Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Will Z Nation Offer President-Elect Trump Equal Time?


Sunday morning, El Presidente-elect SeƱor Trumpanzee was whining on Twitter how he wants "equal time" because Alec Baldwin's portrayal of him of SNL was "one-sided" and-- even more unforgivable-- not funny. Does the thin-skinned Trump still think he was elected to be Entertainer-in-Chief? Ironically-- when you look at who voted for him-- maybe he actually was.

Trumpanzee may never have watched it but I bet more Trump voters are also Z Nation fans than SNL viewers, let alone Hamilton fans. Just before the election they ran one of the craziest episodes in their three crazy, whacked-out seasons on the Sci-Fi Network-- Wall vs. Holes-- featuring not one, but two Trump-like characters vying to rip off everyone left after the apocalypse. The "premise" is that President Sketchy is driving around the country in Bill Clinton's old limo asking for donations from the isolated, collapsing little towns they find so that President Sketchy can make zombies build a wall to keep out zombies. He wants to make America great again. But he's challenged by another Trump-- this one with short stubby fingers and a bad wig-- who wants to dig a deep moat instead of a wall and lure zombies into it by throwing in prisoners who the zombies can eat and then get trapped in the moat-- a kind of two for one proposition he calls it. Here'a clip:

So why isn't the President-elect tweeting about Z-Nation the way he's been howling about Hamilton and Saturday Night Live? Too low brow for him? How we actually found something even beneath Trump's sense of dignity? It's not too low brow or undignified for the people who voted for him last week. Isn't that who watches this kind TV? Them and-- I admit it-- me.

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At 5:37 AM, Blogger Mf Lehman said...

Equal time for all political points of view. It was in the Charter of the FCC and was destroyed by whining right-wingers who saw the ability to buy enough time to drown out other points of view as a free speech issue.


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