Sunday, November 20, 2016

Wouldn't you rather be thinking about, say, cookies?


This is only a sampling of the Food Network website's "Favorite Cookies, Flavor by Flavor" display (click to enlarge). It also includes "Anne Makes Meringues," "Dress Your Gingerbread," "Star Cookie Swap," "Sea Salt Topping," "Your Best Holiday Cookies," and "Gluten-Free and Great."

by Ken

Probably the list of things most of us would rather think about than President Trump has stuff way up top like dental extractions and works its way down to the really ugly stuff. Anyway me, I'm going with cookies.

Yes, yes, I know it's not even Thanksgiving. But that's on the horizon (and even I'm going away for the holiday), which means that we're already almost behind schedule in revving it up for you-know-what. Ho-ho-ho. And while I won't be doing much cookie indulging, as I've been (sigh) eating more or less sensibly, I'm perfectly prepared to think about cookies. So I got kind of excited when I saw the banner "12 Days of Cookies," and assumed it headlined an article or some kind of organized section or listing of, well, 12 days' worth of cookies. Instead it tops a Web page that featured more panels than I can count with an endless assortment of features on cookies.


Don't these look nice, for example?

They're "Valerie's Neapolitan Cookies" (Valerie Bertinelli, that is), and there's a video in the "Stars' Cookie Secrets" grouping.

[Click to enlarge.]

There are also sections headed "Bake Like a Star," "Even More Cookies for Milk Dipping," "Host a Cookie Swap," "Alex's Childhood Sandwich Cookie," "Dozens of Cookies," and "Sandra's Spritz Cookies."

Now isn't that more fun to think about than, you know, the other thing? Happy cookies!

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