital liars Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Tom Price, Mick Mulvaney and, worst of all, Paul Ryan is the CBO score that came out this week showing just how devastating TrumpCare would be for millions of Americans-- and all so the people least in need of tax breaks, get massive ones. Thursday the Center for America Progress posted what those numbers are like in every congressional district, based on the CBO’s projections. By 2026, on average, about 53,000 fewer people will have coverage in each congressional district but people in some districts are hurt far more than others. The South Florida districts, for example are hit especially hard. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, one of the last hold-outs among Democrats refusing to co-sponsor John Conyers' Medicare-For-All Act, is in a Broward/Miami-Dade district where 88,700 people will lose coverage.

Worse yet is how badly folks in western North Carolina fare under this plan-- not just twice as badly as the average congressional district-- but under the very provisions forced on Congress by the congressman from western North Carolina: Freedom Caucus headman Mark Meadows. We spoke to the progressive Democrat running for his seat this cycle, Matt Coffay. "My opponent, Mark Meadows, crafted and pushed the AHCA 2.0 bill through the House," he told us. "He specifically inserted the state waiver loopholes that, according to CBO, are going to result in 23 million Americans losing their health coverage.

Goal Thermometer "Now, the Center for American Progress has released a report detailing coverage losses state-by-state. They've also run the numbers on how many people will lose health coverage in each Congressional district nationwide. This isn't just how many people will lose their private insurance--this is how many people will flat out lose healthcare, including Medicaid and employer-provided insurance plans.

"The national average across all 435 Congressional districts is 53,000. But here in Western North Carolina, in NC-11, that number is 102,600. That's right: Mark Meadows crafted AHCA 2.0, and it's going to result in more than one hundred thousand people in his district losing health coverage. That's twice the national average.

"Nearly half of those people are on private insurance; another 47,500 are on Medicaid, and will lose their benefits. This law impacts everyone: whether you're low income and receiving Medicaid, or running a small business and buying your own insurance, or receiving benefits through your employer, you stand to lose your coverage.

"When I'm in the House, one of the first bills I intend to sign onto as a co-sponsor is H.R. 676: Medicare for All. It's time we passed a bill that ensures healthcare for every American, and not a bill that takes coverage away from working people."

The other western North Carolina district that gets devastated-- 102,000 citizens of NC-05 will be without health insurance-- by this is radical right Republican's Virginia Foxx. And like Meadows, Foxx has a dedicated progressive activist holding her accountable this cycle, Jenny Marshall. Earlier today Jenny told us that "1 out of every 7 citizens in the 5th district will lose their healthcare within the next 9 years. For years Virginia Foxx has voted against the best interests of fellow North Carolinian's. She refuses to invest in their future with good paying jobs, their education, and their health. 57% of the households earn less than $49,000 and 75% earn less than $75,000 annually. They cannot afford to choose between putting food on their table and the rising cost of healthcare. Since North Carolina refused to expand Medicaid, people bought their new healthcare plans using subsidies from the government. Under Trump's budget those subsidies are eliminated then couple that with the CBO report on the AHCA, we are going to have a catastrophic loss of access to healthcare in the 5th district. In contrast to Foxx's opinion, I view healthcare as a basic right and therefor advocate for a single payer plan that provides people with the security of knowing their healthcare needs are covered."


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At 4:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What no one seems to notice yet is that when this many people lose health care, medical facilities will close. The resulting loss of medical personnel employment will only accelerate the problem, until the entire system collapses.

If this is what the Republican Party is seeking to achieve, they are well on their way to the realization of this goal. People without enough food to eat aren't going to reduce that necessity enough to keep the medical system afloat no matter how much snake oil partisan hacks pump out.

I hope they have a place to escape to when this hell is unleashed, for no place on the North American continent will provide a safe haven from a well-armed populace who still has two feet to search for them.

At 5:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now we're holding up JS as some kind of idol?

Ever stop to consider how far we've fallen for this to be a thing? Just take a moment to ponder this.

And, I'll say it again, because it's the most honest truth you'll see on this page:

When a politician of the democrap and republican tribes promises ANYTHING that will help anyone that doesn't donate to them, he or she is lying. period.

Anyone who cannot or will not see this is a moron deserving of the economic Armageddon that their evil or lesser evil will gleefully deliver to them.

At 7:24 PM, Anonymous ap215 said...

Comcast can have him.

At 5:58 AM, Blogger Daro said...

I knew Trump was a lot of things but weak-willed wasn't one of them. He's been totally whipped into line to support the worst outrages of the Republicans.

Deep down I think he kinda wanted single payer but he's quickly been spun out of his depth and has ceded control to the suits in the room who surround him, afraid of looking dumb. And boy, are they running with the ball.

The corpo-dems are doing their part, of course. Standing on the sidelines and singing "hey hey, goodbye" relishing a voter return-to-Jesus moment without having to do anything to cross their PhRMA donors.

No terrorist in his right mind would bother assassinating US politicians; they're destroying America nicely, thank you.

At 10:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daro, quit hallucinating.

There is one thing above all else that is the drumpfsterfire's mantra -- cut taxes.

SP would mean taxes. Not that he's thought either through much, but those would be the highlights he'd kind of understand.

Your final summation is spot on. They wouldn't bother with any politicians from either side. But they could kill civilians just for fun and the satisfaction of watching all americans recoil in fear over it.


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