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Two Progressive Candidates We Need To Talk More About-- One In Ohio And One In North Dakota


Let's start with a guest post from Janet Garrett, a progressive retired school teacher taking on far right extremist Jim Jordan in Ohio's very gerrymandered deep red 4th district, carefully drawn to avoid "the contagion" of Cleveland, Dayton, Columbus and Toledo. Most of the voters live in Lorain (the most Democratic county in the district, where Janet is way ahead), Allen, Sandusky, Union, Shelby and Auglaize counties. I asked Janet to write a brief issue-oriented compare and contrast guest post that explains how replacing Jordan with her would impact that contentious battle over health care in the U.S. Her post:
As I have traveled around campaigning to represent Ohio’s 4th-district, it never ceases to amaze me how opposite my opponent Jim Jordan and I are on key issues that deeply affect our citizens.

People tell me they’re worried about health care. Jim Jordan has voted against Obamacare 52 times without once mentioning something, anything, he would propose to replace it.

I see things differently. Obamacare has had some valid successes. Because of Obamacare, you can no longer be denied coverage for preexisting conditions. Actually, because of Obamacare, you can no longer be denied insurance coverage at all. Because of Obamacare, children can stay on their parent’s coverage until age 26. These changes in America’s health care system have benefited millions.

Does Obamacare need improved? Yes, of course. Any new program does. Premiums need to stay affordable and more people As a matter of fact, I wish Obamacare would morph right into a single-payer system so that all Americans could have peace of mind, as do the citizens of Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom, when it comes to their health care.

My ultimate desire is that all citizens, right down to our legislators, have the same Universal Health Care program so that we are all taken care of, one and all. Why should legislators have benefits that their own constituents cannot access? Politicians shouldn’t have a better insurance policy than the constituents they represent.

People also tell me they are greatly worried about their Medicare and Social Security benefits. Jordan has been rated 0% by the ARA and supports Wall Street/corporate privatization of both Medicare and Social Security. It frustrates me greatly that the current congressman supports corporate greed that would harm the delivery of benefits Americans have earned and deserved. I will fight for Medicare and Social Security and will to not let people like Jim Jordan plunge our seniors, like my own parents, into poverty by defunding their imperative Medicare and Social Security lifelines.

We could go on and on with the differences between Jim Jordan and myself. He voted NO on raising the minimum wage and equal pay for women. Obviously, I support equal pay for women and support raising the minimum wage so that working families can get ahead. Jordan voted to defund Planned Parenthood. I believe women must make their own important life decisions without the intrusion of politicians. Jim Jordan homeschools his own children and supports giving tax dollars to alternative education corporations that take funds away from public schools.  As a retired public school teacher, I feel strongly that taxpayer dollars should be used to invest in the public schools in our communities and not to support private or profiteering alternatives  that waste millions of taxpayer dollars.

I have been doing a lot of canvassing throughout the district. I recently spent two days in Lima. I canvassed millionaires, middle class and some of the poorest people I have seen outside of my Peace Corps experience. If my opponent had been walking by my side, (which he wouldn't) he would have seen undeserving, lazy people who in his words, should get help from their churches and their families. For my part, I know the families and the churches are already doing all they can. I saw people who have been let down by their country, for lack of opportunity and in the cases of the mentally ill, for lack of resources. As a public school teacher, I feel a responsibility to get every American the opportunity and resources they need to thrive. This doesn't mean a hand-out but a hand-up.

On and on we can go. On issue after issue, Universal Health Care; Medicare and Social Security; Wages;  Women’s Health; Workers’ Rights; Education; Jobs; Healthcare; etc…., Jim Jordan and I can be found on opposite sides of the spectrum.

However, there is one area in which Jim Jordan and I agree. We both want to represent Ohio’s fourth congressional district and fight for the issues we believe in.

The question is, which opponent aligns with the issues YOU believe in?
The case for Chase Iron Eyes, who we should have been writing more about this cycle was made by Tracy B Ann, an enthusiast of his candidacy.

Mark Ruffalo with Chase Iron Eyes

Not Only Do I Want To Vote For Chase Iron Eyes For Congress, I Now Want To Move To North Dakota
by Tracy B Ann

That’s how inspiring he is. I had the good fortune of talking to Chase Iron Eyes by phone one day late this summer. I started off just like when I’m talking with any other politician; half listening, moving about my office, doing 4 other things at the same time.

Minutes Seconds into the conversation I was seated, taking notes, and deep breathes, soaking everything he said in. For a whole lot of reasons, good reasons, I don’t like many people, but there is something about Chase Iron Eyes that touches a deep part of my soul.

Like, the common greeting, Namaste, which, translated, means something like... "the higher self in me, greets the higher self in you,”  Chase Iron Eyes reached out and grabbed the higher self most people would swear I don’t even have. And this was just an every day candidate interview, we weren't talking about the meaning of life. Except, sort of, I guess we were, politics has a lot to do with the meaning of life.

I want this guy in Congress! Whether I live in North Dakota or not, I have no doubt that he will make my life better.

"We have to lend our voice to the collective song of America" -Chase Iron Eyes
ND-AT Large- Chase Iron Eyes-- it’s hard for me to put into words why it’s so important for him to be a member of my Fantasy Congress. He has what I call, a gentleness, about him. Cara Currie Hall, describes him as "a young old man." I want him in the Native American faction and environment faction of my dream Congress. His solid foundation of Sioux principles gives him a deep love of the land from a global perspective.

"Iron Eyes was recently the subject of a profound 5-minute Laura Flanders Show segment. Iron Eyes is not another Big-Money bought duck & cover politician. He’s instead a leader for all people of North Dakota. See how and why… pull up a cup of coffee and have a watch."

"Think free. Vote different."
You can contribute to Chase Iron Eyes and to Janet Garrett by clicking on the thermometer below:
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